Cooper Evolution Tour – All-Season Highway Tire


Cooper Evolution Tour tires offer reliable traction and responsive handling on highway surfaces. Their durability surpasses many of their competitors, making this tire an excellent option for family vehicles or commuter cars.

3D Micro-Gauge sipes and open shoulder notches provide additional biting edges for improved traction in wet road conditions and light snow, while four wide circumferential grooves and Stabiledge Performance provide extra hydroplaning resistance.

Tread Design

Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Design. Cooper Evolution Tour’s tread design was specifically created to offer drivers a comfortable driving experience. It features a polyester casing that closely follows road surface contours to absorb vibrations from the road surface as well as minimize noise generated during the movement of the tire. Coupled with coupled tread elements, this feature provides a quieter ride without compromising its handling capabilities.

The symmetric tread design also helps extend tire usability through StabilEdge Technology, an integral part of tire production that prevents any tread flexing that could accelerate wear on uneven surfaces and accelerate tread wear rates. Furthermore, its molded compound and tread design is optimized to distribute acceleration forces equally across its contact area, further lengthening the usability of the tire.

Cooper Evolution Tour tires were specifically designed to deliver superior snow and ice traction during winter driving conditions, offering excellent snow traction with its 3D micro-gauge siping design, which adds biting edges that provide grip in icy and snowy environments. Furthermore, its all-season solid compound stays flexible and responsive even at colder temperatures, giving drivers confidence on every drive regardless of weather conditions.

Cooper Evolution Tour Tires are an economical all-season option that delivers comfort, reliable stopping power, and responsive handling. Their extended treadwear warranty and coupled tread elements with strategic ribs help maintain stability during dynamic driving maneuvers.

StabilEdge Technology

Cooper Evolution Tour’s distinguishing feature is its exclusive StabilEdge technology. This unique tread element stabilizes and increases road gripping ability during driving, giving you a crisp steering response and controlled handling around curves. Furthermore, its all-season tread design provides superior road traction.

Another impressive aspect of this tire is that it performs admirably in light snow conditions, unlike many all-season tires, which often struggle in these circumstances. This one stands out because its 5-rib tread pattern and lateral grooves increase wet and light snow traction, while its circumferential grooves ensure maximum hydroplaning resistance.

Additionally, the CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season tire was developed with even tread wear and long life in mind, thanks to the modern tread compound and profile technologies that enable an even distribution of weight – making this tire suitable for highway driving as well as everyday commuting.

The CS5 also comes equipped with a visual wear indicator to assist drivers in tracking the tread life of their tires. As your tread wears down, its shape changes accordingly, enabling you to calculate the remaining tread life quickly.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season features an advanced silica compound to offer superior wet and dry traction, featuring a five-rib tread design with 10.5/32″ tread depth for year-round performance and stability. Furthermore, 3D micro-gauge siping increases gripping capacity on roads while increasing wet-weather traction and road gripping ability. Available in W, H, and V speed ratings with 65,000-mile treadwear warranties on T-rated sizes and 60,000-mile tread life warranties on H and V speeds.

Tread Wear Indicators

Cooper tires feature tread wear indicators built directly into their impressions that visually alert drivers when it is time for new tires. This safety feature makes drivers aware when their tread depth drops below 2/32 inch – any tires below this depth can no longer disperse water effectively and could result in reduced wet and light snow traction, making it unsafe in these conditions.

Cooper offers up to 65,000-mile treadwear warranties on their T-rated tires and 60,000-mile warranties on H and V versions, providing drivers with confidence that their tires will deliver on longevity and road life expectations.

As part of our tests, we discovered that the Cooper Evolution Tour performed admirably across a range of road surfaces. Traction on dry roads was outstanding, and they could accelerate without excessive wheel spin; cornering grip was good while braking distances were amongst some of the shortest we had seen among similarly priced competitors.

The Evolution Tour features Stabiledge Technology to prevent tread elements from flexing while in motion and maintain a firm surface grip, as well as its symmetric pattern that helps prevent irregular tread wear. Furthermore, its internal construction consists of single-ply polyester casing supported by twin steel belts with spirally wound nylon overwrap – these features enable impressive handling responses, high-speed capabilities, and durability for an all-terrain touring tire.


Cooper has equipped its evolution tour with several technologies that increase its traction on different road conditions, dehydrated ones where its tires accelerate rapidly and feel stable around corners. Furthermore, these tires have excellent snow traction performance as well as some of the shortest braking distances of similarly priced competitors.

The Evolution Tour’s tread compound is engineered in a symmetric pattern to prevent uneven wear and extend its lifespan. It also includes ribs for responsive handling and 3D Micro-Gauge sipes that give extra biting edges for superior wet-weather performance. This results in increased control and stability reduced hydroplaning and decreased hydroplaning.

With all these features, the Evolution Tour is an excellent vehicle for everyday driving. Able to handle both highway and city driving without losing its comfortable ride quality, its standard tread wear indicators allow drivers to identify quickly when their tires require replacement. Its low cost of ownership makes this an economical and practical choice that’s simple to maintain as well.

The Cooper Evolution Tour comes in multiple sizes that fit the most popular sedans, compact cars, and crossover vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Accord, Mazda CX-30, Ford Edge, and Toyota Sienna. Furthermore, its all-season performance gives drivers confidence in year-round handling as well as providing them with a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Cooper Tire Company has been producing quality tires since 1914. Cooper’s official tire supplier for many of today’s popular sedans and CUVs such as Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Accord, Hyundai Elantra / Sonata / Sonata, Mazda CX-30 / Kia Telluride can all count on these high-quality all-season, all-terrain / winter models that perfectly suit their driving styles and vehicles.


Cooper Evolution Tour tires provide comfortable traction on everyday road surfaces. Their standard tread pattern with paired tread details provides exceptional and safe handling on dry roads at high speeds; with short braking distances, it makes an outstanding choice for daily commuting. Furthermore, it can handle light rain as well as streets with water running across them, though not suitable for highly muddy or flood-soaked terrains; similarly, it can traverse thin snow but not deep snowfall, which is why Cooper offers its winter tire range to provide more excellent traction.

Cooper Evolution Tour tires feature Stabiledge Performance technology that enhances their cornering stability by reducing flex in independent tread blocks and interlocking them for responsiveness and control, as well as their symmetrical pattern, promoting easy cross rotation to avoid uneven tread wear. Together, these features make this an excellent option for daily commuting needs at a reasonable price; furthermore, the tire offers up to 65,000-mile treadwear warranty coverage on H speed-rated sizes (H speed ratings only) or 66,000-mile coverage on T speed ratings (T speed ratings only).