Axia Women’s Health in Philadelphia


Axia Women’s Health moved into its new building that recently went up on Hurffville-Cross Keys Road in Washington Township (next door to Rothman). A Philadelphia Business Journal article covered their move back in July.

Finch Brands assisted Axia’s team in creating an engaging brand narrative centered on empathy, integrity, and philanthropy – values they prioritized when engaging all team members – including physicians, practice owners, and patients.


Women’s healthcare providers at Axia Women’s Health pay close attention to each patient’s needs, providing comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological services ranging from preconception counseling through pregnancy and ongoing gynecological care. They aim for each client to experience a more attentive, sophisticated, compassionate obstetrical healthcare experience.

Axia Women’s Health recently unveiled its clinical research division to advance women’s health in fertility and endometriosis. Their team works with industry leaders to improve diagnostic testing, medical devices, and pharmaceutical treatments – with several trials involving an investigative blood test for diagnosing ovarian cancer, another device to predict ovulation and one vaginal gel treatment of recurrent sexually transmitted infections.

Axia Women’s Health Centers provide daytime and evening appointments, electronic/paperless charting systems for efficient patient records management, same-day surgery services, and cooperation with most major insurance providers – all within an atmosphere designed to foster healing and care. Each facility strives to offer patients a warm, welcoming environment.

Axia has recently established the first-of-its-kind Access Now clinic in New Jersey to address barriers to care. This facility provides women with an array of OB/GYN services with evening/weekend hours, walk-in appointments, same-day visits, walk-in services, and same-day scheduling capabilities. Most insurances are accepted at their center, and even a staff member is dedicated to helping women enroll in Medicaid. Women visiting this new clinic can obtain immediate care for urgent issues like urinary tract infections or unintended pregnancies from Axia providers while continuing to see them for follow-up care. Future expansion plans for this clinic include adding a pelvic ultrasound suite and performing surgical procedures on-site. Furthermore, all women’s health centers at Axia are connected through their Electronic Medical Records system for easier care coordination between providers at each center.


Axia Women’s Health is an integrated women’s healthcare network specializing in fertility services. Their team of caring doctors, nurses, and lab specialists collaborate on personalized plans tailored to each of their patient’s needs to help meet family-building goals while offering an exceptional healthcare experience. Services provided include IVF, fertility preservation, and donor services.

Axia has over 100 women’s healthcare centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including OB/GYN practices, fertility practices, maternal-fetal medicine practices, central lab services, and imaging services for women. Their headquarters can be found in Voorhees.

Women’s healthcare market is highly fragmented, and most obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) and fertility practices consisting of small groups with only one to three physicians are small practices with limited reach. Yet value-based care offers tremendous potential as payers collaborate with OB/GYNs on bundled payment models that leverage them both together.

Maternity care providers rely on this market as a source of revenue. This segment has rapidly expanded as baby boomers age and require more obstetric care. Over time, its focus will likely become increasingly specialized, emphasizing high-quality prenatal and postnatal services being provided to patients.

The maternity care industry is fiercely competitive, and many women’s hospitals are expanding their facilities to compete. Some have also opened new locations in rural areas. Competition among providers for quality maternity care providers can be intense, making it essential to select one with an excellent reputation and offer cutting-edge treatments and technologies.

Breast Health

Axia Women’s Health was formed by merging regional OB/GYN practices and investment support from Audax. It set out to build an organization that would motivate its teammates, practice owners, and patients. Finch Brands assisted Axia in developing inspiring vision/mission statements and values statements to engage and educate team members at every level within its ranks.

New Jersey-based Axia Women’s Health is expanding its footprint throughout the state, signing an agreement with Alfred Sanzari Enterprises to grow its presence at the Glenpointe campus in Teaneck. Newmark’s Jeff Schotz, Peter Rossi, and Dan Reider represented Alfred Sanzari Enterprises, while Cresa’s Jonathan Marks and Dennis Gralla represented Axia Women’s Health during negotiations of this deal.

Axia’s new Center for Breast Health in East Brunswick, New Jersey, provides 3D mammography with more detailed images for faster results. In addition, Axia OB/GYN care centers also offer screening breast ultrasounds. These appointments can be booked directly through their local Axia office to create a seamless continuity of care between their local provider and Axia’s healthcare services.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maternal/fetal medicine doctors are highly skilled obstetricians specializing in caring for women during high-risk pregnancies. They collaborate closely with hospitals to ensure you and your baby receive optimal treatment during gestation.

Axia Women’s Health (AWH), formed through the merger of multiple regional OB/GYN practices, embarked on an exciting journey with investor support from Audax to create a brand that would compel both team members and patients to rally behind its mission, values, and vision.

Finch conducted an internal process to help AWH define and articulate its brand in such a way that inspires, informs, and unifies team members — corporate staff, practice owners, and practitioners — around its core beliefs. We then conducted a comprehensive brand redesign initiative, which elevated their market standing while improving their online presence.

Axia’s clinical research division not only offers quality patient care but is also dedicated to discovering innovative treatments for today’s most pressing women’s health concerns – such as new blood tests to detect breast and ovarian cancer, an ovulation prediction device and drugs that reduce pain associated with endometriosis.


Women face unique health challenges. Their bodies can present with an array of gynecological issues and bladder conditions that are difficult to diagnose, treat, and manage; often known as “bladder on the brain”, these conditions can have an enormous effect on the quality of life if left unchecked by healthcare providers. Bladder health should always be prioritized.

Axia offers comprehensive urogynecology services. Their expert urogynecologists specialize in diagnosing and treating female pelvic floor disorders with methods like Sex Dysfunction Therapy, Sacropelvic Support Belts (SAB), laparoscopic surgical procedures as well as bladder incontinence, urinary frequency, overactive bladder syndromes as well as chronic pelvic pain syndromes.

This network also recently opened a clinic dedicated to urgent healthcare needs such as STI screenings, pregnancy confirmation visits, and mammograms. Most insurance and Medicaid are accepted at this clinic, with staff available to help patients enroll or locate coverage if necessary; additionally, a self-pay rate is offered for those without coverage.

Audax launched Axia Women’s Health four years ago and sees immense potential in this women’s healthcare market. They aim to ensure women enjoy quality, affordable care with empathy, philanthropy, and integrity from physicians dedicated to giving back more. Their trainers will work closely with every physician practice to understand workflows and ensure everything runs smoothly – something Axia’s trainers strive to do daily!