Dunlop Conquest Sport A/S Tires


Dunlop Conquest Sport A/S Radials are high-performance all-season radials designed for original equipment use on sports sedans. They provide low noise levels, stable handling, and reliable traction on dry roads, wet roads, and light snow conditions – not forgetting Hydro Paddle Technology to enhance wet road traction and help prevent hydroplaning.

Asymmetric Tread Design

Dunlop’s asymmetric tread design incorporates independent tread blocks on the outboard shoulder, along with nearly continuous intermediate and center ribs, to deliver dry road responsiveness and highway stability. When combined with all-season compounds and optimized grooves for increased dry, wet, and light snow traction performance – as well as circumferential grooves and lateral notches that channel water out of your tire footprint to prevent hydroplaning during wet conditions – this tire delivers year-round performance!

An enjoyable ride is ensured with the ideal tread pattern’s close road contact, which improves steering responsiveness, driving stability, and braking response. All-season compound and silica promote heat dispersion to combat wear resistance, further adding comfort to any journey.

Tires with an asymmetrical tread pattern will have something on the sidewall reading “THIS SIDE OUT,” making it impossible for these tires to be cross-rotated; only using them according to what is indicated on their sidewall will work properly. Aramid-reinforced bead and Jointless Band technology improve their ability to maintain shape even at high speeds for a comfortable ride experience.

Hydro Paddle Technology

The all-new Hydro FlowX paddle from Black Project is purpose-built for high-performance racing and long-distance touring, featuring revolutionary Advanced Flow Technology to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness on the water, eliminating turbulence and unwanted blade movement with every stroke, increasing power delivery to every stroke and improving power delivery every stroke. In addition, our Deep Power Scoop design also increases forward thrust and control – helping paddlers maintain faster cadences without fatigue.

Viewed from the side, this paddle’s unique shape creates a series of “chute”-like channels that channel water to the center of its tire for improved wet traction and hydroplaning resistance and minimizes road noise and vibration for a quieter driving experience.

Black Project Hydro FlowX paddles stand apart from their competition by featuring complete carbon construction that’s 25% lighter than traditional materials, enabling paddlers to go longer, faster, and with reduced strain. Plus, its ergonomic shaft and grip reduce hand and arm fatigue for added comfort!

This paddle offers paddlers of all levels an option that meets their individual needs, from heavy to light paddlers. Medium75 shaft flex can help serious paddlers maintain control, while the Stiff50 option may offer greater comfort for lighter paddlers. Furthermore, this model can be further customized with additional grip options to enhance comfort and control.

Testing revealed that the FlowX paddle increased a paddler’s speed by 3-5% – an impressive gain that can be accomplished regardless of skill level or fitness level. With its powerful yet smooth stroke, this innovative paddle enables paddlers to push harder for longer races while winning more races overall – it is no surprise why its use was favored among elite and national racers, including world champion Seychelle Webster, Arthur Arutkin, and Niek van der Linde for setting 24-hour distance world records using it! This unique paddle allows athletes to go further faster with reduced fatigue while doing it compared with competing against more conventional paddles or traditional techniques used.

All-Season Tread Compound

Dunlop tires are widely recognized for their high-performance capabilities; however, they also provide all-season models such as the SP Sport 7000 A/S all-season radials designed for original equipment use on sports sedans. This tire offers low noise levels while providing superior handling on dry, wet, and light snowy roads.

The tire uses an all-season tread compound molded into an asymmetric pattern to balance handling and traction, with large outboard shoulder blocks and near continuous inboard intermediate/center ribs improving initial responsiveness and steering response; siped independent inboard shoulder ribs as well as wide circumferential grooves providing hydroplaning resistance and wet road gripping properties.

Winter driving requires using tires with high-grip silica tread compounds that remain flexible and pliable even in sub-zero temperatures, gripping snow and ice securely while remaining flexible enough for handling maneuvers on slippery roads. Furthermore, directional tread elements dig deep into surfaces of snow/ice to keep vehicles moving along its surface safely.

Although an all-season tire, the Grandtrek AT23 was designed specifically for snow and mud traction. Equipped with silica-based winter tread compound and advanced Rolling Simulation II technology for optimal grip in cold temperatures. Furthermore, its tread design features high-density sipes featuring 3-D zigzag sipes to provide a powerful snow grip.

Dunlop offers its Tread Life Limited Warranty as an added feature of the Grandtrek AT23, providing complete replacement if its tires reach 2/32-inch usable tread depth within six years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Additionally, this tire features an aramid bead seat to guard against accidental curb damage, while its internal structure features twin steel belts equipped with Dunlop’s Jointless Band technology – this helps the tire maintain its shape at high speeds while providing a smooth ride experience.

Grandtrek AT23 drivers will find comfort in its quiet driving experience. Tread and rubber compounds combine to reduce road and tire noise in the cabin of your vehicle for an enjoyable, soothing ride every time they take to the road.


Dunlop boasts an impressive list of competitive tires in the automotive industry. Their lineup of stylish tires includes popular choices such as the Dunlop Conquest Sport A/S and Dunlop Conquest Touring BSW models, which offer all-season traction with an asymmetric tread design to provide superior dry and wet weather grip for your SUV. Their skinny lines and notch placement enhance all-season performance, while an asymmetric pattern helps improve traction when driving through light snowfall. In addition, circumferential grooves help prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water away from their footprint, creating a smooth ride and reliable handling speed for reliable handling speed performance.

Furthermore, these tires feature low road noise levels and puncture resistance for an extended tire lifespan.