McDonald’s App Stuck on Old Order? Here’s How to Fix It


If the McDonald’s app is stuck on an older order, this could indicate server problems. This issue can stem from multiple sources, including poor network connection or a software bug.

Several measures may help address this problem, such as rebooting your device and clearing its cache. These actions often resolve it swiftly.

Restart the app

McDonald’s app allows customers to easily place orders for pickup or delivery, claim deals and rewards, and claim any deals available through them. Unfortunately, this application has been experiencing issues. According to user reports, it has either become stuck on an old order or refuses to open altogether. A few steps may help correct the problem, including rebooting your phone, signing out/in again, clearing its cache, etc.

Problems such as these can be particularly distressing when time is of the essence; luckily, they’re often straightforward solutions: just restarting your app should do the trick and ensure everything runs as intended – plus, this should also eliminate any temporary issues that might have caused it to crash or not load correctly in the first place.

An additional possible cause could be McDonald’s server issues; to check, visit their website and social media pages for announcements or updates. It’s also worth noting that their app uses your location services; if this permission has been denied by accident, enable it to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, the McDonald’s app’s cache can become corrupted and cause it to crash or remain stuck on an older order. To clear your cache, use your device’s settings menu: navigate to “Apps & Notifications,” select McDonald’s from the list of apps/notifications and select “Clear Cache.”

McDonald’s app requires access to your location data to locate the nearest restaurant and serve food from there. If this access has been denied, the app may no longer connect with its servers and can’t serve food from nearby. To fix this, enable location services again through your app drawer: tap and hold on McDonald’s, then select App Info > Permissions on the subsequent page.

Have trouble with the McDonald’s app? Try downloading it onto another device to help determine whether or not the problem lies within it or your device itself. If this fails to solve it, contact McDonald’s customer service for further help.

Update the app

Suppose you’re having difficulties using the McDonald’s app. In that case, it’s essential to remember that their servers could be experiencing technical or maintenance problems that cause them to get stuck on old orders or not update account information. When this occurs, contact McDonald’s customer support team so you can receive help quickly so you can return to ordering food through the app.

One simple solution for fixing app conflicts is updating them, which you can do by searching your device’s app store for “McDonald’s.” If any updates are available, click and install them to clear out any file conflicts contributing to the issue.

Clearing the app’s cache files may also help resolve the problem by removing any corrupted or outdated data that may have accumulated over time. To do this, launch the app and tap on its chevron icon in the upper left corner – this will bring up a menu that offers different settings. To clear the cache, select “Clear Cache.”

If your app still troubles you, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. This should clear out any conflicting files and help address any bugs you’ve encountered. Find it on your device’s app store and reinstall it; after this has happened, you should be free of bugs or glitches!

Problems could also arise from poor WiFi signal, particularly if you’re trying to use the app at a McDonald’s restaurant. To overcome this, log out and back in to refresh your app and enable placing new orders. Alternatively, try turning off the WiFi temporarily before reconnecting later – if this fails to help, contact McDonald’s directly for support or report the issue.

Clear the app’s cache.

If you are a frequent McDonald’s user and use their mobile app, you may have experienced the frustration of an order remaining frozen on its list. There are two solutions for this situation. Restart your phone and clear its cache. This should reset and eliminate any temporary issues causing problems within the app. Or update it by going into your app store, searching for McDonald’s, selecting it, and then clicking “Update.” This will refresh it as well as delete any corrupted files.

The McDonald’s app is an effective and efficient way to order food and receive status updates, but sometimes it becomes stuck on an old order for various reasons – some related to server problems while others stemming from bugs in the app itself. If this occurs to you, it is vitally important that you learn how to resolve it as soon as possible quickly.

If there is an issue with your network connection, try switching wireless networks or visiting McDonald’s website and social media pages to see any server issues.

An outdated McDonald’s app or corrupt cache may also contribute to orders remaining open in your McDonald’s app, leading to inaccurate order status updates or app freezes. If you use multiple devices with McDonald’s apps installed, it is recommended that you clear out and update each of their caches to prevent future order status issues from arising.

Signing out and back in may help resolve this problem, refreshing the app and forming a new connection with its server. If this still does not fix it, visit Downdetector and check on the status of the McDonald’s App server; if it is down for some reason, you will have to wait several minutes before trying again.

Contact McDonald’s

Suppose you are trying to order food from McDonald’s using its mobile app and are experiencing the “it appears that an order is in progress” error. In that case, this may be caused by either a synchronization issue or a corrupted cache. You may try restarting the app, clearing its stock, and signing out and back into your account to solve this problem; alternatively, you could contact McDonald’s if further difficulties persist with their app.

The McDonald’s App enables users to place orders for pickup or delivery, claim deals and rewards, and access other features – saving time and money while taking advantage of fast food on the go! However, when not functioning correctly, it can become extremely frustrating, including slow connection speeds, frozen apps, and errors showing previous orders due to network problems or bugs in the software.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s best-known fast-food companies, serving millions of franchises across the globe and their hungry customers delicious meals. McDonald’s app makes placing orders easy – you can use it to place pickup or delivery orders or avoid long queues at the counter or drive-thru – but when your app freezes up or gets stuck on an old order, it can become extremely annoying and confusing.

McDonald’s keeps extensive information about its customers, such as location and contact details for each one. Their app leverages this data to create a more tailored experience while making payments and orders more straightforward for customers. But as this amount of personal data expands, customers have reported issues with their app, including getting stuck on an old order that seems stuck for no apparent reason. It could be caused by glitches on McDonald’s servers, an outdated app with poor internet access, or a corrupt cache, causing this error message to appear.