DAV E Learning Portal


DAV e-Learning Portal is an intuitive software app designed to run tutoring classes efficiently. With its user-friendly design and exciting features, this software app has quickly become the go-to option among students, parents, and tutors alike. Features such as online attendance tracking and fees management, as well as comprehensive performance reports, make this solution popular with students, parents, and tutors alike. Plus, it enables customized settings of users/system preferences!

Student Management

DAV school operates an innovative e-learning platform designed to allow its students, tutors, and parents to manage data efficiently related to their classes. This platform offers online attendance management, fee payment tracking, homework submission, detailed performance reports, and much more – an attractive combination of simple user interface design with exciting features beloved by pupils, tutors, parents, and tutors alike.

DAV IT’s IT team utilized portals in Zoho Creator to develop an app to streamline all their administrative processes, from ticketing and conference room booking through school tours, internal auditing, fixed asset management, and entrance exams – creating one centralized custom ERP software application.

They also developed an app to assist vendors in submitting bills online. Prior to the development of this app, vendors had to visit each school individually in order to hand over bills; this presented challenges during COVID-19. By creating this one-time registration portal, they are able to collect all necessary vendor details such as their name, address, bank details, IFSC code number, PAN card number, and GST number in one click – saving valuable time!

Another beneficial app from their career counseling guidance application is the career counseling guidance application, which they utilize to send customized bulk emails that outline speaker and session timings of their seminars, with students who register receiving email confirmation with Zoom links – saving both time and energy that would otherwise be spent traveling between schools.

Tutor Management

Tutors can easily track attendance, fees, homework submission, and detailed performance reports through the Dav e-learning portal. Furthermore, it provides teachers with a social community to interact with one another, as well as customizable system settings and privacy protection to enhance user experience.

tickLinks, a free online library similar to Wikipedia, allows teachers to quickly and efficiently access educational resources and cutting-edge research for class preparation and classroom effectiveness. Teachers can leverage it as an equitable education provider, while its user-friendly design makes it popular with students, parents, and tutors.

Fees Management

We may charge a membership fee to access and use our account monitoring and notification services (the “Membership”). This amount will be deducted directly from your Linked Account or debit card each month; you may cancel at any time.

Davton LMS allows you to build a digital training environment that supports all kinds of learning while managing its lifecycle – from onboarding and content creation through delivery. Plus, its built-in community & forum encourage staff engagement – making Davton an excellent solution for organizations aiming to drive employee performance and enhance productivity.

Dav e learning portal offers convenient features like online attendance management, fees management, homework submission and performance reports to make life easier for parents and tutors alike. Plus, its ability to automate workflows and eliminate repetitive manual tasks saves teachers time, which leads to improved class preparation – something students, parents, and tutors all love about this online platform that offers ease of use with its rich set of features!

Attendance Management

Logging in to the portal enables both students and teachers to easily track attendance by creating logs, analyzing reports, and setting appointments with students based on data – this powerful tool is also invaluable in improving participation rates while avoiding high drop-out rates during online learning sessions.