Dead and Company Tour Poster 2023


Fans of The Dead have long championed live concerts as their absolute favorite experience. Since 2015, when founding members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann reunited with John Mayer and Oteil Burbridge as John Mayer joined in, this ensemble has been touring nonstop.

Status Serigraph released a limited-edition round poster at the first show of their summer 2023 tour, selling them signed and numbered by artists.

1. AJ Masthay Poster

In the style of classic Grateful Dead posters, this piece depicts Jerry Garcia in a leather jacket reminiscent of traditional designs created by AJ Masthay for Phil Lesh’s Dead and Company posters, Black Sabbath’s, Foo Fighters, and many others. His intricate and detailed linoleum block printing technique is highly prized among music fans and poster collectors.

At his “Open Studio” event in West Hartford, CT, recently, an award-winning printmaker invited music fans and poster enthusiasts alike into his studio to witness first-hand how old-school methods like carving each linoleum block by hand were used for printing prints. Fans also got an up-close view of current work being produced as well as purchasing prints that had been remarked (art talk for doodled) by him himself – among his most renowned designs are Phish Companion cover illustration as well as “No Future at All,” an 18″x24″ eleven color block print that benefits The Mockingbird Foundation.

Jim Pollock, AJ Masthay, Jermaine Rogers, and Joey Feldman have become revered artists within the gig poster art community for their distinct styles. Together, their work helped spark the resurgence of gig poster art and is highly prized by music fans and collectors. These four artists are revered masters in their field, and many pieces they created are iconic with respective bands – this exhibition, Tetralogy by Bottleneck Gallery, will honor these four celebrated masters through November 17th; more details on upcoming events can be found by visiting their respective websites (AJ Masthay posters drop today at 12PM EST with more print details available on BNG website).

2. Justin Helton Poster

Justin Helton of Knoxville, Tennessee, has emerged as one of today’s acclaimed poster artists. His accessible style blends computer-aided graphic design with hand-drawn details and typographical elements for maximum impact, as seen with posters designed for Phish, Ween, and The Avett Brothers, as well as music festivals like Bonnaroo and Forecastle.

Helton started Status Serigraph in 2005 as a one-man studio, but since that time, the business has expanded to include employees and an office in Knoxville. Since then, Helton’s work has gained widespread attention from music fans and industry professionals alike; his posters can be found throughout the US. When not at work, he enjoys personal projects such as painting and drawing in his free time.

Helton recently entered into a partnership with Dead and Company to design a limited edition round foil poster commemorating their tour dates and featuring black-and-white images of both bands, as well as tour dates listed prominently at its center. Each poster will be signed and numbered by Helton himself to create valuable collector’s items.

Helton created and distributed posters as souvenirs during concerts in 2023. Additionally, Helton designed an album sleeve that included the same image from the sign as well as tour information and was sold through independent record stores and band merch tables.

While most Knoxvillians may not realize it, Helton’s poster/branding company and video production company that he co-founded have gained national renown. His designs feature whimsical vintage engravings that often serve to advertise local businesses. Furthermore, his plans can even be found on tap handles and growlers of Great Raft Brewing from Shreveport, Louisiana!

Helton also uses acting to showcase her creativity; she will appear in films such as Knives Out by the Russo Brothers, as well as horror-thriller The Girl With All the Gifts by TNT Studios. Both roles showcase Helton’s energy with her characteristic buzzed green locks, bringing life to her characters and offering plenty of charm to audiences everywhere.

3. Circular Poster

Posters are an effective way to spread the word about your event or program. Well-crafted posters will attract the eye from across a room and leave an everlasting impression on viewers. To design a good poster design, be clear and concise when including vital details at the top, such as event name and time/date/location, as well as contact person contact information and link for ticket purchases.

This poster is an ideal classroom resource that will assist students in understanding the parts of a circle and their relationships to each other. It is illustrated using simple lines in various shades of beige for an attractive yet modern appearance. Furthermore, there is a table containing formulas students can use to calculate circumference and area.

This limited-edition collector’s item commemorating Dead and Company’s final tour in 2023 was produced by Status Serigraph and made available from night one of their tour at their merch tent – it proved to be such a hit that it sold out by night two!

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4. John Mayer Poster

John Mayer is a man of many talents and roles: one as a hit-making singer-songwriter who achieved superstar status in the 2000s, another playing guitar alongside Grateful Dead legends in Dead & Company; last night at Enterprise Center, however, he performed solo with only an acoustic guitar and piano to accompany him – an approach which worked brilliantly.

Mayer was at center stage for much of the show, surrounded by sophisticated lighting designs. Beginning with a video segue from 2001 and 2006 of him talking and singing songs from those years, including three from Room for Squares, including his reading of “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” to which Mayer playfully encouraged men in the audience to sway along.

After performing some of his best works — such as an engaging rendition of “Why Georgia” and a moving rendition of “Gravity” — Mayer tried out an unfamiliar song, which fell flat at times but earned admiration from the audience as they applauded his bravery in trying something exotic.

At one point in the concert, he returned to his roots by performing a casual cover of Eddie Arnold’s old classic “Cattle Call,” which only about 1 percent of audience members seemed familiar with. This moment proved that great musicians don’t just depend on having hit songs for success; ultimately, it is more about how good they make you feel than how many hits there may be.

At the conclusion of his concert, John Mayer gave a stirring rendition of Bob Saget’s classic song “Badge and Gun,” dedicating it to the late comedian Bob Saget (deceased). This beautiful poster will make a striking addition to any home, office, or classroom; its midcentury modern design with vintage aesthetic is printed on thick enough paper for vivid colors and crisp contrast – ideal as an original gift idea for John Mayer fans in your life! Order yours now!