Golf Cart Repair Near Me in New York


Battery Replacement

Your golf cart, like any vehicle, requires power to run effectively. Your battery provides your cart with the voltage and amperage needed for running; as such, it requires regular maintenance. When worn-out batteries arise, it’s time for replacements.

There are various golf cart batteries, with standard lead-acid and AGM being two of the more popular choices. AGM batteries tend to cost more upfront but last longer than their counterparts; when it comes time to choose between them, your priority should depend on your budget and what is important to you: short-term savings vs longer-term investments.

If you’re unsure whether your cart’s batteries are nearing their end of life, there are a few warning signs you should look out for. First, difficulty going up hills used to be no issue, and taking twice as long to charge may also indicate this issue.

Many consumers now switch from standard flooded or AGM batteries to lithium batteries despite their higher upfront costs. Lithium batteries offer numerous advantages that more than justify the extra expense. Lithium batteries boast much longer lifespans than their lead-acid or AGM counterparts and require no routine maintenance – ideal if you consider upgrading. We highly advise speaking to us for further assistance if this interests you! El-Don is here to assist in finding you the ideal golf cart battery to meet your unique needs and budget, as well as offering replacement parts such as axles, clutches, motors, speed controllers, and suspensions for your cart. Call El-Don today or stop by our Buffalo store – we look forward to helping keep your cart in excellent condition!

Electrical Repairs

Golf cart electrical repairs at Cart Fix include the replacement of switches, motor brushes, solenoids, and potentiometers, as well as the installation of new batteries. In addition, we can perform complete reconditioning services for all electrical components – starter and generator included! Our high-quality parts often exceed OEM specs while offering exclusive hard-to-find parts. In addition, Cart Fix also provides complete maintenance services across all brands of carts.

Maintaining a golf cart in excellent condition should be top of mind, and regular maintenance is vital to avoid breakdowns. Our service technicians specialize in comprehensive repair services, from greasing fittings to full reconditioning, from checking the water level and air pressure in tires to battery charger repairs or selling used chargers when necessary. Plus, we can pick up and deliver it once finished if required – call now to make an appointment!

Engine Repairs

Our expert golf cart mechanics know golf cart engines inside and out. We offer quality replacement parts and accessories to keep your cart in great shape and regular maintenance services to maximize your investment. Whether it be assistance with engine, transmission, battery replacements, or service plans, we can do it efficiently and effectively.

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