Drive Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair


The Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair boasts an eye-catching powder-coated, attractive finish that’s easy to care for, urethane tires mounted on composite wheels, a carry pocket on the backrest, swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests, and swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests for added versatility.

This chair has been developed with limited mobility individuals and recovering patients in mind, featuring either 16-inch, 18-inch, or 20-inch seat width options.


The Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair was designed with comfort in mind for both patients and caregivers, featuring a powder-coated silver vein steel frame that features attractive designs while remaining sturdy over time, as well as embossed vinyl upholstery that’s lightweight yet easy to keep clean. Urethane tires mounted on composite wheels provide durability, low maintenance requirements, and easy navigation across most surfaces. Additional comfort features such as swing-away footrests and elevating leg rests offer plenty of seating positions; push-to-lock wheel locks provide maximum stability during patient transfers, while seat-to-floor height is adjustable between 17.5″ (suitable for shorter users and those using their feet for propulsion) and 19.5″ (for average-height adults).

This chair provides exceptional value to those seeking a sturdy yet comfortable mobility aid. With its modern aesthetic and high-grade construction, its sturdy yet comfortable structure makes it suitable for home and institutional use alike, while its padded seat and armrests ensure ultimate comfort for its user. Furthermore, its reclining core includes support extensions as well as an immobilizer cushion to ensure safe reclining positions are achieved.

For increased convenience, the Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair features detachable desk arms and elevating leg rests that can be tool-free and adjusted to meet individual user needs. Furthermore, 8″ front casters with three different positions are adjustable, and there is a carry pocket on its backrest.

The Silver Sport 2 wheelchair is an all-purpose mobility aid suitable for indoor and outdoors use, featuring durable urethane tires to withstand any elements while rolling smoothly over various surfaces, from hardwood flooring to soft carpet. Light enough for transport, its push-to-lock brakes make pushing effortless; plastic footplates come equipped with heel loops; additional accessories can include foot release levers and cushion kits to customize its ride even further.


The Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair boasts numerous adjustability features that ensure it fits comfortably and precisely to any body type. Boasting a powder-coated silver vein steel frame and embossed vinyl upholstery, this chair is durable yet lightweight, attractive, easy to keep clean, and comes equipped with durable urethane tires mounted on composite wheels for durability and a smooth ride over most surfaces. Plus, there’s even an easily accessible rear carry pocket along with swing away or elevating footrests and push-to-lock brakes for added convenience!

This chair offers adjustable seat-to-floor height from Adult to hemi-level for easier sitting and standing up, along with three position front casters to facilitate this task. Furthermore, tool-free adjustable length riggings make leg rest length adjustments quick and simple for users.

This wheelchair boasts an adjustable seat-to-floor height range between 17.5″and -19″, making it suitable for most users of various heights and shapes. Armrests come either desk-length or full-length for easy cleaning and sanitization; furthermore, this unit comes equipped with swing-away or elevating footrests as well as plastic footplates with heel loops – features that make this chair an excellent value option.

The Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair boasts an advanced hydraulic reclining mechanism, offering infinite adjustments of up to 180 degrees. Both its seat and backrest feature padding for added comfort during reclined mode; additionally, the frame is constructed from powder-coated silver vein steel, while urethane tires mounted onto composite wheels provide durability.


The Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair was created explicitly with limited mobility patients in mind and comes in three seat sizes to meet most users’ needs. Standard with optional features to help customize it to your unique situation – for instance, adjustable floor-to-seat height allows for optimal positioning and comfort; armrests can be removed or easily adjusted via tool-free adjustments, while heel loops ensure your feet remain safe as you ride along!

The powder-coated silver vein steel frame makes this wheelchair durable and easy to keep clean, while embossed vinyl upholstery adds comfort. Urethane tires mounted on composite wheels offer durability as well as smooth riding over most surfaces, with 8″ front casters adjustable in three positions for three-position adjustment; additionally, there is a carry pocket on the backrest, which makes storing personal belongings convenient. Swing-away footrests and elevating leg rest come included with tool-free adjustable length front riggings to give complete freedom when moving forward or backward.

The Silver Sport 2 wheelchair is an exceptional value, featuring numerous comfort and convenience features to meet the unique needs of each user. Easy to transport and fold away into compact storage, making it suitable for in-home or institutional use alike. Urethane tires won’t mark floors or damage hardwoods, and its push-to-lock brakes are easy to operate; its impressive weight capacity of 250 lbs (16″ seat), 300 lbs (18″ rear), or 350 lbs (20″ seat) ensures years of reliable service from this wheelchair drive silver sport two wheelchairs!


This wheelchair comes with a three-year limited warranty and makes an excellent value proposition for anyone seeking a durable and low-maintenance wheelchair at an affordable price. Its powder-coated silver vein steel frame features embossed vinyl upholstery, which is lightweight yet resilient, making cleaning quick and straightforward. Seat-to-floor height ranges between 17.5″ (for shorter users or those propelling with their feet) and 19.5″ for average to taller height adults; leg rests can easily be adjusted via tool-free adjustable length riggings while its plastic foot plates feature heel loops – providing comfort when adaptable shoe size users!

The durable urethane tires mounted on composite wheels ensure long-term use and an easy ride over most surfaces, with push-to-lock brakes providing safety and convenience. Furthermore, its 8″ front casters can be adjusted into three positions for added customization, and its backrest has a carry pocket to store personal items safely.

After receiving your new wheelchair, please scrutinize it for signs of use or wear. If any damage occurs or if it doesn’t match what was ordered, call Mobility On Wheels immediately for a return authorization number; any items not returned in their original condition will incur a 10% restocking fee.

The Drive Silver Sport 2 wheelchair features padded desk-length armrests with swing away/elevating leg rests and plastic footplate, along with an impressive weight capacity of 250lbs in the 16″ width, or 350lbs for 18″-20″. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining mechanism lets you position leg rests to suit any angle that best suits you.