Jackson River Community Credit Union


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Jackson River Community Credit Union is located in Covington, Virginia, and caters to residents, employees of businesses and organizations, and families of members.


Jackson River Community Credit Union provides banking services with a personal touch that can help you achieve your financial goals effortlessly and seamlessly. They offer a full suite of products and services designed to make managing finances simple while assisting them to meet those goals.

Since 1953, Westvaco Credit Union has served over 10,000 members. Established as an employee-only credit union for Westvaco employees only at its inception, its membership has steadily expanded with each passing year; and today the Covington head office services more than 10,000 accounts from across Virginia under a state charter. Low Moor Branch of this CU can be found on Westvaco Road with phone number (540) 825-4567 for further inquiries.

Credit unions differ from banks in that they are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) but instead fall under the purview of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which offers depositor protection up to $100K. NCUA uses its proprietary Texas Ratio indicator as a measure of risk level within each credit union.

Deposit Accounts

Imagine walking into a financial institution where staff know your name and care about how well you and your family are doing, where monetary transactions are handled in a secure, private, and confidential environment, where loan applications are taken seriously, and you get prompt, honest responses – this is what Jackson River Community Credit Union provides its members.

Credit Union offers a broad array of banking services at competitive rates for checking, savings accounts, certificates, and mortgages, as well as mobile and online banking with an expansive branch network in Covington, Virginia.

Members are limited to people living, working, worshipping, or attending school in Alleghany or Bath Counties as well as the City of Covington, including family members such as husbands/wives/partners/spouses of these residents (i.e., spouses/partners of spouses of such individuals – husbands/wives of each member can apply). Members can use home equity lines of credit with no extra costs attached, as well as auto loans, personal loans, and student loans from this credit union.


Credit unions offer loans for both personal and business use, such as mortgage, auto, and home equity loans. Credit unions usually charge low interest rates on these loans with flexible terms and conditions – such as low down payment options and no prepayment penalties – making them a fantastic way to purchase the dream home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Jackson River Community Credit Union of Covington, Virginia, is a state-chartered credit union serving Westvaco employees and their family members. Employing 17 staff to handle teller lines, member services, loan offices, and bookkeeping. Furthermore, Jackson River offers online banking features, including mobile app capabilities; service reviews for its Low Moor Road branch are posted online for easy review by members.

Credit unions submit quarterly (5300) data reports with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), including their Texas Ratio ratio comparing total loans at risk against total assets – this number indicates how much capital and reserves a credit union has available to cover loan losses.


Credit unions invest the funds it collects from members. Their primary aim is to provide financial services with no or minimal costs to their members and keep fees and rates as low as possible, offering savings accounts, checking accounts, and various investments; they even provide business solutions!

All credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) submit quarterly (5300) data reports that can be used to compare deposit account and loan rates across credit unions. Our BestCashCow data comes directly from these reports.

Jackson River Community CU offers more than share savings accounts; their selection of investment vehicles includes share certificates, and money market accounts with fixed terms that prevent their users from withdrawing their funds during this period without incurring an exorbitant penalty fee. This product type is ideal for individuals looking to lock in higher yields with immediate access to funds; alternatively, they also offer CD programs with higher returns than most banks.


Credit unions play an essential part in communities around the country, including Jackson River Community Credit Union. Their members enjoy access to a comprehensive array of financial services at low fees and great rates – while Jackson River Community Credit Union supports its local area through volunteerism and sponsorships.

Jackson River Credit Union has had a profoundly positive effect on its members and community through Springboard Media Solutions. Through customized customization and flexibility, fundraising and supporter engagement have increased significantly at Jackson River CU, thanks to Springboard’s media solutions.

Covington Credit Union of Virginia can be found at Westvaco Road and offers online banking, contact information, service status updates, and financial details to its members. NCUA-insured, your deposits are safe with them – plus, their Texas Ratio gives an indication of their health by comparing loans at risk against total assets and reserves they have on hand – the closer this ratio gets to 1, the better their financial health is likely to be.