Broward Health Medical Center


Broward Health Medical Center offers an array of healthcare services. Their facilities include Level I and II trauma centers; they also have specialized children’s care programs and diagnostic and wellness centers.

UnitedHealthcare plans, including employer-sponsored, individual, and Medicare Advantage options, will gain access to Broward Health hospitals and physicians as of November 1. This agreement also covers workers’ compensation claims.

Medical Centers

Broward Health Medical Center is one of Florida’s premier hospital systems, dedicated to providing outstanding medical services and care to residents in Broward County. Their mission is to deliver exceptional medical care through primary and specialty hospitals, physician groups, home care programs, and community outreach initiatives; graduate medical education programs include osteopathy, family practice internal medicine and cardiology.

The hospital of Fort Lauderdale boasts over 3,100 medical professionals. It is known for providing excellent patient care and compassion, proactively preventing disease, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. Their outstanding medical service has been recognized nationally through publications like U.S. News & World Report.

This hospital also features a Level II trauma center equipped to handle patients requiring advanced care. Furthermore, primary and specialty services provided at this location include obstetrics, neurology, colorectal surgery, pulmonology, women’s diagnostic & wellness center sleep disorders services, and cardiovascular services.

Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC), founded in 1938, has long been recognized as an industry leader. From its conception, its core commitment has been providing Broward County residents with superior healthcare – and this commitment has not wavered over time. Over its history, significant investments have been made into physician excellence, technology advancement, and academic affiliations that ensure it remains on the cutting edge.

BHMC boasts physicians with expertise in various specialties, with many boasting national recognition. Additionally, the hospital hosts multiple residency and fellowship programs, such as dermatology and orthopedic surgery, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association.

Hospital services provided to its patients at this location include a pharmacy, cafeteria, gift shop services, and an outpatient network with over 20 outpatient locations. Furthermore, this hospital boasts the first-of-its-kind pediatric emergency department in Florida, which treats pediatric trauma and severe illness while training emergency doctors.

Primary Care Centers

Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale serves as the flagship hospital of the Broward Health system. Boasting nearly every medical specialty available and employing over 3,100 healthcare professionals, its mission is to deliver high-quality, compassionate care while furthering medical science. No matter your healthcare needs – from family doctors, urgent care centers, or top hospitals – there’s always a Broward Health location nearby!

Broward Health Medical Center also operates primary care centers throughout Broward County to make accessing medical care easier for families. From routine checkups to more specialized treatments, these centers can connect you with doctors who meet your needs.

Broward Health boasts an expansive network of primary care centers. It employs an esteemed group of physicians specializing in various fields committed to providing patients with top-quality care. As integral parts of Broward Health’s team, these physicians deliver cutting-edge treatments and compassionate service delivery.

Broward Health’s dedication to community education extends well beyond its facilities. Their outreach services staff is at the forefront of this effort, disseminating information on healthcare initiatives to communities throughout Broward County – this includes caregiver assistance programs, the Kinship Care Initiative for non-traditional families, hundreds of classes and community relations councils; they even provide financial aid for those needing healthcare but cannot afford it!

Family Health Places

Broward Health Medical Center provides comprehensive healthcare services throughout southern Florida. Their facilities span Broward County and include the flagship hospital – Broward Health Medical Center and several other hospitals. Their mission is to deliver quality care with compassion through state-of-the-art technology supported by highly-trained staff.

Broward Health Imperial Point is a recent addition to the Broward County Health Centers network, where patients can receive specialized care for chronic conditions. Their concierge approach helps patients better manage their healthcare with personalized assistance from doctors and nurses – creating a more positive hospital experience overall.

Broward Health System offers an innovative HIV/AIDS program. Their staff works closely with clients and the community to promote prevention, reduce high-risk behaviors, refer for specialty, dental, and mental healthcare needs, and provide support groups for those with HIV or AIDS.

Broward Health System offers many family practice clinics to serve the most vulnerable residents in its community. Furthermore, financial assistance programs enable uninsured patients to access care.

Broward Health goes beyond providing healthcare; they also focus on education through their schools and nursing colleges, which have earned recognition for teaching, research, and innovation. Furthermore, Broward Health offers community and faith-based programs such as Camp KoralKids, serving children with Type I diabetes during summer day camp sessions.

CareerBliss conducted a survey with employees at several health systems that revealed their pros included great people to work with and good growth opportunities; their cons had company culture, pay, and limited opportunities for advancement. To enhance employee experience further, health systems should focus on improving culture and training opportunities for their staff and investing in facilities and technology to ensure services are delivered effectively and efficiently while encouraging their staff members to voice any issues regarding patient safety or quality healthcare provision when necessary.


Specialty Care Centers of the healthcare system offer various healthcare solutions, from eye and dermatology care, disease state management and laboratory services, community education classes in nutrition and behavioral health, and community outreach efforts to serving those living with various chronic illnesses such as diabetes and HIV.

Broward Health Medical Center is one of the ten largest public hospital systems in the country, comprising three hospitals, primary and specialty care centers, ambulatory locations, and more than 16,000 beds at its flagship hospital, Broward Health Medical Center (a 716-bed facility that offers nearly every medical specialty), an emergency room (Level 1) trauma center (with comprehensive stroke and heart center of excellence services), 32-bed neuroscience intensive care unit and orthopedic center of excellence services).

Other Broward Health Medical Center locations include a cancer center, two long-term care nursing facilities, and various school-based health clinics. Their ambulatory and community care services are open and available to all residents of Broward County regardless of their ability to pay.

Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital, part of Broward Health Medical Center, stands out with its comprehensive pediatric healthcare services, high patient satisfaction ratings, low mortality rate, strong physician excellence commitment, and accreditation by the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Established in 1925, Miami Hospital serves as a leading medical center in Florida’s southern half. With more than 3,000 physicians on its medical staff and an ambitious mission of providing exceptional health care to local communities – such as Level I pediatric and adult trauma centers, nationally-recognized burn centers, regional cardiac care centers; comprehensive stroke and brain injury programs, and an internationally acclaimed psychiatric hospital – among many specialties and services provided at Miami Hospital.

The healthcare system features several specialized centers, such as Broward Health Children’s Hospital, an advanced cancer center, and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit. Furthermore, community-based health centers and an adolescent treatment program are part of this healthcare network.