East Garden – Sunderland’s Casual Pan-Asian Cafe


East Garden Cafe is a casual Pan-Asian eatery offering an expansive menu of Chinese fare, teriyaki, and innovative sushi rolls. Classic dishes like chop suey and chow mein are given modern updates by adding plenty of vegetables – creating dishes like the famous vegan chili bowl!

Crossing Bridge Noodles are an iconic Yunnan province dish. Their delectable steamed rice rolls are also not to be missed!

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East Garden, which opened along 36th Avenue in February as part of a cluster of restaurants on either side of the LIC-Astoria boundary line, received glowing reviews in The New York Observer reviewer’s assessment. Inside seating may be available; however, East Garden mainly caters to takeout and delivery customers.

An impressive menu boasting exotic items such as stonefish and “hollow green” is your first clue that this eatery stands apart from your average strip mall eatery. Stonefish, related to scorpionfish, have intimidating appearances, but their delicate flesh makes up for this, with all venomous barbs removed before steaming for optimal dining.

Other stand-out dishes include the umami-rich e-fu noodles with mushrooms, an umami bomb of shiitakes and wheat noodles in classic brown sauce, as well as the succulent lean tender petals of beef served over tender leaves of Chinese greens yu choy and beef – two dishes which pair lean tender petals of meat with another variety of Chinese garden. Though occasionally the kitchen falters – on one night recently, scallions overcooked to the point of becoming dark brown while an octopus dumpling’s filling tasted unappetizingly fishy – overall, more hits outnumber misses.


East Garden is Sunderland’s go-to spot for Chinese cuisine, providing convenient delivery and takeaway services so residents can enjoy delicious Chinese meals right in their homes. Their extensive menu offers something suitable for all dietary requirements – so everyone will find something they want!

Meiling Chien, the restaurant’s general manager, emphasizes that their hits far outweigh their misses. She will highlight one of their most popular dishes – house unique mei fun with shrimp, scallops, and pickled mustard greens on thin rice noodles – as a popular dish. Meiling also touts their umami bomb of shiitake mushrooms combined with wheat noodles in the classic brown sauce as e-fu noodles with mushrooms offering and their flavor-packed stir fry with lean petals of beef petals mixed in among Chinese greens to round off her list of praiseworthy recommendations.

Glaser’s Bakery offers delicious desserts just across the street, making it easy for dessert lovers to grab a bite and head for their sweet treats. Their casual and welcoming atmosphere is the ideal setting for an enjoyable night.


East Garden Cafe is a casual pan-Asian cafe offering an expansive menu of Chinese fare, delectable teriyaki, and tasty sushi rolls at reasonable prices. Diners can come here for lunch, dinner, or dessert. Takeout is also an option; prices are affordable, making this restaurant a great value in the Sussex area. Meals are ready fast while the atmosphere is cozy; it is an enjoyable spot for anyone searching for deal! Menu items and pricing may change without notice, so make sure to call before visiting to confirm all pricing information before visiting East Garden!