NFL Sunday Ticket Makes the Jump to Streaming


NFL Sunday Ticket finally leaped streaming last season, working across most devices that support YouTube TV – iOS and Android phones, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 among them.

YouTube also provides a multiview option to watch two or four games simultaneously – this feature works both with live and recorded content.

What’s the deal?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium subscription product offered by DirecTV that broadcasts out-of-market games for fans willing to pay several hundred bucks annually for access. YouTube TV recently paid an estimated $2 billion for the rights, enabling their subscribers to add the package starting this weekend, though there may be restrictions.

Suppose you already subscribe to YouTube TV’s full service – consisting of 100+ linear channels plus unlimited recording and local broadcast channels – for $350 more a season. In that case, you can add NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on feature. This subscription gives access to a live stream of every regular season out-of-market game, plus Sunday afternoon replays and NFL RedZone. Unfortunately, though, local broadcast channels and ESPN won’t be included, nor FS1 or TNT.

YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket both support HD and 4K streaming for those who require it, with an added benefit: you can share these services among up to five family members without incurring additional costs.

Both services require a reliable Internet connection; however, YouTube TV is more forgiving than DirecTV by only requiring 8Mbps upload speed; though that should suffice in most homes, it is no guarantee.

YouTube TV has expanded its offering for Sunday Ticket customers by providing multiview functionality, allowing them to watch two, three, or four games at the same time – this feature joins Google’s existing multiview offerings that showcase games from one provider at once.

Roger Goodell of the NFL desired that YouTube TV fulfill his goal of reaching more fans with its content package, so its availability as either an add-on to YouTube TV or separately through Primetime Channels service was critical to its success. Subscribers to both services also get Warner Bros. Discovery channel Max as part of this package.

So you’ll be able to access the Sunday Ticket service from any device compatible with YouTube TV or Primetime Channels app – that includes iOS and Android phones, Apple TV and Roku devices, Windows PCs and Chromecast – even consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

How much does it cost?

Starting this season, NFL Sunday Ticket will become accessible to more people than ever before. It will be offered both to those subscribed to YouTube TV as well as those using its Primetime Channels service – though prices remain high, with each season of NFL Sunday Ticket costing $299 without YouTube TV and $449 when combined with RedZone; students may qualify for discounted packages as well.

YouTube TV and Primetime Channels’ version of NFL Sunday Ticket will reach a much broader audience while offering additional advantages to viewers. Fans will be able to stream multiple games at once (up to four) from numerous markets simultaneously with options that combine local with out-of-market action on Sunday afternoons. In addition, fans can record up to 240 hours of game footage using this service while accessing key plays, real-time stats, and NFL fantasy data, and “hide spoilers,” which will prevent scores from crossing over onto screens, among other features.

Though speculation regarding an a la carte option that would allow fans to purchase individual teams’ out-of-market Sunday afternoon games and NFL RedZone is rampant, its implementation seems unlikely. That may be because this would violate CBS and Fox’s contracts with the league.

DirecTV will no longer offer its Sunday Ticket 4K feature, providing ultra-HD viewing experiences of some of the biggest games throughout the season.

The new agreement between YouTube TV and Primetime Channels and the NFL will see them pay approximately $2 billion annually to distribute their service over 28 years, with performance-based fees potentially emerging over time. This represents a substantial increase in payments compared to what had previously been paid over that time to DirecTV; additionally, YouTube TV and Primetime Channels allow the NFL to experiment with various ways of delivering its product to subscribers, hoping this will assist their successful transition towards progressive digital platforms in future.

Can I cancel?

Start watching NFL season 2018 now by signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket! The package provides out-of-market games not available via local Fox and CBS affiliates and has traditionally been delivered through satellite service DirecTV; however, this year, they are testing streaming services such as YouTube TV in an attempt to expand its reach; subscribers can watch live NFL content via these apps across devices including smart TVs, mobile devices and gaming consoles like Xbox One.

Canceling an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription should be straightforward if the necessary steps are followed correctly. A standard method is contacting customer support directly, wherein a representative will offer personalized assistance in helping guide you through the cancellation process. Be sure to bring along all of your account details as well as take notes during any conversation that might help you later in case a dispute arises later on.

Once your cancellation has taken effect, you must check your billing statements to verify that the charge no longer appears on them. Please allow several billing cycles for this to reflect in your account fully; alternatively, you could use an online tool to manage subscriptions and change payment details as necessary.

If you want to continue watching the NFL but no longer want to pay for Sunday Ticket, consider NFL Game Pass as an alternative solution. It costs $10 per month and allows accessing regular season out-of-market games on any device with access to YouTube TV apps, such as smartphones and tablets.

Notably, this service does not cover playoff or regional CBS or FOX games; additionally, it doesn’t include live national NFL broadcasts on Peacock and ESPN channels.

If you are still undecided about whether the NFL Sunday Ticket service meets your needs, take advantage of the seven-day free trial period before making your decision. Cancellations at any point are allowed during that time.

Is it available in other forms?

NFL Sunday Ticket is an expensive service that provides access to out-of-market football games on Sunday afternoons. Ideal for fans wanting to watch their team when away from home or when living in markets where broadcast affiliates don’t exist, it is now available through various streaming video providers such as YouTube TV. In addition, students have access to this same streaming service at a reduced cost than a subscription to Sunday Ticket.

Alphabet recently outwitted Apple to secure Sunday Ticket for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscription offerings, beginning with the 2023 season. This agreement will elevate YouTube’s profile in a highly competitive streaming space, offering out-of-market NFL games live each Sunday afternoon, plus multiview support that allows viewing up to four at the same time.

An innovative new feature is NFL RedZone, providing subscribers with access to high-scoring and defensive football games all in a single window. While this add-on service may appeal to football fanatics, its cost still makes it considerably more costly than simply subscribing to YouTube TV directly.

Once you purchase a season of Sunday Ticket, there is no way to cancel or receive a refund. As this service can cost hundreds of dollars each year, be sure of your commitment to it before signing up.

Individual games of Sunday Ticket are now available to those looking for flexibility without making a total season commitment for just $11. These can be purchased either on YouTube TV’s website or app, and users will be able to select them just like regular games from their live menu.