Shadow of the Erdtree DLC For Elden Ring


ELDEN RING was met with great anticipation and praise when released in February 2022, receiving numerous Game of the Year awards and drawing immense acclaim from critics and players alike. Fans are eagerly awaiting what FromSoftware plans for post-launch content updates.

Since February, when a paid expansion was unveiled, hackers have been hard at work data mining its title in search of any details they might reveal about it. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Shadow of the Erdtree

FromSoftware has long been known for its generous DLC releases for its games. Bloodborne and Elden Ring both had post-launch content available, while it took longer for any information regarding Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to surface.

No word has yet been given on the expansion, but some lore and concept art have been released to give fans some indication as to what might be included. Much of the speculation surrounds Miquella – believed by some fans to play a pivotal role – while spirit objects and an abundance of green fields suggest this DLC may explore parallel worlds of dreams.

The Erdtree has long been shrouded in mystery in the Lands Between. At first, this tree was sent by the Outer Gods as a parasite to overpower powerful and ancient trees to feed off them; over time however, its role changed from that of parasite to one of providing hope and inspiration for those residing within its bounds.

Over time, the Erdtree continued to flourish and was eventually named the “Great Tree of the Lands Between.” Unfortunately for the citizens of this region, many began fighting back against its expansion by attacking it directly.

Over time, the Great Tree began to expand rapidly until its branches reached into the sky and threatened everything below it. Residents in this region eventually came together and formed a council to assist in managing it.

The council set forth rules designed to safeguard the Great Tree, such as one stating that any person or creature who touched it would be consumed by its roots – this was done to keep it from becoming too dominant in its role within the Lands Between.

Though the council managed to control the Great Tree initially, its hunger led it to start spreading unchecked and cause a revolt against it amongst the inhabitants of this region.


Malenia can be one of the more complex characters in Elden Ring for many players, given her deceptively delicate appearance, which masks a fierce warrior inside. Malenia serves as her brother Miquella’s protector while safeguarding Haligtree as she navigates The Lands Between.

Once the Elden Ring had been destroyed, Queen Marika promised that each demigod child would receive a piece of it as control over the Lands Between. Melania claimed her work and soon after gained control over most of them through various wars fought between demigod children. Over time, she even defeated one fellow shardbearer called Godrick the Grafted, who once begged at Malenia’s feet for mercy.

Malenia’s anger towards Radahn and his lover was not quelled, even with the devastating results that she endured as she dealt with his affair and subsequent affair with Malenia’s mother, Radahn. Malenia suffered prosthetic limbs as well as Scarlet Rot. This illness eventually caused her to lose some senses over time – the exact nature or cause remains unclear. Still, her loss only made Malenia more determined to claim what rightfully belonged to her.

As such, her battles against players can often be intense and frustrating; her lack of senses makes her susceptible to specific attacks, while her incapacity for healing means she must fight at close range, which makes things even more aggravating as any single combo could knock her out completely.

Some players have attempted to avoid Malenia’s brutal battles by cheeseing past her or simply giving up; one player, however, decided to tackle her head-on: YouTuber JPNB started defeating Malenia daily beginning May 2022 until DLC was announced for the game.

FromSoftware games are notorious for their difficulty and attract a particular type of player who takes pride in defeating bosses head-on. Usually, male, these individuals use creativity to devise unique methods to take down some of the most formidable enemies within each game – something many other players attempt to do by cheating through. JPNB stands out among his fellow gamers by defeating Malenia daily by building different builds atop Malenia since the beginning of his campaign.

Queen Marika

Queen Marika is at the core of many compelling Elden Ring lore stories, having caused and overseen its destruction through Shattering. Additionally, she rules over the Lands Between on behalf of Greater Will, an all-powerful deity-like being present here. Furthermore, Queen Marika serves as a mother figure for all demigods found here, giving birth and nurturing them into becoming Elden Lords themselves.

Suspicions surrounding her motives fuel much of the speculation regarding her actions, leaving it unclear whether they were made with malice or as an act of surrender to the Greater Will. Furthermore, why she broke apart the Elden Ring – an ancient artifact that could have dramatically altered history within the Lands Between – remains unclear.

However, she comes off as something of a dictator, forcing her Order on everyone she encounters and often being quite harsh towards those not on board with it. That is why it is interesting that in both Age of Stars and Frenzied Flame endings, she encourages her children to pursue whatever path or way of life is appropriate to them rather than staying put and stagnating within it.

Noteworthy is also that while she doesn’t interact directly with Radagon in these endings, she still appears to have some sort of link with him and appears to have received instructions from him regarding repairing the Elden Ring – suggesting that perhaps its destruction wasn’t due to any divine plan on Radagon’s part – suggesting an unexpected departure from its usual methods by The Greater Will.

Marika, as the goddess presiding over the Lands Between, had two deity consorts that served her well: Godfrey was her first consort, becoming the first Elden Lord upon defeating his final worthy foe and losing his grace, while Radagon, fighting alongside dragons and giants to defend Erdtree from Gloam-Eyed Queen while simultaneously serving as Storm King and Lord of Night was her second consort and also revered like an Elden Lord figure.