How to Draw Sonic in 7 Easy Steps


Sonic the Hedgehog, created in 1991 for video games, has become iconic. This iconic hedgehog features long, thin limbs with prominent needles protruding from his head for speedy movement and quick reflexes.

As the first step, draw two circles for his ears. Next, sketch out his brow curve. Finally, sketch out an eye guide.


Are You Looking To Draw Sonic or Improve Your Drawing Skills? Doing both can make learning how to draw Sonic an enjoyable and satisfying experience. To start drawing Sonic, sketch a circle on paper and add a curved line for the top of the head. Next, add vertical and horizontal lines as guides for his body structure –

On the left side of his face, draw a small triangle for his eye, two small curves to represent eyebrows, and a curved line representing his mouth. You may also add pointy ears using the guidelines you drew in Step 2.

To complete your Sonic drawing, erase all pencil marks before covering them with a marker or pen to give it an inked appearance. When satisfied with your finished picture, color it! For an authentic Sonic look, dye his head blue, eyes green, and nose/mouth black using markers or colored pencils; show it off to friends who will be impressed! When your masterpiece is complete, enjoy and show it off – soon, you will become an art pro.


One of the first things to draw on Sonic’s face should be his eyes. To achieve this, start by creating a circle for his head, adding two small circles as eyeballs, then draw curved lines for eyebrows and another for his mouth – plus create his signature spikes by drawing several curved lines that flow downward from his top of the head before back up again.

Curved lines can help add details like the irises and pupils of his eyes. Next, sketch an indented curve above each eye to indicate his furrowed brow. When marking his nose, draw a thinner line nearer his face, which gradually widens away from it, as well as one which starts at one of his eyes before ending on another one of its edges and continues as far as his mouth goes.

To complete the drawing, erase any unnecessary pencil lines and color Sonic in any color you like. Although he’s usually depicted as blue, feel free to choose another hue if that works better for you! Plus, don’t forget his iconic red sneakers – now your Sonic drawing is complete and ready to show off to friends and family! Have fun!


Sonic is a well-known video game character known for his speed. His face features large green eyes with large white teeth. Furthermore, Sonic features small ears and an extremely long nose – two traits that set him apart.

To draw Sonic’s nose, draw a small circle near the center of his face. From there, draw an arc that starts near this circle and curves back up toward it, forming the outline for his nose. To make it look more realistic, add small bumps at its tip for extra realism.

Draw a curved line for the mouth. Add some small lines for eyebrows if necessary.

Once you’ve drawn a head, eyes, and mouth, it’s time to add detail. Eyes require adding the irises and pupils for proper functioning; for the mouth, add a curved line going down before back up again; also consider drawing some eyebrows.

Start drawing Sonic! Now is the time to finish up your sketch! Use pencil or markers to color it in, while for an intricate look, try gel pens! Remember to practice your drawing techniques so you’ll become an expert soon enough – good luck with that, and don’t forget to share your final drawing with us; we’d love to see it!


Add some curves above and below Sonic’s mouth for added interest, the bottom angle being smaller than its counterpart above – this will create the impression that Sonic is smiling!

Next, draw a small curved line for the top of his snout and connect it with his face using a horizontal construction line. Make sure the bill has a slightly pointed look; additionally, you may add another small curved line inside for his teeth and tongue.

Add the final touches with a pencil: round eyes, squinty eyebrows on the forehead, and an expressive smile featuring curved lines on both upper and lower lips that creates an engaging cartoon expression that makes this character come to life!

Sonic has gained legions of fans. His unique style stands out on paper even when drawn quickly, making him an easy character to draw rapidly with this guide. Using this tutorial, anyone can learn to draw Sonic soon in just a few steps! Why not try it – you might find it easier than you anticipated! Plus, don’t forget your free PDF with a step-by-step instruction sheet, coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid drawing worksheet to practice drawing until next time! Until next time… Happy drawing!


Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic video game character with distinctive spiked ears and long, thin limbs, making him one of the best-known video game characters and representing Sega gaming company. We will show you how to draw him in seven easy steps!

Begin by sketching a circle for the head and an oval for the body of your cartoon, followed by smooth curved lines to show the front of their heads and small nose and mouth features using reference images for help.

Follow up by adding a pointy ear and drawing a curved line around his eye for added details. Use the same method to draw additional circles for his other ear and create a slight smile on his face.

Use short straight lines to draw one of Sonic’s arms – its counterpart should be mirror imaged for easy creation! You could also remove two gloved hands using this method.

Now it’s time to add the legs. Draw two squat shapes for Sonic’s feet, followed by more curved lines to outline his knees and ankles. After that is complete, draw his shoes, completing your drawing of Sonic! Now feel free to color him if desired!


Begin your drawing by sketching a circle with an irregular edge and adding an irregularly-shaped spike, using these elements to guide your body and arms drawing. As soon as this step is complete, remove all auxiliary lines.

Step two is to draw the legs. His right leg can be described as an inverted three, while his left is more boxed ‘U’-shaped. When drawing his shoes, make two curved lines down with one rounded bar at the bottom for his soles.

Finally, sketch the hands. On one of them, you could draw gloves, while the other could feature a 3-with-thumbs-up sign – you could also add details if desired.

Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Sega and made famous through video game franchises, comics, animations, and other media, has become one of the world’s best-known anthropomorphic blue hedgehogs. Sonic is widely recognized for his ability to run at supersonic speeds before curling into a ball to attack opponents. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on drawing Sonic with easy steps suitable for kids or novice artists looking to perfect their iconic cartoon look. A great way to practice and develop your cartoon drawing abilities!