Best Take Out Near Me in NYC


Nearly three years since COVID shut down NYC’s dining scene, some of NYC’s best takeout restaurants have returned more vital than ever. From Brooklyn pizza joints specializing in slices to Bronx Delis offering legendary sandwiches, these places provide delicious yet sturdy food with delivery or takeout options.


Atoboy is an upscale Korean restaurant quickly becoming a favorite in New York. Run by husband-and-wife team Junghyun Park and Ellia Park – who both spent time working at Jung Sik before opening Atoboy together in 2016 – Atoboy serves an a la carte menu which changes regularly; each dish is inspired by banchan – traditional Korean snacks traditionally included with every Korean meal.

The dining area resembles a cafeteria-like environment with sparse two and four-top tables lining a long space. Though the atmosphere can sometimes feel cold and industrial, Ellia (Park’s wife) works to warm things up by providing friendly service. Their creative menu ranges from sweet and spicy eggplant with Dungeness crab to fat fingers of fried chicken in crispy tempura coating. At the same time, desserts include ginger panna cotta with pink grapefruit as well as sujeonggwa granita (a cinnamon-infused punch typically consumed towards the end of meals in Korea).


Mimmo’s is a family-owned restaurant known for its delicious Italian fare and impeccable service. Their extensive menu boasts classic appetizers, salads, entrees, pasta dishes, sandwiches/wraps/calzones/pizza/desserts! Mimmo’s is open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner daily!

When searching for take out near me, the ideal restaurant should provide delicious cuisine at an affordable price. This is particularly applicable when living in NYC, where some of its finest eateries provide affordable dining. Some even operate 24 hours! Here are some of the top spots offering cheap takeout in NYC.

New York offers delicious quick bites and exotic meals, from traditional Greek to Ethiopian and Indian fare, including vegan food in some locations!

Los Tacos No. 1’s tacos are fantastic, offering every filling from steak and adobada pork to grilled cactus with an irresistibly fragrant marinade that will tantalize your senses and satisfy every taste bud in an explosion of flavors!

Blue Ribbon Brasserie offers an incredible variety of Asian-inspired takeout dishes, perfect for when you don’t feel like eating full meals but still want something filling. Their beef marrow and oxtail marmalade are sublime, while their fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens is beyond divine!

Tonkotsu Ramen offers delicious yet inexpensive ramen, perfect for casual meals. Their broth is flavorful, while their noodles are perfectly cooked; you can add various toppings for an enjoyable dining experience! Tonkotsu stands out as one of the top takeouts near me; be sure to stop in soon – you won’t regret it!

Bagels on the Go

Bagels on the Go are an ideal way to kickstart any morning. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, these delicious breakfast treats can be eaten plain or with cream cheese and other toppings – they make an ideal breakfast food option in NYC and can even satisfy vegetarian diets! With numerous varieties to choose from and tons of garlic and sesame seed flavors available – bagels on the Go are a delicious breakfast choice easily enjoyed anywhere at any time of day or night!

Brooklyn Bagel Company is a beloved institution throughout New York City, with multiple locations. Their long weekend lines attest to their immense popularity; Kips Bay’s bagel shop features bright modern decor with a plasma ordering kiosk. Their vast menu boasts classic options and those with more unique twists like jalapeno cheddar.

Although some may argue this place doesn’t offer the best bagels, it has a devoted following. They offer a wide variety of flavors – especially rainbow cream cheese! In addition to bagels, they also provide sandwiches and other delicious food. Another perk of this restaurant is it’s affordable and family-friendly – making it an excellent option for any family!

Murray’s Bagels offers delicious bagel and sandwich selections made with only premium ingredients; their bagels come toasted to perfection with just the right crunchiness! Indulge in their mouthwatering pastrami reuben or other unique creations while you are here – be sure to visit soon!

Black Seed stands out for its creative approach to classic bagel dishes. Their Montreal wood-fired bagels are thin and crunchy with creative toppings; their delectable sandwiches perfectly combine New York and Montreal styles!

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican-style grilled chicken. Their restaurants provide dine-in and takeout service, with some locations providing drive-through service. Their menu offers bowls and salads, chicken burritos, and other food items – their famous green sauce is often chosen to top their burritos!

Customers rave about this diner’s tender and flavorful grilled chicken, fresh pico de Gallo, and guacamole dishes served alongside their meals, delicious chip offerings that don’t feel greasy in your belly, as well as its tortilla soup offerings – among them popular favorites are:

Other popular dishes at this diner include beef liver and bacon sandwiches, smoked turkey with avocado tacos, and grilled chicken and birria. Prices at this diner are moderate, but the food quality is outstanding; plus, there’s an impressive wine and beer selection, too! Their friendly wait staff can help you find a table that suits you; service is fast and efficient while a casual, family-friendly atmosphere awaits.