Rissa May – Learning the Hard Way


She’s a hard worker.

Rissa May is a hard worker both inside the studio and out in life. Her dedication to dance remains undiminished, and she always pushes herself more complicated than before. Rissa is an inspirational role model who never gives up on her dreams.

Doctors discovered that her pulmonary artery wasn’t working correctly as she was just an infant. Although they attempted to repair it with two separate surgeries, doctors ultimately determined she needed a heart transplant on her fourth birthday – something they managed to accomplish.

She has since returned to dancing. She rejoined Ballet Manila and recently performed in Martin Lawrance’s Romeo & Juliet production.

She’s a good dancer.

Rissa May dazzles audiences with her captivating blend of focus, spontaneity, and badassery in Sydney rising star Beso Palma’s seductive single “Ego.” The video follows Rissa as she pops, locks, and twirls to the tune with an irrepressibly radiant dance style emanating from within her.

Rissa recently returned to classical ballet through Ballet Manila’s performance of Martynyuk’s Equus and Tarantella by Martynyuk. The experience proved enjoyable and refreshing, offering something different from the daily Vaganova classes she was accustomed to taking.

Rissa has quickly emerged as an irrepressible force on NYC dance floors since relaunching her nightclub label NightChild in 2018. She’s become a frequent collaborator with house music legend Danny Tenaglia while producing driving cuts via Plastik People Recordings, Jakdat Records, and Rhythm & Culture labels.

She’s a good friend.

Rissa May Breedme embodies Murphy’s Law; her daily tasks often become chaotic due to her ineptitude and unwitting actions. From stepping on banana peels or tripping over her shoelaces to wearing clothes backward or inside out and mixing pandas and flamingos into her socks, when it comes to cooking, she takes this madcap approach one step further: for instance, when trying to microwave instant noodles, she created more smoke in the room than was intended with her attempt resulting in more smoke-filled kitchen than planned meal.

Even as she is drawn towards misadventures, this orphan understands that life’s inevitable setbacks make each momentous experience all the more fulfilling – and humorous!