How Much Is An Oil Change At Valvoline?


Valvoline Oil provides high-quality services and products for cars. Their product offerings include synthetic and high-mileage oils.

Routine oil changes are crucial to protecting the integrity of your car’s engine and helping reduce wear and tear while also preventing sludge formation.


Making time to have your oil changed regularly is one of the critical steps to keep your car in tip-top condition. Regular oil changes reduce engine wear and tear and protect against issues like misfiring. Although this service may initially seem costly, Valvoline provides competitive prices and discounts that could save money; additionally, they also offer quick maintenance services like wiper blade replacement and radiator flushing to help ensure smooth sailing!

The cost of oil changes depends on the type of oil chosen and the quantity needed; conventional is typically less costly, while synthetic or high-mileage oils tend to cost more. Following manufacturer recommendations should help determine which option best meets your vehicle. At Valvoline, our knowledgeable specialists can assist in making this determination.

At Valvoline, engine size plays an integral part in oil change costs. Larger engines tend to require more oil and can be more complex to change than their smaller counterparts; as a result, larger cars tend to cost more when servicing. But don’t worry: Valvoline provides its “Engine Guarantee,” guaranteeing your oil changes won’t damage your engine!

Your driving style also determines when and how often to change your oil. For instance, driving through heavy stop-and-go traffic every day will require more frequent oil changes than someone who travels on highways and city streets. To know when to change it next, consult your owner’s manual for guidance.

Saving money with Valvoline oil changes can also be achieved through online coupons and discounts, as well as their “Best Price Guarantee,” which ensures you receive the lowest price. Don’t forget to tip your mechanic if he/she deserves one – that will show your appreciation.

Valvoline provides more than just your average oil change; their premium service includes new filters and an 18-point vehicle inspection to ensure it runs in top condition. Although this service usually costs more than its counterpart, this extra attention to care will ensure your car continues running efficiently.

Types of Oils

Valvoline oil change prices depend on many variables, including the type and amount of oil used and how many quarts are required. Conventional is usually the more cost-effective choice, while synthetic and high mileage oils may cost more but offer better engine protection and performance benefits than their less expensive counterparts.

Conventional motor oil is produced from crude oil and contains additives that enhance its functionality, making it suitable for most engines and helping extend their life span. Unfortunately, conventional motor oil does not respond as well to temperature changes as other oils do and tends to build up within your engine and filter system over time.

Synthetic motor oil is made from refined petroleum and contains additives that can significantly benefit your engine. Compared with conventional oil, synthetic oil is less sensitive to temperature changes and dissipates less efficiently during hot weather, thus extending engine lifespan. Though more costly upfront, synthetic can result in considerable savings over time.

High-mileage oil is a type of motor oil specially formulated to meet the needs of vehicles with over 75,000 miles on them, designed to prevent leaks and reduce engine wear in older cars. At the same time, higher mileage oils may cost more in terms of repairs over time.

Valvoline provides an array of quick maintenance services for your vehicle. Along with changing its oil, they can replace wiper blades, clean its fuel system, and exchange its radiator fluid – benefits that will improve its performance and safety – making their services worth their price tag.

Valvoline provides standard full-service oil changes, including up to five quarts of ValvolineTM synthetic oil, a new oil filter, and chassis lubrication according to manufacturer specifications. Some locations also offer premium services using higher grades of Valvoline synthetic oil at an additional charge.


Valvoline has earned itself a stellar reputation regarding oil changes, offering both high-quality products and reliable service. They carry a selection of automotive products, including wiper blades and batteries; their motor oil in particular, has garnered much praise – some consider its qualities superior, while others believe that this may be due to strong marketing efforts from Valvoline.

Your vehicle’s type will also play a part in determining its price at Valvoline for an oil change service. Larger vehicles typically feature more complex engines that need additional lubrication; additionally, mechanics will likely take longer working on them and, therefore, cost more for this service than smaller vehicles.

Your choice of oil can also dramatically impact its price; standard is generally the most cost-effective, while high mileage and synthetic varieties tend to cost more. Most engines need approximately five quarts; for more specific information regarding your machine, it would be wise to refer to its owner’s manual.

Apart from the type and quantity of oil replaced, another factor influencing pricing will be quantity. Most oil changes include up to 5 quarts, but an extra fee may apply if your car needs more. In addition, purchasing filters may add to the total cost.

Location can also affect the price of an oil change. Different places have differing labor costs and charge different amounts for oil changes. Furthermore, different regions offer various goods and services at different prices, such as tires or batteries.

Valvoline Express Care service offers an efficient and quick way to change your oil, including a multi-point inspection and top-off of other fluids – prices start from $40! Currently offered at nearly 1,500 locations nationwide, customers can find more details regarding pricing and services on the company website.

Additional Services

Valvoline is well-recognized in the automotive industry for its products, such as motor oil; however, it also offers numerous auto services at its multiple locations across the United States. These services range from maintenance and repairs to quick lube oil changes. Their prices are competitive, and they offer frequent discounts with coupons, which help their customers save money – another reason they have become so popular among car owners.

One of the primary concerns when receiving an oil change is how much oil to purchase. Your exact requirement depends on the size and model of your engine; typically, around five quarts are necessary. For best lubrication results, more may be needed than this amount; to be sure about this number, consult your owner’s manual for more details.

Valvoline service centers will charge an extra fee per quart beyond the five quarts you need, although most prices are relatively reasonable. To prevent this situation from arising, check how much oil your vehicle requires before visiting Valvoline.

Valvoline service centers offer oil changes at competitive prices that vary based on your type of oil and location. If you want to save money when getting an oil change service done, look out for coupons available both online and through newspaper ads; these can save money when used for any of their services.

Valvoline oil change services come complete with a complimentary 18-point maintenance check to detect and prevent issues and keep your car running smoothly. In addition, this company also offers quick maintenance solutions such as air filter replacements, wiper blade replacements, and radiator flushes to provide quick fixes when they arise.