Mermaid Cupcake Cake


Give the little mermaids in your life something they will honestly remember with this gorgeous and delicious mermaid cupcake cake, ideal for birthday parties, baby showers, or any special event that calls for cute mermaid decorations! This delightful cake featuring this charming theme would make an impressive centerpiece at any celebration or special event.

Combine butter and powdered sugar in a large mixing bowl until stiff peaks form, dividing into three separate bowls to add different colors of food coloring to each.

Colorful Buttercream Frosting

This adorable Little Mermaid Cake Recipe is an effortless way to honor your daughter or any sea-themed party, with gorgeous swirls of color in its frosting and cute candy tails that will have all your guests delighted by her arrival!

The beauty of this mermaid cupcake recipe lies in its ease of preparation with any boxed cake mix and any frosting, but homemade buttercream makes a fantastic choice. For best results, use freshly whipped butter mixed with vanilla extract, as this will produce a soft, creamy frosting perfect for creating swirls and colorful swirls in this dessert recipe.

Use premade buttercream from your grocery store as an easy shortcut, and whip it with an electric mixer until it resembles homemade texture and taste. Add food coloring for more customized color variations that match the theme of your event!

This beautiful rainbow mermaid cake is an edible work of art perfect for celebrating any ocean-themed birthday or other event. Made up of all of the colors in the rainbow spectrum, its underwater effect with pinks, purples, and greens will astonish your guests!

These delicious mermaid-themed cupcakes are both beautiful and delicious! Boasting light and fluffy buttercream frosting in Under the Sea colors, they’re sure to delight any little princess who enjoys her Disney film!

MelCakes25 provides a simple yet elegant mermaid cupcake recipe, ideal for kids’ parties and adult celebrations alike, made using a boxed cake mix.

To create the mermaid scale pattern on this cupcake, carefully layer pink, purple, and teal buttercream over white frosting using a clean spatula to spread in an undulated way. For added shimmer, add some luster dust before applying.

These adorable mermaid cupcakes will make the star of any ocean-themed party! Just a few supplies and this simple mermaid cupcake recipe are needed to bring this treat to life for your guests’ delight – great for birthdays or other celebrations that call for Under the Sea party fun.

Mermaid Scales

These stunning cupcakes featuring edible mermaid tails and sea shells will be the highlight of your next ocean-themed party. Easy to create and sure to impress your guests.

These cupcakes make the perfect treat for a little girl’s mermaid party or any beach-related celebration! Their pink, purple, and teal buttercream frosting creates an eye-catching color palette to complete your decorations.

Make these cupcakes using either storebought cake mix flavors you enjoy or by baking your own from scratch. We used a boxed chocolate mix as it matches their color well; for something a bit more classic, try yellow or marble cake mixes instead. Likewise, we opted for storebought vanilla frosting because it saves time; homemade buttercream would work even better!

Prepare a baking tray by filling cupcake cases. Bake the cupcakes in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until they have risen and turned lightly golden-colored. Allow them to cool completely before taking them out of their cases.

For the frosting, beat butter until softened before slowly adding icing sugar, mixing until fluffy and smooth. Split the frosting between three bowls, adding food color to each one, and finally transfer each colored icing to separate piping bags fitted with Wilton 1A piping tips.

Pipe a swirl of each color onto the cupcake tops, followed by sprinkling with light dustings of mermaid sparkles and topping each cupcake with one of the candy mermaid tails.

If time is of the essence or you’re serving these cupcakes to a group that may not all appreciate pastel colors, consider switching up your frosting color – chocolate might even work better! Or leave off the tails entirely and sprinkle your cupcakes with an attractive rainbow sprinkle mix instead!

To create the tails, melt pink candy melts in the microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring between each melting. After adding your desired shade of pink food coloring to the mixture, use a piping bag fitted with a small tip to collect and pipe out the candy onto your molds for your tails – overfilling is allowed as long as your tail mold doesn’t become overfilled too much!

Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tails make for an engaging way to decorate cupcakes at any themed party, especially at one where there is an emphasis on aquatic themes. This mermaid cupcake cake features individual chocolate or vanilla cupcakes topped with pastel chocolate mermaid tails, seashells, gumballs, and candies in the number you specify – an irresistibly whimsical option!

This stunning Mermaid Cupcake Cake is ideal for a birthday celebration for little girls with ocean or mermaid themes. With an easy recipe and exquisite aesthetics, this stunning masterpiece will wow guests at their event.

For this mermaid cake, you will require a package of mermaid-themed cupcake mix from Amazon (edible mermaid tails are also available on eBay), candy melts, and a piping bag with a round tip. Prepare and bake your cupcakes according to package directions before cooling and frosting them with desired frosting. Then, place one of the edible mermaid tails gently onto each cupcake by pressing down with your thumb to secure it. Add more icing around its edge to help ensure its position further before adding additional tails and other decorations, such as sea shells or gumballs, onto the cake as desired!

Make the perfect mermaid cake using three distinct colored frostings to achieve its scale effect. Prepare buttercream frostings in each hue you’ve selected and fill a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 1A or larger round tip; pipe out fat mermaid-shaped circles onto either a sheet cake or stack of cupcakes from the outside edges inward. Upon completion, finish them off by topping each tail off with edible pearl dust for added shimmer!

This delightful and colorful mermaid cake would make a fantastic centerpiece at any birthday or baby shower celebration. It features light purple ombre frosting and is decorated with tails, seashells, and other whimsical details.

This whimsical and charming mermaid cake would make an impressive presentation at any birthday or baby shower celebration. Made of chocolate cupcakes arranged to look like the tail of a mermaid, the cake features edible pearls and other decorations for an amazing display.

Mermaid Shells

Make an ocean-themed treat for your little mermaids with these delicious cupcakes made from boxed cake mix! Easy and quick to bake, they feature colorful sprinkles and edible mermaid tails your child will be sure to love. Perfect for birthday parties or movie nights.

These cupcakes are so light and fluffy that they almost melt in your mouth! With a hint of vanilla flavoring and the blue frosting made from buttercream colored with edible sea blue food coloring gel. Mermaid scales and tails are created using candy molds with melted candy, making this recipe super straightforward to try on rainy days when kids may be bored and want something fun to bake! Plus! They make for an excellent bonding activity, too – ideal if your kids get bored and want something creative to bake together!

Make this cake from any flavor of cake mix you like and decorate it with simple buttercream frosting, so even store-bought might save time! To customize its color, add drops of food gel coloring while beating until smooth. Mermaid tails and shells can be created by melting some pink and blue candy melts and pouring them into any 3-inch mold or similar shaped mold; once set, gently paint around its edges with pearl edible shimmer to give them that beautiful sparkly effect.

To create beautiful cupcakes, pipe a swirl of each frosting color onto each cupcake and top them with candy mermaid tails and sparkling mermaid sprinkle mix. If you are feeling ambitious, paint buttercream outlines with edible gold luster dust for an eye-catching accent.

These delightful Little Mermaid or princess-themed cupcakes make the ideal treat for an underwater family movie night! Their pastel colors and adorable decorations will be irresistible! Both adults and children are sure to enjoy these cupcakes!