Heart Shaped Cake Near Me in NYC


No matter the occasion or who the celebrant may be, NYC offers plenty of heart-shaped cakes. From classic cheesecake to Japanese twists on banana split, here are our favorites.

Create your custom 7″ heart-shaped cake online and select from various cake bases and flavors for its inside frosting icing, as well as add your message at an additional fee.

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies has made an exciting Valentine’s Day announcement! Insomnia is offering Red Velvet cookies and heart-shaped cookie cakes nationwide until February 16, when supplies run out or when supplies last. Red Velvet cookies add a twist to this popular flavor with cream cheese baking chips baked right into every cookie; perfect on their own, with ice cream, or even transformed into Cookiewich sandwiches! Their heart-shaped cookie cakes also offer Red Velvet or Chocolate Chunk flavors and feature adorable messages!

Insomnia Cookies is a national bakery chain offering fresh cookies and other baked goods nationwide. Established by Jared Barnett and Seth Berkowitz – both students at the University of Pennsylvania – in 2003, Insomnia now has over 240 stores located near college campuses, where customers can order either online or by phone; its menu boasts nine delicious cookie varieties, three jumbo cookie flavors, as well as various dessert offerings such as Cookie Cake.

Insomnia Cookies are made using high-quality non-GMO flour and natural ingredients such as sugar. Their cinnamon cookies are low in calories and fat while providing an excellent source of fiber – an appealing treat that offers health benefits! They are popular choices among those searching for delicious yet nutritious dessert options.

Philadelphia, PA – Insomnia Cookies, one of the nation’s leading delivery-only bakeries, is proud to introduce two special treats for Valentine’s Day: Red Velvet cookies and Heart-shaped cookie cakes. Both delicious Instagram-worthy treats can be purchased both in-store and via delivery until February 16th at the end of the business. Red Velvet cookies feature creamy cream cheese baking chips baked right into each cookie for an irresistibly delicious flavor that’s sure to please anyone, be it their sweetheart or friends! These delectable treats will delight any sweetheart or be shared among friends alike!

Insomnia Cookies offers new Red Velvet and heart-shaped cookies as part of its Valentine’s Combo gift pack; in the Singles Awareness Pack, you can treat yourself (or someone special!). Both gifts make a delicious combination!

Milk Bar

Christina Tosi of Milk Bar has become one of the go-to experts for reinventing dessert, thanks to Netflix’s Chef’s Table: Pastry series and her bake-off show Bake Squad. Additionally, their brand has expanded into grocery stores like an indie band breaking through into mainstream culture, complete with tightened-up branding efforts.

Though its menu might indicate otherwise, Momofuku’s creative genius remains undiminished, and this is evidenced by an abundance of heart-shaped treats offered throughout February at its West Village bakery (sister store to Dominique Ansel’s Cronut).

For those outside of NYC looking for their bakery fix, there are multiple ways they can find relief. For example, the bakery provides same-day delivery through local on-demand food service providers.

Milk Bar Bakery offers something to satisfy every sweet craving imaginable, be it an ice cream sandwich from one of their many delicious ice cream sandwiches or their iconic crack pie. Additionally, there’s a range of cookies, cakes, and pies that await your enjoyment at Milk Bar!

Cereal Milk Soft Serve is an incredible treat and should definitely be added to your snack arsenal! This tasty treat combines elements from both milk and ice cream, featuring crunchy cereal bits and sweet and salty toppings for a fantastic experience that will satisfy both sweet tooth and salty cravings alike! For something a little heavier to snack on, we highly recommend trying their corn cookie; its chewy sweetness will satisfy cravings at any time of day!

Your next stop should be to try their chocolate chip cookie – its moist texture makes for the ideal bite. you can get them in different sizes, including heart-shaped treats that will impress anyone special in your life!

As for their coffee selection, Counter Culture produces an exquisite brew that features dark fruit notes. Their Hologram blend combines Sipacapa and La Roca beans from Nicaragua with Hambela Natural beans from Ethiopia for optimal taste.

Stax Ice Cream Shop

Stax Ice Cream Shop, opened by recent Baruch College graduates, offers an impressive array of handcrafted ice cream flavors such as Ube, Purple Sweet Potato, and Cornflake Bourbon ice creams – not to mention an irresistibly delectable donut sandwich called Cremella that looks and tastes fantastic!

The bakery offers beautiful heart-shaped cakes perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day celebrations, or baby showers. Choose between various colors and customize with shell tip borders and personalized messages at no additional charge. Fill your cake with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla filling – even customize its design to match your TikTok theme!

Stax offers both takeout and delivery services for convenient dining without waiting in line for a table. With easy online ordering and tracking via their app, the food can also be made fresh just before it arrives at your door! Its prices may be more costly than those of some other restaurants on this list, but its quality justifies its cost.

Stax Ice Cream Shop of New York City also caters for events, providing premium ice cream in unique flavors as well as their famous Cremella (ice cream donut sandwich). They also have other sweet options, including rice cakes, churros, and more for your catered event needs. If you would like Stax for your next catered event, please reach out directly. For more information or inquiries, contact them online.

Stax offers catering and retail store services in Chinatown. Their family-run operation has become known for its quality and service; it is open for lunch and dinner service seven days a week as well as pre-packaged cakes and pies to take home or give as gifts, plus offering coffee beverages like espresso and cappuccino beverages!

Squish Marshmallows

Over the past several months, Squishmallows’ stuffed toys have inspired an unprecedented Beanie Babies-esque craze among children, teenagers, and adults alike. Popular on the social media platform TikTok, where videos of Squishmallows have garnered millions of views, collectors say their soft, huggable characters have brought comfort during difficult years while hunting rare characters has created a sense of community spirit.

Gabrielle Marquez, 18, has amassed more than 70 Squishmallow plushies that she keeps on her bed or bookshelf and uses as sleep companions, plaything hammocks, and travel buddies. Gabrielle credits these plushies with helping ease anxiety and depression, and she is enjoying the challenge of adding new Squishmallows to her army.

Super soft squishies made of spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing are as puffy as marshmallows! Each character’s backstory can be found on an attached hangtag and can be washed and tumble-dried on low heat to come out of the washing machine as soft as ever! You can buy individual or sets of eight in different colors featuring familiar characters like Cam the Cat, Olalla, Corinna, and Kelina!

Although Squishmallows are popular online, their real draw lies in their tactile feel in your hand. Each adorable creature boasts an endearingly soft face with attractive arms and legs that squish around cutely. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors so that there is sure to be one perfect for every personality, you may find the one suited for you!

Gerhard Runken, Jazware’s Senior Vice President of Brand and Marketing, provided us with all of the details about these famous creatures. He explained their names, how they gained such widespread appeal, and which Squishmallows will likely become hits in 2023.