Solo Leveling – Chapter 1 Concept Art Revealed!


Solo Leveling, a top-rated manga series from South Korea, will soon receive an anime adaptation. This story centers around dungeon-crawling adventures that are sure to appeal to fans of this subgenre.

This series is widely celebrated for its breathtaking action sequences and eye-catching artwork, following Jinwoo as he strives to become one of the world’s strongest S-Rank Hunters.

The Story

Solo Leveling is a fantasy world full of monsters, magic, and portals to dangerous dungeons. Ordinary humans with enhanced superhuman powers known as Hunters fight off these threats to humanity while international Guilds and government-funded Hunter Associations oversee any magical portals leading into monster-infested “dungeons.”

Sung Jin-Woo, commonly referred to as the “World’s Weakest Hunter,” works alone hunting monsters at low-rank Gates to earn enough money to support his mother’s medical expenses.

At age eighteen, Jin-Woo rediscovered memories from his past as Han Seung-Eun, who worked at a convenience store – though he could recall little else beyond this fact.

Jin-Woo aims to become the most muscular Hunter in the world by defeating all of the most formidable monsters and demons – an ambitious goal, but one he remains committed to achieving.

He strives to protect those he cares for, such as childhood sweetheart Hae-In, whom he doesn’t see regularly anymore. But his goal wasn’t just about Hae-In; rather it was about becoming more robust so that he could protect everyone he loved and prove that they deserved his affections.

Chapter 1 introduces many characters and plotlines. However, it’s easy to get lost among all these details – there are three times more quests than what your characters will complete by chapter 2, not to mention numerous subplots they could become involved with. Therefore, it is wise to choose which quests to reveal or eliminate from consideration carefully.

This stunning artwork and immersive world are an absolute joy to view, with each scene providing fist pumps, goosebumps, and “HOLY CRAP!” moments. Though not particularly original or complex in terms of storyline or complexity, this one certainly provides entertainment and binge-watchability!


Solo Leveling is an exciting manga with an intriguing story and vivid characters, telling of Jinwoo’s journey as one of history’s strongest hunters. Filled with action and suspense as it also explores gates and monsters, this manhwa offers something different from your typical fantasy read!

Sung Jin Woo is a poor yet determined boy who tirelessly works to support his family. Although only an E-rank hunter with limited physical and magical powers, Sung refuses to give up easily in pursuit of his ambition of becoming the monarch of all hunters – something his mother encourages him to do. So much is sacrificed in search of this goal!

Adam is the branch chief of the Federal Hunting Agency. Adam is a kind and helpful individual who helps those he likes, with an attractive appearance and engaging personality that makes him very likable. Additionally, Adam is very knowledgeable about hunting games, often discussing them for hours at a time!

Goto is an intriguing yet powerful figure who possesses extraordinary powers. He can generate deadly wind pressure and blend in seamlessly with his environment, becoming invisible. Furthermore, Goto’s swift speed makes him a very dangerous opponent; Goto manages to kill King Ant in an instant! His importance to this story cannot be overstated.

Antares, one of the strongest rulers of darkness, serves as the main antagonist in this series. He appears as a giant shadow with glowing purple eyes and two large, curving black horns on his head; his power rivals that of full-class hunters while his ability to use magic is equally formidable. Additionally, his unique fighting style can cause significant damage with only a few strikes from him.

Solo Leveling’s novel version also contains an exciting side story that follows what happens after the main plot ends, giving fans additional suspense as they anticipate an anime adaptation of this side tale.


Solo Leveling continues its tremendous popularity thanks to an upcoming anime adaptation, and this week, they released some brand new concept art! Fans were delighted!

Solo Leveling tells the tale of an under-ranked Hunter who becomes an iconic hero in an overrun world full of monsters. First published as a web novel by Chugong, Solo Leveling quickly rose in popularity online to become one of the highest-rated manga on MyAnimeList. Later adapted into manhwa by Dubu (Redice Studios), its physical release became an incredible success – reaching #1 on manga/graphic novel charts for its genre!

Dubu is responsible for creating Solo Leveling’s incredible artwork, which brilliantly captures its action-packed fantasy world. His digital drawings are clean and crisp despite featuring some graphic confrontations between hunters. Furthermore, Dubu’s characters stand out thanks to their distinctive looks that help set them apart from one another in this hunter world.

Another fantastic aspect of the artwork is its dungeons, which are designed more like puzzles than places you can quickly run through with brute force. This makes exploring them far more pleasurable than other dungeon-based manhwa that emphasize combat.

Overall, Solo Leveling is an outstanding read that deserves your consideration. The story is captivating, the characters endearing, and its dungeons well designed – an ideal blend of nerdy obsessions with empathy through its engaging protagonist and manhwa can provide just as enjoyable an experience!

Solo Leveling can be found both physically and digitally from Yen Press and Webnovel, with Redice Studios adapting a manga version currently running on KAKAOPAGE that will also be simulcast on Crunchyroll.


Solo Leveling has quickly amassed an international following thanks to its manhwa adaptation, while many fans anticipate an anime adaptation. Unfortunately, reports of the first episode being leaked via Telegram have caused controversy amongst fans; such leaks can harm the studio’s reputation and diminish fan interest in future shows, as well as serve as bait-and-switch tactics used by hackers looking for money by posting fake links of unreleased episodes on Telegram.

Solo Leveling may have its flaws, but it remains a delightful read. The story is highly captivating, with plenty of fist-pumps, goosebumps, and “HOLY CRAP!” moments to keep readers engaged throughout. Furthermore, its artwork is simply exquisite; battle scenes capture both chaos and brutality perfectly!

The themes underlying this story are highly relatable to modern life; its main character struggles to balance his work life with his personal life, understanding both strengths and weaknesses in both areas. Furthermore, video gaming plays a significant role in this manhwa; oftentimes, when talking with other characters, the protagonist refers back to what game they are currently playing as part of his dialogue.

Although similar to video games, this novel’s story stands out from others due to its being initially published online before being serialized on KakaoPage and papyrus, respectively. Additionally, the author has a unique writing process, which makes the content stand out amongst manhwa publications.

No matter your taste in manga, Solo Leveling is worth giving a try! The storyline is fast-paced and action-packed, featuring well-developed characters you will grow fond of quickly. Solo Leveling’s addictive story will have you coming back for more, so pick up a copy today and prepare to be hooked!