Fashion Nova Has Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costumes For Curvy Girls


Fashion Nova always knows how to put out their customers and fans first, and its stunning Halloween collection proves just that. Ranging from princess-worthy attire to police officer outfits – Fashion Nova provides curvier ladies with everything they need for Halloween celebrations!

However, the website also features some questionable costumes, including an almost exact copy of what Lil’ Kim and Selena Quintanilla wore at this year’s awards show and an offensive geisha costume that perpetuates cultural appropriation.

Enchanted Rose Princess

Fashion Nova is an unrivaled Halloween destination, and they make sure all their customers look their best in costumes – from golden three-piece sets for curvier women to pirate outfits. Fashion Nova goes above and beyond to ensure customers receive all the attention they deserve for Halloween!

This book provides an excellent retelling of both Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast that does not detract from either original. The author incorporates each fairy’s perspectives, giving a greater understanding of why they made certain decisions.

Like other costume retailers such as Yandy and other costume providers, Fashion Nova offers some problematic costumes on its site – one being an offensive geisha costume that perpetuates the misperception that geishas are sexual prostitutes.

Infinite and Beyond

Fashion Nova’s Halloween offerings this year are incredible. The curvy-friendly retailer has come out swinging, creating outfits inspired by celebrities like Cardi B. Recently, however, they collaborated on an official costume collection designed by Cardi. However, there have also been accusations against Fashion Nova of copying one-off designer looks worn by Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian that may have originated elsewhere.

The Infinite and Beyond costume is a six-piece ensemble designed to make you appear as a space cadet ranger from Toy Story films. Complete with detachable wings and colorful controls reminiscent of those found on real spaceships; it will take your Halloween adventure “to infinity and beyond.” Other Toy Story costumes are available, so you can dress as either Buzz Lightyear himself or one of his beloved co-stars from this movie series.

Want to Play Evil Doll

Fashion Nova offers the “Wanna Play Evil Doll” costume if you want to channel your inner bad girl this Halloween. This five-piece ensemble comes complete with a black wig, a red wig with attached red blood pom-poms, and red thigh highs for maximum bad-girl flair. While some problematic options, such as geisha costumes, might exist (e.g., perpetuating misguided beliefs that geishas work as sexual prostitutes), there are numerous others for you to select.

Those seeking something even scarier can transform into the child-killer doll from Child’s Play with this “Evil Doll Women’s Costume.” It features blue overalls and a Chucky shirt, making everyone scared! You are sure to make an impression statement about who’s boss! Your friends will surely love this!

Party Like the 20s

Fashion Nova’s stunning Halloween costumes will leave your admirers breathless. You won’t go wrong with this incredible selection, ranging from gold-plated princess outfits and sheriff costumes to more risque options, such as an inflatable alien suit. As well as individual costume sets for female and male customers – for the ladies, there is even a three-piece outfit featuring long sleeve cold shoulder front zip plaid top, a garter belt, high-rise panty bottoms, and even an adorable red bandana!

There’s also a two-piece “Hell and Back” costume set explicitly designed for curvier girls, while others, such as a geisha costume, perpetuate misinterpretations of Japanese culture, as well as “Senorita Muerte” attire that does not respect Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration.

Fashion Nova has previously been accused of peddling culturally insensitive costumes. Kim Kardashian called out Fashion Nova for replicating an original vintage bondage-inspired Thierry Mugler dress she wore to an event, prompting a petition to discontinue selling such controversial designs.

Roaring 20s Flapper

Young women of the 1920s discarded their corsets for knee-length dresses featuring bias-cut styles popular at that time, known as flappers by older generations. Influenced by fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Madeleine Vionnet, who favored bias-cut styles that emphasized body curves. Dubbed by older generations “flappers,” these young rebels danced live jazz bands while enjoying newfound freedoms brought by consumerism and social mobility before succumbing to the stock market crash in 1929 and Great Depression. Our Roaring 20s Flapper Costume captures all aspects of this era accurately!

Mama Mia! Gamer Girl

Fashion Nova has long delighted its followers with eye-catching outfits, and their Halloween collection does just that. Dubbed the “World’s Sexiest Costume Destination,” its latest costume line won’t fail to leave admirers speechless; be it an evil doll, party girl, or video game character – there’s sure to be something stunningly fashionable available here.

Some costumes fall into troubled waters, examples being the “Enchanted Rose Princess” and “New Sheriff in Town.” These examples demonstrate cultural appropriation, while the sexy geisha costume perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Teen Vogue has filed a petition calling on them to remove all costumes “inspired by” indigenous people – this petition garnered over 10,000 signatures in only two days!