Songs About Jesse


Jesse may have come from an obscure clan, but through him would come Israel’s most notable natural king: David; later still, Christ would arise and become its spiritual leader.

Carly Simon’s song, “Jesse,” makes an otherwise mundane topic — being lonely after someone leaves — personal and moving.

2. “Song for Juli”

“Song for Juli” by KLAN is an exquisite tribute to summer romance, known for its nostalgic yet beautiful musical quality. The lyrics capture the narrator’s feelings for Juli – deep affection that’s evident throughout. To set the mood and set an emotional foundation, KLAN begins this track by including a pre-chorus that mentions 31 days and 31 degrees as it sets the scene with the heat of summer and the intensity of emotions experienced.

The song then shifts to detail a specific day that the narrator and Juli spent together, with images of her dressed in a flower dress enjoying the sunshine evoking feelings of beauty and love. The narrator describes how they danced the night away together before relaxing into pure intimacy as their feelings for Juli increased with every step. Their sense of freedom and spontaneity makes it clear they have fallen deeply for one another.

In the final verse, the narrator expresses their deep longing to have Juli stay. They discuss how much they miss her when she leaves; this speaks volumes about their strong connection and desire for her in their lives. Furthermore, lyrics remind listeners that their relationship will only last one month at most – creating urgency and anticipation within listeners’ minds.

This song’s lyrics are deeply personal yet universal, speaking to universal themes that can be felt by all who listen. The track’s introspective quality and haunting melody leave an indelible mark on listeners, cementing its status as an evergreen classic.

Ryan Adams is an esteemed singer-songwriter known for his timeless music. Though best known for his work with the Youngbloods during the 60s, he has also released many successful solo albums that showcase his unique writing style. Alongside musical skills, Ryan also possesses an in-depth knowledge of human emotions that shines through in his compositions; “Juli” being an iconic example that will continue to move audiences for years to come.

3. “You Never Know What You Might Find”

“You Never Know What You Might Find” serves as a gentle reminder to be open to possibilities and take risks in life. Furthermore, this song serves as an inspirational message: don’t give up on your goals just yet if they take longer to come true – the hard work will pay off eventually!

Jesse Belvin was one of the most beloved doo-wop musicians of all time, and would likely have become even greater had he lived. Sam Cooke specifically took inspiration from him, while Etta James made no secret of her displeasure at not seeing Jesse listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s ranks.

Jesse Belvin had only just begun his musical career when, in the late 1950s, he met drummer Jerry Corbitt of Three Dots and a Dash, and sang two popular hit singles “Drinking Wine Spo-De-O-Dee” and “All That Wine Is Gone”. Together they formed the Saxons band who would go on to record some of the greatest doo-wop songs of their era.

Not a major hit, but it was still enough to grab George Motola’s attention. Motola had written most of the song himself a few years earlier and brought it into the studio for recording. Jesse Belvin provided the bridge, credited on Motola’s album cover as having done so – though in actuality he wanted four hundred dollars instead!

The Saxons continued recording, although they weren’t particularly successful; instead, they mostly played clubs in southern California. On one particular night though, they received a gig in Little Rock; there, Jackie Wilson himself would be headlining and the Saxons would act as opening act.

After their performance, the group headed back to the airport for their flight home. Along the way, they stopped by a diner on route where a waitress offered to bring something for everyone at once.

They were so full they were unable to finish the meal but did save some for later consumption; some of them even enjoyed eating the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for breakfast the following morning!

4. “Before You Came”

“Before You Came,” an iconic power ballad by ABBA, has long been revered in popular music. But what lies behind its perplexing lyrics?

This song’s meaning depends on who listens, but one interpretation could be that the narrator is lamenting someone no longer present in her life. The synth landscape conjures feelings of loss and isolation associated with being without someone special while Agnetha’s haunting vocals add a surreal quality.

One interpretation is that her life has become monotonous and she’s searching for someone to bring back the passion she once felt in life. The song’s sparse instrumentation and melancholic themes make it the ideal fit for such interpretation, particularly its repeating piano riff that runs throughout.

Finally, the narrator may simply want an escape from her mundane existence. The rattling rain in the chorus mirrors this sentiment of seeking change by shaking loose from routine and seeing things differently.

“Before You Came,” although relatively unsuccessful in terms of chart positions (it only peaked at number 32 in October 1982), has endured due to its captivating lyrics and dark atmosphere, ultimately being covered by contemporary acts like Blancmange in 1984 as they took inspiration from its melancholic sound.

Adam Measel is the lead vocalist and songwriter for Birmingham-based rock band Dommel Mosel. Influenced by artists such as Galaxie 500 and The Clean, his songs combine candid reflection with pop cultural references for an engaging experience that offers something fresh to any everyday situation. You can find more of Adam’s work at as well as following him on Twitter (@dommelmosel).