Destiny 2 Guide – Exodus Garden 2A


Exodus Garden 2A is one of the many Lost Sectors found within the Cosmodrome, and with the right equipment, it can be one of the fastest to clear. Players with perfect aim can complete this Lost Sector within two minutes with a 100% success rate!

The book ends with Joseph’s exodus from Egypt after 400 years from Abraham’s promise; that means it took another 430 years until their exodus from Egypt.

Barrier Servitors

Lost Sector grinding has quickly become a popular PvE activity since Destiny 2 launched. This practice can yield Exotic gear for specific slots and Enhancement Cores, and Cosmodrome and Europa have several challenging Lost Sectors that require high-level gear to complete; grinding these areas on higher difficulties may even yield rare drops!

One such area is Exodus Garden 2A, a short corridor leading to a circular arena where you fight a massive Servitor. This corridor is divided into multiple sections; clearing enemies within each will open doors leading to other areas. You must be patient as you strategically eliminate each enemy group before continuing forward – you could also use a Warmind Cell to simplify this battle!

When you enter the main area, your priority should be removing a Barrier Servitor. Although initially it can be ignored, once Dregs and Vandals are dispatched, this Champion Servitor should become your primary objective as it shields many enemies, such as Explosive Shanks or an additional Overload Captain, from damage. If this Champion cannot be stunned easily, bait enemies away while shooting from a distance to kill it.

This Barrier Servitor resembles those used to defend Mithrax during his Enemy of My Enemy quest. Equipped with a frequency that connects to the Fallen barrier network, these Servitors establish checkpoints and chokepoints for Mithrax’s Fallen crew scavenging crew. Later in Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector, they blocked pathways leading towards Deksis-5 Taskmaster; killing these Servitors unlocks his boss arena.


Dregs that appear in this Lost Sector tend to spawn quickly and can be an intimidating foe if in large groups. When clustered together, it becomes easy for them to attack you directly, diminishing your health in no time at all. To mitigate their threat effectively, using Void weapons and collecting Orbs of Light from a distance is one strategy; be wary of approaching them until all other enemies are first safe from attack! They often throw grenades that may prove deadly, so don’t approach until all surrounding enemies have dispersed first!

These enemies use Shock Pistols and Shock Grenades and keep close range. Their hissing and clanking will reveal their positions; Guardians are countering their only real weakness with superior firepower and skill – no exotic armor or mods appear to be used against them.

Once the barrier falls, numerous ads will spawn, including Servitor and Overload Champion characters. It is best to tackle them individually; eliminating Overload Champion first is especially crucial since he will shield other adds. Furthermore, pay close attention to Exploder Shanks as these can pose significant risks to Master.

Once all adds have been eliminated, a door leads to Deksis-5, Taskmaster. After clearing this step, Operation: Seraph’s Shield on Legend difficulty should be completed to unlock both weapon schematics for Revision Zero and its four-timer refit catalyst. With an appropriate loadout, Exodus Garden 2A is one of the easier Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 for farming Artifact mods during Season 14. This guide was revised on July 28, 2021, with better organization and loadout recommendations explicitly tailored for Season 14 Artifact mods.


Exodus Garden 2A is a Lost Sector found within Destiny 2. Guardians can access this area after completing the initial Beyond Light campaign mission and unlocking the Cosmodrome as Patrol space. Within Exodus Garden 2A are two Lost Sectors; Exodus Garden and Veles Labyrinth can be completed on Legend or Master difficulty levels, with solo completion possibly yielding Exotic armor or Enhancement Core rewards.

Exodus Garden Lost Sector can be complex for new players or those without appropriate gear to navigate, but weapons and mods exist that make clearing this area simpler.

Beginning their adventure in the Lost Sector requires players to equip themselves with power armor that can take down Dregs and Wretches found throughout its environs – these enemies pose a significant threat if using only short-range weapons, as they will constantly charge and peek out from nooks and crannies at players without long-range weapons – players must remain out of range of these enemies to ensure a successful experience.

After clearing out the first section of Lost Sector, players should proceed into a circular arena where they will encounter more adds and enemies, such as Exploder Shanks and Barrier Servitors, who must be dispatched before moving further in the hall. Soon thereafter more enemies, such as Wretches and Overload Champions, will invade, forcing you to kill before the last barrier drops, revealing Deksis-5 as Taskmaster.

Overload Champions

Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors offer players a rare, high-status Exotic armor piece upon completion at higher difficulties. The Cosmodrome is home to two such Lost Sectors – Exodus Garden 2A and Veles Labyrinth – requiring special weapons and Mods to complete successfully on Legend or Master difficulty; this guide provides players with step-by-step walkthroughs of both.

Once players reach the end of a hallway, they will encounter Deksis-5, Taskmaster, an enormous Servitor that shoots Void blasts around itself in a circular pattern. To defeat it, players must defeat all enemies within its vicinity; these include Exploder Shanks, Barrier Servitors, Wretches, and Overload Champions.

Overload Champions are a new type of Champion that appear in the back of Lost Sector, protected by a Void Servitor. When approached by players, these champions emit Void blasts, which are immensely damaging. Therefore, long-range weapons should be utilized quickly to remove these champions rapidly.

Once players have defeated all Overload Champions, they can move toward the last Champion protected by two Void Servitors – making him difficult to beat! Once defeated. However, players will enter the boss arena and claim their reward – this process should go quickly on Master difficulty, but players should ensure they have adequate weapons ready in case any problems arise.

Final Words

Exodus 32-35 provides Moses with a stark reminder of an essential issue: God’s holiness and Israel’s sinfulness are irreconcilable, so for God to dwell among His people, there must be some means of reconciling these facts – one solution being priests.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light brought back the Cosmodrome from Destiny 1 and two brand-new Lost Sectors to explore: Exodus Garden 2A and Veles Labyrinth. Many Guardians have visited this area to soak in nostalgia and grind Exotic armor pieces on Legend or Master difficulty difficulty levels – completion will bring rewards of Exotic gear!

These two areas can be reached after completing the first Beyond Light campaign mission, and PvShifty has created an in-depth guide for clearing Exodus Garden 2A on Master difficulty – have a look below for details!