Belknap Plumbing Systems


Belknap Plumbing Systems strives to offer its customers only the highest-quality residential and commercial plumbing services available, whether that means clearing away clogs in toilets, replacing burst pipes, or fixing broken water heaters – we can get it done efficiently and quickly.

As his business expanded, Belknap needed equipment capable of handling more significant jobs. To meet those demands, he turned to the powerful yet versatile Bobcat 331 compact excavator due to its power, versatility, and ease of use.


Belknap Plumbing provides residential and commercial plumbing installations from kitchens and bathrooms to laundry rooms, including sump pumps, backflow testing/inspections/grease trap installations/repairs, and water heater installations/replacements. In addition, they provide sump pumps, backflow testing/inspections, grease trap installations/repairs, water heater replacement installations/repairs as well as repair of toilets, sinks, faucets/faucets/shower heads as well as drain cleaning/leakage services for drain cleaning/leakage issues/leakage issues/leakage issues. In addition, they install hot water tanks, sewer lines, and septic systems.

Customers have given this plumber high marks for their impeccable customer service, quick response times, reliable work, and cost-effective rates of operation – two hallmarks of success that make them one of the go-to plumbers among first-time customers.

Take time to study their past projects, testimonials, office information, and so forth to gain a sense of their level of experience and expertise – this helps ensure successful collaborations on future endeavors.


Belknap Plumbing provides prompt repair services. Their experienced technicians are on-hand to address clogged toilets, leaky pipes and other plumbing issues quickly and effectively. In addition, they specialize in sump pump repairs and maintenance to protect basement flooding, as well as backflow prevention devices and grease trap installations for commercial properties.

Belknap Plumbing Systems of Houston has completed 60 projects as of the currently available data. There are no reviews, and they have come highly recommended by their past customers. You can learn more by exploring their complete profile, which also displays office info, contact details, liens filed against them, and lien statuses filed against them – providing you with all the tools to make an informed decision when choosing a contractor for your next project.


Belknap Plumbing provides a full-service maintenance department dedicated to keeping your system in proper working order. We provide annual tune-ups, preventive maintenance, and diagnostic services designed to optimize HVAC, sump pump maintenance for basement flooding prevention, and backflow prevention for commercial kitchens. Our program comes complete with satisfaction guarantees! Many new fixtures and appliances also carry manufacturers’ warranties, which we extend on behalf of our customers. We look forward to serving Erie & Niagara counties today. Call us now at (716) 853-6560! We look forward to serving Erie & Niagara Counties residents!