How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft


Horses in Minecraft can help speed up travel, but to manage them properly, you must tame and saddle them first. This guide will walk you through this process.

To tame a horse, approach it with empty hands and click or press the mount button on its back (it may buck you off temporarily until hearts appear above its head, indicating it has been subdued).


Horses are one of the best ways to traverse Minecraft world, providing easy and convenient forms of transport. Being such docile creatures, horses can easily be trained as companions – transporting you long distances while transporting supplies along their backs. To control and use horses effectively, however, saddles will be necessary – along with providing enough food so they stay healthy.

Savanna and Plains biomes feature flat areas covered by grass and some trees, where horses can be found in many colors with distinctive skin patterns. Donkeys, which have longer ears than horses and may come in several varieties of sizes, can also be found there – both can be trained similarly yet require slightly different foods to remain healthy.

To tame a horse, locate one in one of the biomes listed. Once found, approach it without weapons and right-click to interact. It may try to push you away initially, but persevere – eventually, your efforts will bear fruit, and you’ll tame the animal!

As soon as you’ve begun training a horse, feed it food! Horses love eating sugar, wheat, apples, and carrots and grazing on hay bales to stay healthy and gain their trust.

If you’re struggling with taming the horse, try giving it its favorite food to help speed up the process. When the animal has been subdued, equip it with saddle and horse armor for further control or protection from potential damages.

Each horse has its pre-generated stats, such as speed and health. It also has a temper rating, which determines how long it takes for you to tame it – when this has happened, it will show a red circle with hearts above its head; you can press the inventory button while onboard this horse to access its items; such as saddles for controlling its movements or chests for supplies.


If you have played Minecraft, chances are that horses are one of your favorite mounts. But do you know how actually to mount one? The first step should be finding one; these horses tend to graze in plains or savanna biomes. Once found, approach it and try mounting it; at first it may buck you off, but persevere until eventually, the horse accepts you as its rider – When this occurs, red hearts should appear around its flanks, and you have successfully tamed them!

Feeding can also be an effective method for taming a horse; try offering sugar, wheat, apples, golden carrots, or golden apples as treats to speed up the taming process. Just remember that every horse has their temperament, which may make taming more challenging; the higher its temper point will make this task even harder!

As soon as your horse reaches 99 degrees, its temper will be tamed, and you can use it as a mount again.

Before mounting a horse, you must tame it. To do this, approach it and click without holding anything in your hands; this should cause it to jump up and mount you, though it may try to knock you off several times during this process. Repeat until your horse stops trying to buck you off or red hearts appear on your screen.

Taming a baby horse requires giving it carrots or apples and then riding it until it reaches full maturity. You can also breed horses by feeding them golden carrots and golden apples so that they mate and produce babies with average stats. To maximize riding pleasure, it’s best to tame two simultaneously so you can ride both at once.


Horses are reliable Minecraft mounts that help players move across the map more quickly. These horses can be found across many biomes, from plains and savannas to jungles. While not as fast as other mobs, horses still help get from point A to B quicker than walking alone, and you can equip your horse with armor for increased defense. But before riding one for yourself, first, it must be tamed and saddled.

Taming a horse is generally straightforward. Approach it with an empty hand and right-click like you were trying to right-click an apple. Although they will try to buck you off at first, keep trying until hearts appear on the screen, indicating they have been tamed. Some players also recommend feeding the horse before attempting taming, as this can speed up the process.

Once you’ve saddled a horse, you can tame its inventory and select its saddle item to equip it for your horse. Drag and drop this saddle item onto its designated slot on the horse; mount up for riding as you use its same controls when using them on foot; however, be wary not to ride deeper waters as this could result in you falling off and drowning!

Breeding them in a stable is effective if you want to tame multiple horses at once. Each horse has a distinct personality and temperament, which may make it easier or harder to tame. Rare horses with unique colors or patterns called variants are possible; you can’t craft them but may come across them when exploring the map – giving your Minecraft adventure more variety! It is important to remember, though, that variants cannot be acquired directly – instead, they must be found first before breeding can take place, which means – no shortcuts here!


Horses provide an effective means of travel in the Minecraft world. From using them as mounts and mobile storage chests to breeding them, horses offer numerous uses in gameplay. But before using one for anything other than breeding, it first needs taming; right-clicking an unarmed horse will do. Initially, it might buck you off, but eventually, it’ll give in and allow you to ride it!

Once you have tamed a horse, there are various ways to tailor its experience: put a saddle from the horse menu on it or tie it to a Lead. Breed horses to create foals that will eventually mature into adult horses when fed the appropriate foods; golden apples and carrots make excellent offerings that can be found either crafted or discovered in treasure chests.

Minecraft horses can be found roaming freely throughout its savanna and plains biomes. They often form herds of two or more horses that can be tamed in animal pens built by villages.

To tame a horse, approach it with an empty hand and press the Use Button (Java: RMB). At first, it may try to buck you off, but that’s part of the fun! Keep trying to mount it until hearts appear above its head, indicating it has been successfully tamed and will become your mount.

To breed horses, place two tame horses together in an enclosed area and provide them with food such as golden apples or carrots. After some time has passed, red hearts should start appearing over their heads, indicating their love, and they should produce foals that can then mature into adult horses with unique characteristics such as speed or health benefits that can be bred for. Although this process takes time and dedication, the results make it worthwhile!