Atlantic Health System and CentraState Healthcare System Sign Definitive Agreement


Atlantic Health System and CentraState Healthcare System have signed a Definitive Agreement to create a new model of co-ownership in healthcare systems, building upon their existing collaboration and clinical affiliation through the Healthcare Transformation Consortium.

During the pandemic, the Atlantic Health team led by Vice President Terence French utilized EHR data to anticipate surges in COVID-19 hospitalizations, which allowed them to prepare units and facilities and secure enough essential supplies.

Personalized Care

The Atlantic Health System offers personalized healthcare to patients and communities through its hospitals, medical centers, outpatient centers, and community-based locations. Physician-led and physician-governed organizations strive to foster an atmosphere of trusting caregiving relationships. This network includes Atlantic Medical Group, New Jersey’s premier multi-specialty practice; Atlantic Accountable Care Organization and Optimus Healthcare Partners – one of the nation’s premier clinically integrated networks; Chambers Center for Well Being holistic health center; Atlantic Visiting Nurse Services; as well as innovative programs such as Breakthrough Oncology Accelerator that expedites the development of new cancer treatments while guaranteeing access to affordable innovations for all New Jersey residents.

Team members at Atlantic Health System are committed to increasing patient, consumer, and physician satisfaction and creating an exceptional experience for their communities. Their culture of excellence can be seen reflected in goals and achievements related to service quality physicians ‘ growth. Furthermore, Atlantic Health System works tirelessly to ensure staff satisfaction because satisfied employees provide superior care to patients.

Personal and professional satisfaction has allowed the organization to develop unique services that address the most urgent needs in their communities. Specialized services offered by this system enable patients to live life to its fullest while still receiving top-of-the-line care, including cutting-edge technology investments that enhance service provision.

Atlantic Health System has long been at the forefront of medicine, setting quality standards throughout New Jersey and beyond. Their hospitals and outpatient centers provide a full array of health care services ranging from cancer care and surgery to comprehensive prevention programs; each has been recognized by US News & World Report as among their respective regions’ best hospitals.

The Atlantic Health System’s dedication to innovation has led them to create strategic alliances with other organizations to increase access to groundbreaking research. They are members of PIER Consortium – Partnerships in Innovation, Education and Research – which has established an efficient clinical trial system to make cancer therapies available to more New Jersey residents.

Breakthrough Innovation

New Jersey was at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Atlantic Health System quickly responded with innovative measures to support physicians and assist patients. One such innovation was to launch a research program exploring whether medications designed for other conditions could reduce life-threatening cytokine storms caused by this virus; another offered community oncologists access to cutting-edge investigational treatments via clinical trials – these breakthrough innovation initiatives proved critical in saving many patients’ lives while continuing groundbreaking research for years to come.

Breakthrough innovation involves developing products or services that disrupt the market and offer unique value to customers. This type of innovation can improve productivity, increase revenues, and reduce costs; create new demand while satisfying existing ones; drive economic growth; and give companies an edge over their competition. However, breakthrough innovation often involves taking risks that may or may not yield immediate success.

Breakthrough innovations often start small but quickly become transformational, creating dramatic shifts. They could include new products or innovative uses for existing ones, changes to business processes, or technological breakthroughs – with benefits including increased revenue, more significant market share, and enhanced profitability.

The UNITE innovation approach assists organizations in managing breakthrough innovation. It relies on a set of core principles to identify and pursue opportunities for growth, such as recognizing customer interest in new products, services, and business models and prioritizing those that offer a return on investment while considering the potential impacts of these projects.

Fostering breakthrough innovation requires creating an environment that encourages creativity and risk-taking, which can be accomplished through training, mentoring, and incentives. An organization should also promote cooperation while rewarding those whose efforts contribute to its success.

CentraState and Atlantic Health System have collaborated closely in recent years, initially as members of the Healthcare Transformation Consortium (HTC) launched in 2018 and later as the leading community site of Atlantic Health Cancer Consortium’s first New Jersey National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). CentraState Cancer Care now counts CentraState as its clinical affiliate; its focus will include expanding access to telestroke programs and neuro-hospitalist care and offering expertise related to movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

Community Health

The Atlantic Health System is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that aims to design and provide high-quality, innovative, and individualized healthcare that builds communities. Comprehensive medical and allied health services are provided through hospitals and community locations throughout northern New Jersey and surrounding areas – including Atlantic Medical Group with over 1,000 physicians and multispecialty care providers, medical centers, Visiting Nurse Services, and Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute.

Atlantic Health System’s team members are dedicated to providing patients with exceptional patient care and making their communities healthier places for living. Thanks to their innovation, leadership, and compassionate care practices, the Atlantic Health System has earned numerous national accolades and distinctions, such as being named on the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital Honor Roll for several of their hospitals as well as being named Leader in PIER Consortium – Partners in Innovation, Education & Research for their commitment towards accelerating breakthrough innovation.

Atlantic Health System has taken steps to combat the nursing shortage nationwide with a grant from the Department of Labor that will enable it to train and place up to 203,200 nurses into high-demand jobs throughout New Jersey over three years. These funds will support Atlantic Health System’s Pathway for Ensuring Access and Clinical Excellence in Nursing (AHS PEACE), an initiative designed to establish professional pathways for RNs and nursing assistants – particularly among populations historically underrepresented in the nursing profession.

Atlantic Health has taken steps to combat the opioid crisis through an innovative partnership with Montclair State University. Together, they have created the inaugural graduate certificate program in Arts and Health – New Jersey’s first of its kind – which prepares students for careers that merge arts instruction, research, and performance with healthcare and medicine.

Atlantic Health System’s not-for-profit clinically integrated model is founded upon its core values of professionalism, respect, involvement, dignity, and excellence. This manifests in goals and achievements measured in service quality, physicians, people growth, and growth opportunities. Furthermore, Atlantic has fostered a culture of continuous improvement founded on the belief that satisfied employees provide better patient and family outcomes.

AllSpire Health Partners

With health care shifting towards value-based reimbursement models, collaboration among hospital systems is increasingly vital. That was the objective behind AllSpire Health Partners – seven health systems joined forces to pursue its Triple Aim of improving patient experiences, increasing population health benefits, and making care more cost-effective.

The partnership was not formed to combine into one entity but to pool intellectual assets to accomplish things they couldn’t individually. For instance, this alliance leverages the purchasing power of its members for group purchasing to achieve deeper discounts. Still, GPO is just one component of a partnership that offers joint risk-sharing contracts around clinical care improvements and explores new areas for innovation and research.

Under various initiatives, AllSpire GPO has joined several collaborators to enhance access and affordability in its communities. A founding member of PIER Consortium, which is working toward providing groundbreaking clinical trial access across seven community hospitals and health systems within their region, it belongs to Atlantic Accountable Care Organization, one of the country’s largest Accountable Care Organizations.

AllSpire Health Services is also helping other regional health systems reduce costs through an alternative GPO called Regional Purchasing Collaborations (RPCs). This model offers committed contracts where local market dynamics provide optimal value and service and share back-office functions to manage them efficiently.

Christiana Care, one of America’s premier non-profit healthcare organizations founded in 1899 and known for driving better outcomes while making high-quality care more accessible while lowering overall healthcare costs, joined AllSpire Health Partners this year as an expansion partner. Now comprised of hospitals, home health services, rehabilitation centers, and fitness and wellness centers throughout the northeastern United States, Christiana Care continues its pursuit of improving healthcare delivery outcomes while making high-quality care more readily accessible and reducing overall healthcare costs.

At its extensive network of medical centers, Saint Vincent Healthcare System boasts three hospitals (1,299 beds), a freestanding emergency department, and a Level I trauma center. As one of the premier healthcare systems in Florida for cardiovascular and vascular care, cancer treatment, women’s health issues, groundbreaking Gene Editing Institute, as well as top physicians and nurses ranking consistently among the best, this facility also holds onto its honorable place as one of Fortune 100 Great Place to Work company status.