Skull & Crown Trading Co – A Hauntingly Cool Bar in Honolulu’s Chinatown


Skull & Crown Trading Co is an eerie yet chic bar in Honolulu’s Chinatown. Owned by Noa Laporga and Angelina Khan, who specializes in creating unique immersive experiences.

Environment reminiscent of Gilligan’s Island meets Indiana Jones-style pirate hideout, the cocktail menu at Rum Shack Bar showcases their extensive rum collection.

Located in Honolulu’s Chinatown

Skull & Crown Trading Company opened in June 2019 in Honolulu’s Chinatown district, where the former French-Latin Kitchen Grondin French-Latin Kitchen used to reside. Owned and run by Noa Laporga and Angelina Khan – two local entrepreneurs known for providing engaging experiences across Hawaii, such as Haunted Plantation each Halloween at Hawai’i Plantation Village as well as Unlocked Escape Room at Ward Warehouse 2016 and Ala Moana Ghost Bar opening this October 2018 respectively.

Skull & Crown Trading Company features dark and mysterious decor, with skulls scattered about and an unsettling mermaid floating above the bar. Their cocktail menu showcases their extensive rum collection. At the same time, their signature drink – The Skull & Crown, served in a ceramic skull – features Velvet falernum, lime juice, and grenadine for maximum effect.

Visitors to the bar are welcomed by haunting vibraphone tones and irregular thunderclaps that create the impression that they have entered a lair of a pirate trader who keeps random artifacts from his travels around the globe – complete with skulls on display as part of this illusion.

Skull & Crown Trading Co stands out among Hawaii’s tiki bars by not just trying to be excellent; it is an authentic tiki bar boasting an impressive rum collection, expertly-crafted cocktails, and a distinct style that stands out. A perfect place for getting together with friends for drinks in a creative environment!

Authentic Tiki Bar Experience

Skull & Crown Trading Company in Honolulu’s Chinatown provides guests an enchanting tiki bar experience. As they step inside this dark bar with its shipwreck aesthetic and horror-themed island decor – complete with a shrunken head collection, fake skulls, fishing nets, and giant mermaid sculpture – guests are taken on a mysterious and captivating tiki journey. In addition, its sound system plays randomly timed thunderclaps and vibraphone tones for added ambiance!

The bar features antique and locally produced curiosities, such as an ornate Douglas fir door from Hawaii Theatre and a massive mermaid statue requiring six Samoan men to transport it. There are remnants from old tiki bars of yesteryear, including shiny doors used by traders.

Order from their extensive cocktail menu once you have experienced the unique atmosphere. Each cocktail is expertly designed to highlight their extensive rum collection; there’s sure to be something perfect for every palette – with signature drinks like the Skull & Crown served flaming in ceramic skull containing Plantation OFTD Overproof Rum, Bacardi 8 Year Rum Velvet Falernum lime juice grapefruit juice and cinnamon!

Skull & Crown Trading Co is the perfect spot for those seeking an authentic tiki bar experience or an enjoyable night out. It is an excellent choice when visiting Honolulu. Guests of all kinds – locals and tourists alike – come together for an evening full of magic. Make reservations in advance since this venue can become jam-packed during the evenings. For more information about them, please visit their website.

Extensive Rum Collection

Honolulu offers unique bar experiences, from sipping cocktails in the romantic Trader Noa at Kahala Resort to exploring the otherworldly Haunted House-meets-seafaring tiki of Skull & Crown Trading Co. One bar that stands out is Skull & Crown Trading Co, distinguished by its impressive list of premium rums and its intriguing cocktail menu.

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