Golden Corral Restaurant Review


Golden Corral is an award-winning buffet restaurant chain renowned for their extensive history and delicious menu, as well as their commitment to giving back to their communities.

Restaurant chain IHOP supports the US military by engaging with Camp Corral, an initiative that offers unique summer camp experiences to children of wounded, injured, or fallen service members.

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Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant chain founded in 1973 and still operating today with over 500 locations in the US. Known for their wide variety of foods and welcoming atmosphere, these establishments are popular with both families and groups of all kinds, and with all-you-can-eat menu options and reasonable pricing, Golden Corral is an intelligent budget dining choice!

Golden Corral has endured some challenges over its long history. Over time, several locations of this popular chain have closed, while in 2017, issues related to management, undercooked food, and broken promises from customers led to several stabbing incidents and another reported fight at another Syracuse location in March 2019, where two fights broke out.

Golden Corral opened as a family steakhouse restaurant similar to Ponderosa, Bonanza, and Sizzler, seating 400 customers with open kitchens so customers could watch their food being made. Through the years, however, this concept has evolved with market changes while expanding catering services as well.

Golden Corral 4.0 will deliver further upgrades to the restaurant experience, including new design elements and increased seating capacity. Furthermore, more space between tables and oversized windows will create an airier feel in each room; private dining areas and local touchstones will be offered, too.

Golden Corral’s most significant challenge lies in meeting health regulations. They were hit with two salmonella outbreaks that affected 23 people in 2003 and 2012. Since then, however, Golden Corral has strengthened their food safety and quality assurance programs and created an issue-identification team dedicated to solving issues quickly and efficiently.


Golden Corral offers family-friendly dining at affordable prices, offering a diverse menu that appeals to everyone – succulent meats or healthy salad. The menu at this beloved buffet-style restaurant has something delicious for every craving! Additionally, Golden Corral also provides desserts, beverages, and catering services – so stop in today to experience it for yourself!

Golden Corral’s menu boasts an extensive variety of hot and cold dishes, featuring a salad bar, pasta station, and bakery. Offering breakfast buffet omelets, pancakes, sausage, and bacon, as well as grilled chicken, pork, and salmon steaks, along with various side items – you may even experience their famous yeast rolls!

If you want to save money at Golden Corral, join their rewards program. Sign-up is free, and every purchase earns points that can later be redeemed for discounts or free meals – or used towards ordering food online!

Golden Corral prides itself on serving only high-quality food sourced from local vendors whenever possible, setting it apart in the dine-in restaurant industry. Their dedication to excellence sets them apart, as their restaurant supports military veterans through various programs.

This restaurant’s longstanding dedication to philanthropy, specifically supporting military veterans, reflects its values and commitment to creating positive change within society. As one example of their generosity towards veterans, active and retired military personnel are honored with free meals on Veterans Day as a show of appreciation for their service to our nation. They donate money to Disabled American Veterans as well as hosting camps for children of injured and ill veterans; their efforts have made an indelible impactful contribution to many veterans lives and their families while giving back through local schools, hospitals, and charities donating funds directly into local schools or hospitals for charitable projects within our local communities – giving back something they cannot buy anywhere else!


Golden Corral offers excellent value for your money, with their buffet-style dining offering guests access to appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts – not forgetting premium meats and unique culinary creations as well! Their self-serve setup means that guests can take their time enjoying their meal as it best suits their schedule.

Golden Corral is widely known for its dedication to philanthropy. Through supporting military charities and local nonprofits, it demonstrates its desire to make a positive contribution to society. Their unfailing support of veterans particularly underscores this sentiment, as successful businesses should have positive impacts on the communities they operate within.

Golden Corral offers a family-focused buffet-style dining experience at their restaurant, featuring signature dishes such as the Golden Corral Pot Roast and Bourbon Street Chicken, as well as fresh salads and vegetables.

Although not inexpensive, the buffet at This restaurant is worth its cost – both the food and atmosphere are incredible! However, wait times may be lengthy, so if possible, it would be beneficial to come at off-peak hours.

Golden Corral’s prices may differ slightly depending on its location due to factors like regional operating costs and taxation rates; however, Golden Corral strives to strike an equilibrium between affordability and high-quality dining experiences.

Golden Corral offers delicious buffet-style dining for breakfast and lunch, perfect for quick stops during your busy schedule. Their affordable pricing makes Golden Corral an excellent option for large groups. Additionally, the restaurant provides specials throughout the week, such as offering active-duty military personnel a free meal on Veterans Day – it shows how much Golden Corral cares about its customers!


Golden Corral can offer delicious home-style food for intimate family dinners or large celebrations alike, making their catering services both cost-effective and convenient. Their services provide affordable home-style cuisine while adhering to rigorous food safety protocols – plus, they even have options suitable for people with dietary restrictions!

Golden Corral restaurant chain was first created by James Maynard and William Carl in 1973 to meet the needs of American families. Since its debut, its popularity has steadily increased due to its all-you-can-eat buffets and diverse menu offerings. As well as their regular restaurant locations, Golden Corral provides several off-site venues suitable for parties and special events.

Golden Corral offers more than just buffets; their dining options also include salad bars, soups, and the Brass Bell bakery. Their extensive menu offers hot and cold foods crafted with high-quality ingredients seasoned perfectly for optimal enjoyment.

Golden Corral is well known for offering quality food at an excellent value and providing delivery service. In order to order, guests can call their hotline using credit or debit card payment or visit the restaurant’s website and order online; then, the restaurant will prepare it and deliver it to their location.

Order catering early if you are planning a significant event. This gives restaurants enough time to prepare the food and deliver it on time; staff may even offer suggestions as to what items should be ordered if you’re uncertain what’s the best fit.

Golden Corral, although a nationally known brand, only currently has three restaurants located within New York City’s limits – Colonie being about an hour’s drive from Manhattan; two others can be found in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, respectively; however, plans exist for more locations within New York State to open shortly.