Acument Global Technologies


Acument Global Technologies, a subsidiary of Italian industrial giant Fontana Gruppo, designs and produces fastening products to serve multiple industries. Headquartered in Sterling Heights, this business can be found serving local communities.

As the express language of Acument CBA grants them the authority to discontinue healthcare benefits, this Court denies their request for a preliminary injunction.

Company Overview

Acument Global Technologies is a manufacturing company that specializes in mechanical fasteners. Their products can be found across several industries, such as automotive and aerospace. Furthermore, Acument is dedicated to lean manufacturing; employees are encouraged to think creatively while producing innovative solutions that increase productivity. Acument operates at multiple locations within the US.

The company was founded in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and employs over 858 people. Their product portfolio features screws, nuts, bolts, and cold-formed components, as well as value-added products such as TORX drives (r), PLUS drives, and Paralobe drives – many with decades of history and use.

Company Membership | ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certification The company is certified with ISO 9001 and AS 9100, earning them several accolades, including 2008’s Boeing Performance Excellence Award and their commitment to protecting the environment.

Acument has been hard at work reopening its Fenton facility after receiving state tax credits. They have already hired 88 workers, surpassing their hiring goal – this is welcome news for Genesee County, which has experienced job loss in manufacturing over recent years.

Since 2013, this Michigan company has been recognized as the Best Place to Work, and its employees are pleased with their jobs. Employees appreciate self-directed work that allows for career advancement within the organization and its generous benefits package, which offers health and dental coverage.

Acument offers many attractive advantages, but there are a few things you should be mindful of before applying. For instance, they do not provide lunch or 15-minute breaks, which could be significant obstacles for some applicants.


Acument Global Technologies provides a broad selection of fastening products, such as screws, bolts, nuts, and cold-formed components, to serve various industries worldwide. Their custom solutions can be found across sectors including aerospace, transportation, building, and construction – many spanning decades! Acument’s parent company Fontana Gruppo boasts over seventy years of experience designing fastening solutions.

Acument Manufacturing’s focus on lean manufacturing has resulted in significant waste reduction and customer cost savings. They have consistently improved performance in scrap removal, sorting accuracy, and customer chargebacks by at least 10 percent annually over five years – while working tirelessly to recruit more employees into their workforce.

Acument’s machining centers provide various services, including turning, milling, and thread cutting. In addition, Acument has implemented numerous automation processes to increase productivity and quality, significantly decreasing production time and errors during production.

Acument now provides competitive fastener pricing, which has enabled them to attract new customers. Over the past year, Acument’s customer base increased by 20 percent, currently serving over 40,000.

The company, with offices in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and over 1,700 employees, is currently hiring at their Fenton plant and projecting to add 150 workers over three years. They aim to meet demand with increased production while creating jobs throughout Michigan. They’re also seeking candidates for research and development positions and those interested in work-from-home options for employees.


Acument Global Technologies manufactures and provides fastening solutions. Their offerings include screws, bolts, nuts, and cold-formed components for use in aerospace, automotive, defense, and industrial markets. In addition, Acument also offers design and assembly solutions. Their products include TORX(r), PLUS(r), Paralobe(tm) Drive fasteners, as well as STRUX(r). Some notable clients include John Deere & Caterpillar and the Department of Defense as customers.

Acument offers technical support and engineering services, including metallurgical, quality, R&D, fastener testing and failure analysis, on-site applications engineering, value engineering/analysis services, and education for technical education. In addition, it offers CAD services (two and three-dimensional modeling, translations, and FEA simulation). Furthermore, Acument also provides an intellectual property licensing program that enables competitors to utilize its technologies.

It has several locations worldwide, with its corporate headquarters in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and production plants in Fenton, Grand Blanc Township, and Sterling Heights in Michigan. Overall it employs 1,700 people within the US. Furthermore, this company has received numerous accolades and awards over time. 2008 they received the Boeing Performance Excellence Award, while in 2009 brought them the American Institute of Steel Manufacturers Fastener Quality Innovation Award.

Glassdoor reports that the average salary for Acument Global Technologies employees is $69,000 annually – five percent above the national salary average. Employees at Acument Global Technologies rate this company highly for its Culture, Rewards, and Growth Opportunities.

If you’re considering applying to Acument Global Technologies, be sure to take a look at employee reviews on CareerBliss before making your decision. These reviews can provide valuable insight into whether this company is suitable for you and show how others have rated this employer’s working experience, interview process, and job satisfaction.

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Acument global technologies was established in 2006 and currently employs approximately 200 staff members. Specializing in manufacturing value-added screws, bolts, nuts, and cold-formed components – as well as providing metallurgical support services and on-site applications engineering support – Acument also offers advanced fastener testing laboratories equipped with scanning electron microscopes and FEA simulation equipment, which provide failure analysis services as well as function-specific and R&D strategy assessments for its advanced fasteners. Furthermore, Acument offers technology licensing programs that enable competitors to use its intellectual property rights.

Acument Global Technologies employees relish working with products and customers worldwide. In return, Acument provides a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package; its employees are encouraged to participate in ongoing training programs, workshops, and company-wide social events.

Acument Global Technologies employees enjoy access to health insurance that covers preventive care and emergency visits, flexible spending accounts, and free coverage for dependents.

To qualify for these benefits, employees must fulfill specific criteria. For instance, they must have worked at their company for at least five years and be either American citizens or permanent residents. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, these employees will benefit from an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which will assist with mental health concerns, family emergencies, legal matters, and financial concerns while simultaneously helping manage stress and anxiety levels.

Acument Global Technologies provides its employees an Employee Assistance Program as a complimentary service. It offers counseling and referrals, 24/7 hotline availability, discounts for various insurance, banking, and utility products, and deals on products/services such as energy.

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