B&G Plumbing – Monroe’s Most Respected and Trusted Full Service Plumbing Company


B&G Plumbing, Inc. is one of Monroe’s premier and trusted “Full Service” plumbing companies, earning its reputation by performing quality work done right the first time around.

B&G manufactures energy-efficient circulating pumps (circulators) designed for hydronic heating systems, featuring small in-line pumps that are energy-efficient yet easy to maintain.

Replaced the Bell&Gosset 100 red pump with a Taco 007 green circ pump. Everything seems fine so far; however, my system doesn’t feel as hot.


B&G Plumbing is Ashe County’s oldest established plumbing and electrical company. Offering repairs, installations, and remodeling as well as tools, accessories, parts, and supplies, they also serve commercial and residential clients alike. B&G is licensed and insured; provides high-quality service at competitive prices; offers free estimates; is dedicated to customer satisfaction; is open seven days a week as a multi-location business; BBB accredited with an A+ rating since 1954 and family-run since 2011.


Boiler systems, heaters, and tanks are just some of the things they specialize in, but they also handle smaller jobs like replacing toilets and fixing leaks. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and always helpful – I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for boiler systems, heaters, or tanks installed or repaired.

BBB encourages you to contact the relevant agency in order to verify if this business has fulfilled any professional license, bonding, or registration requirements.

B&G Plumbing of Monroe is known and trusted as a full-service plumbing provider, having earned its good name through consistently performing top-quality work on every project it takes on. Their residential and commercial services also specialize in solar hot water system installation, and they are licensed and insured to install all brands/types of fixtures/appliances that need servicing.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can create serious problems, from foul smells to slow water flow and sewer backups. Clogs are most frequently caused by organic debris like food scraps, hair, soap scum, or dirt collecting in pipes over time; regular drain cleaning will help avoid this by clearing away build-up from pipes and keeping them clear of obstructions.

Chemical drain cleaners are often used to break down superficial blockages like soap scum or hair in drains. Poured directly down the drain, these products can effectively dislodge small obstructions; however, more serious clogs often require professional equipment and expertise for removal.

Plumbers use tools known as snakes with blades designed to cut through and clear away blockages in pipes and sewer lines. A plumbing expert may also utilize video surveillance technology in order to inspect your plumbing and sewer line system in detail and pinpoint its condition and any potential blockages or blockages that exist within.

If your drains or sewer lines are slow-running or clogged, contact B&G Plumbing immediately for professional inspection and drain cleaning services. Blocked drains can cause extensive damage to your home as well as health risks. By scheduling regular maintenance visits with us, you can avoid costly repairs while keeping your home smelling clean!