How to Register a US MLM Company


The documents required to register an LLC vary by state. Most states have online business portals that provide the required forms and instructions. You may also be asked to publish a notice in the local newspaper confirming your company’s existence and name. You must also apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number).

LLCs can be owner-managed or manager-managed. The LLC operating agreement establishes the rights and responsibilities of each type of member.

Company Description

In the US, MLM companies that offer passive investment opportunities must register with the SEC. A search of the SEC’s Edgar database reveals that US Business World LLC and JD Coin haven’t done so. This means, on a base level, that both US Business World LLC and JD Coin are operating illegally.

The company details what appears to be three retail product packages on its website. These include $500 (five pages), $1000 (ten pages), and $2500 (unlimited pages). Packages are bundled with JD Coin points. JD Coin points are supposedly linked to various Scenictionary English language courses. The company’s marketing material cites “Arthur Tailor” as CEO. I couldn’t find any further information on Tailor other than his Idaho hotel address.

US Business World LLC has since dropped its JD Coin pump-and-dump scheme in favor of a new offering called Voz Coin. Like its predecessor, Voz Coin is not publicly tradeable and holds no value outside of the US Business World LLC MLM opportunity. It also does not have an internal value and thus can be manipulated by affiliates cashing in and withdrawing at will. This is a classic MLM crypto pump-and-dump scenario. The coin is currently being flogged to affiliates for 19 cents each.

Company Address

Having an EIN is one of the most important steps you can take to establish a US Business World LLC. This is a unique number assigned to your LLC by the Internal Revenue Service. It is used for bank accounts, merchant account applications, and tax filings. It’s also necessary to register a US Business World LLC with state and federal agencies. You can obtain an EIN by applying online at the IRS website.

In order to be registered as a US Business World LLC, you will need to have a registered agent in the United States. This is a person or company that will receive and scan mail on behalf of your LLC. This person will need to have a valid US address. Some banks may require that your registered agent be a resident of the state in which you have registered your US Business World LLC.

The US Business World LLC website details what appear to be retail product packages for web hosting costing $500 (five pages), $1000 (ten pages), or $2500 (unlimited pages). These packages are bundled with JD Coin points and various Scenictionary English language courses. JD Coin is a virtual currency that’s flogged to affiliates for 19 cents each. It’s not publicly tradeable and has no real-world value outside of the US business world, including MLM opportunities.

JD Coin is paired with Hydrus7, a blockchain supposedly created by US Business World LLC. This is typical crypto bro malarkey, but it’s worth noting that Hydrus7 is a “fourth-generation blockchain,” and it’s pitched as a solution to the problems caused by previous generations of blockchains. US business world llc and JD Coin also have strong India ties. Their marketing cites a CEO named Arthur Tailor, and the Nampa Inn and Suites hotel address that shares with JD Coin is the same as that of Banga’s Nampa-based business.

Company Contact Information

The US Business World LLC website details what appear to be three retail product packages. Each comes with a $500 (five pages), $1000 (ten pages), and $2500 (unlimited page) web hosting option. On a secondary level, US Business World LLC offers JD Coin investment packages. These bundle JD Coin points with various Scenictionary English courses. JD Coin is a cryptocurrency and thus subject to securities law in the US. To offer a security, a company must be registered with the SEC. A search of the SEC’s Edgar database reveals neither Jhon Banga nor Bhupinder Singh are registered to offer securities.

On the surface, JD Coin looks like your standard MLM ICO pump-and-dump scheme. Once the hype gets rolling and US Business World LLC affiliates cash out their JDC, it will likely get listed on a dodgy exchange. Then it will be dumped, leaving affiliate investors with bags of worthless shitcoin. Then it’s back to recruiting new gullible victims to invest in the next round of JD Coin shitcoins. As of December 21st, 2020, US Business World LLC has also launched Voz Coin through private registration. This is yet another pointless shitcoin that doesn’t even have its website and only exists on US Business World LLC’s website.

Company FAQs

A company FAQ is a subpage on your website that answers common questions and concerns. It helps improve your customer service by reducing the number of low-impact support requests that need to be addressed and freeing up time for employees to handle more critical tickets. It also increases search engine optimization traffic by making your site more visible in search results.

The most important thing to remember when creating an FAQ page is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and understand what questions they may have. Then, create content that provides in-depth answers to those questions. If possible, use visuals to help your audience understand complex topics. Make sure your FAQ page is easy to navigate, and include a call to action at the bottom of the page that encourages visitors to contact you with any further questions.

You can build your FAQ pages using a single page or multiple connected pages. The best approach will depend on the complexity of your products and services. For example, Mailchimp’s FAQs are organized into categories, which help readers find the information they need quickly. The FAQs also feature a sidebar that links to additional resources, as well as instructions for contacting customer support.

McDonald’s uses a simple but effective search function on their FAQ page. It allows users to search by topic and even shows related questions as they type. This ensures that the most relevant results are delivered to customers, which is a great way to enhance the user experience.

If your business is new and you’re still building a brand, you should focus on answering the most frequently asked questions. This will help you get off on the right foot with your customers and increase conversions. Moreover, your FAQ pages can be used for content marketing and search engine optimization.

The US Business World LLC MLM opportunity appears to be a typical pump-and-dump scam that involves buying and selling Voz Coin (JDC). Jhon Banga and Bhupinder Singh are hoping to get the coin listed on a dodgy exchange, which will cause a listing hype pump. Once the pump is over, they’ll dump as much of their illiquid cryptocurrency as possible before it crashes in value.