Marathon Rewards App Replaces DoNotPay


Marathon Petroleum Corp. recently unveiled their new Marathon Rewards program as the successor to their MakeItCount rewards platform, replacing MakeItCount with an app enabling customers to link a checking account and PIN with their GasCapRewards card to pay for merchandise or fuel at thousands of Marathon-branded locations across Ohio using Verifone or Gilbarco point-of-sale systems.


MakeItCount from Marathon Petroleum Company offers an innovative fuel rewards scheme where customers can earn miles or points with each gallon they purchase and redeem those rewards for free fuel, inside sales, or other incentives. It is available on Android and iPhone phones and compatible with many popular reward cards; it features a mobile website where they can manage their account and gain access to additional features.

At participating MARATHON and ARCO locations, MakeItCount members can save 10C/gallon on their first four visits and 5C/gallon afterward at MakeItCount locations. Furthermore, members can earn 5C/gallon with select purchases and achievements redeem points towards rewards such as airline or hotel points, eGift Cards, or charitable donations that matter most.

Register your member number and valid email address to create a MakeItCount account, then wait for an email to validate it. Afterward, once verified, you’ll be able to use the MakeItCount app at MARATHON and ARCO locations–it is both user-friendly and available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play stores!

This app gives you access to your account information, specials, and rewards; plus, it shows your progress toward meeting your goals. Furthermore, you can link other rewards programs (Southwest Rapid Rewards and Wyndham Rewards) with the Marathon fuel reward account; during the pilot, you may even earn additional rewards by linking a partner program to the Marathon fuel reward account.

By enrolling in the MakeItCount Rewards program, you agree to its terms and conditions as well as indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Drop Tank and its affiliates, including officers, directors, employees, agents, and licensors, against any actions brought by third parties arising out of or relating to your participation in it (including reasonable attorney’s fees).

Marathon ARCO Rewards will automatically enroll you when you choose to receive informational text messages and an invitation link to log in to your account from participating MARATHON or ARCO locations where you purchase products or services; message and data rates may apply.


Are you interested in getting free gas from your favorite station? Signing up for Marathon Rewards could be the solution – this free program offers $0.05 off per gallon on their first four fillups with no expiry or limitations attached, plus other savings offers on groceries and gas purchases. It should be noted, though, that discounts apply only to participating stations.

GasCapRewards gas cards offer consumers savings at the pump and convenience stores. Like debit cards linked to checking accounts, GasCapRewards transactions use ACH processing fees that charge merchants lower fees than credit card transactions – offering merchants reduced merchant costs while creating customer loyalty at once! Now available from various independent gas station chains like Shell and Arco, it provides consumers with cost savings while simultaneously creating customer relationships that build long-term customer relations.

Credit cards offer another way of reaping fuel rewards, but you must choose one with ideal rates and terms. Many cards provide high initial sign-up bonuses and generous reward rates; ensure there’s no annual cap on gas rewards rewards!

Finding the appropriate card can be daunting, yet can reap significant rewards over time. Your options include co-branded credit cards associated with specific stores, traditional credit card issuers, and general-purpose cards that provide returns across various spending categories. Co-branded credit cards usually offer better gas rewards; however, there may still be opportunities available through other forms of spending.

Chevron’s Techron Advantage Visa card is one of the best credit cards for fuel rewards. Offering up to 3% cash back in any category you select (such as gas), 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% elsewhere. Available at select locations worldwide and redeemable for gift cards; easy use with no minimum spending requirements – not only does this card provide fuel rewards, but it offers other benefits too!


DoNotPay is a free app designed to empower consumers in their fight against corporations and bureaucracies. Through rules-based automation, it enables consumers to cancel subscriptions with refunds due to cancellation of services, sue robocalls for damages caused by them, file for benefits with authorities, and much more, besides filing class action lawsuits against these entities. Available on both Android and iOS.

Joshua Browder is an esteemed entrepreneur known for helping millions save money and avoid fines. Forbes featured him as well, yet some critics in the legal community have taken issue with his use of robots in negotiations with corporations.

DoNotPay has expanded beyond fighting parking tickets to assist consumers in fighting medical bills, subscriptions, and credit reporting agencies. They’re working on adding even more services like filing suit against telemarketers or seeking compensation for damaged products.

This app also helps customers dispute airline flight and hotel rates and identify hidden fees when shopping online, and can assist customers in filing class action suits against companies who violate consumer law.

DoNotPay, founded in San Francisco and with investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, and Felicis Ventures as investors, has raised $12 million so far – its latest funding round led by New York-based Coatue Management is currently in progress.

DoNotPay can be an invaluable weapon against companies that abuse their customers, yet its interface can sometimes make complex issues challenging. Navigating is often confusing, and inaccurate information may be provided. User experience could be improved by making features more straightforward to find.

DoNotPay’s latest feature, the “robot lawyer,” can assist in fighting against tickets or charges from credit card companies. This app can help determine if your access or cost is legitimate and advise on how best to pursue appeals proceedings; in court proceedings, it can argue your case, although this “robot” cannot replace experienced legal advice.