Standard Online Share Trading


Online share trading gives investors the freedom and convenience to make investment decisions at their leisure. It may save them money in fees that would add up over time.

While physical brokerages often receive financial backing from specific stocks or funds, online trading brokers do not benefit financially from endorsing them – however, this doesn’t make online trading risk-free!


Standard online share trading provides investors a quick and efficient method for purchasing or selling shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Investors gain 24/7 access to real-time market information as they monitor their investment portfolio in real-time, plus fees tend to be much lower compared with physical brokers.

The top online share trading platforms provide investors with tools that give them control of their investments, including real-time market data feeds and intuitive user interfaces that allow for market trend analysis and informed trading decisions. Some platforms even provide regular news or commentary regarding specific stocks’ performances.

Online trading provides many advantages, yet it also has some drawbacks. Reliable Internet connectivity is essential in accessing and executing trades – without it, you could lose out on vital market information and miss opportunities to make profits. Furthermore, mistakes are likely in online trading; review each trade carefully before submitting them for submission.

When selecting an online broker, consider your personal preferences and financial goals. Consider which kind of investments interest you most: stocks vs mutual funds? And whether your risk tolerance runs high or you prefer a more conservative approach? Once you know more about yourself financially, choosing the best form of investing should become much more straightforward.

Starting small is essential if you are new to trading, and selecting a low-cost brokerage firm is ideal. They tend to charge lower commissions and require smaller minimum deposits than large brokerage firms. It would help if you also researched which products each online platform offers to diversify your portfolio effectively.

OST is South Africa’s leading online share trading platform and offers you access to a full suite of JSE products – CFDs, single stock futures, warrants, options, and the entire Safex portfolio. Furthermore, its app connects directly to your banking account, enabling trading from around the globe.


Online trading allows investors to buy and sell shares directly via an electronic platform instead of broker-assisted trades, which could take hours and require extensive paperwork. With online trading, investors can quickly access real-time market data and place trades soon while benefiting from cost efficiency and greater transaction transparency.

Investors can access an expansive selection of locally listed shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) via Standard Bank online share trading, diversifying their portfolios while mitigating risk. But it is important to remember that investing in shares is risky and may decrease its value depending on market conditions.

Standard Bank Online Share Trading can help investors maximize their investment potential, from novice to veteran investors. The platform features research tools like company reports and market analyses that enable informed decisions and customizable alerts that notify you about price movements or significant events related to your chosen stocks, limit orders, and stop-loss orders that suit different investment strategies.

Standard Bank Online Share Trading’s ease and versatility are another benefit; users can trade anytime, anywhere, and from any device through its online portal. Furthermore, this platform also provides educational resources to assist you with understanding the stock market, like face-to-face courses and webinars, user guides, and FAQs.

Standard Bank offers several cost-effective products to get new investors started investing, such as Share Saver, Share Builder, and Automated Share Investment products. Each provides an easy way into the stock market, supporting minimum monthly investments of R300 required – Share Saver is excellent as it automatically invests your money across 100 JSE listed companies.


Investing in shares can help expand your wealth and put your money to work for you. Thanks to the internet, trading shares from any location is now possible 24/7, and costs can be controlled. Real-time monitoring also enables investors to stay abreast of their investments – yet share trading is risky and must be carefully considered before making any decisions.

Standard Online Share Trading (OST) is an online broker service that enables clients to buy and sell shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). An investor portal allows investors to access real-time market data, place trades, and manage their portfolios. To begin trading using Standard Online Share Trading, you will first need to open an account funded with money from your bank account or another source; once ready, you can use their website or mobile app to make trades.

The Online Stock Trading (OST) platform provides investors with research tools to analyze market data and make informed investment choices, including financial data, company reports, and analyst consensus. Watchlists and customizable alerts enable investors to stay abreast of price movements or significant news updates; educational resources and trading simulators also help investors learn the fundamentals of investing.

Standard OST is a free-to-download mobile app available for both iPhone and Android that enables traders to trade stocks, derivatives, and other investment instruments listed on the JSE in real time via fast and secure trading – you may even sell while out and about, provided there is sufficient network coverage.

Standard OST is part of the SBG Securities division of Standard Bank Group in South Africa. They provide an automated system called Automated Share Investment (ASI), which is perfect for first-time traders. ASI allows purchases every month with payments automatically linked to your bank account. They also offer telephone trading through IRESS, which connects you with live traders; their Webtrader platform provides access to an extensive array of JSE products and foreign markets.


Standard Bank, Online Share Trading, provides investors a platform to buy and sell shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). It provides real-time market information, trade placement capabilities, portfolio management tools, and real-time market data feeds. However, investors should note that this platform does not give advice. New investors are advised to try Automated Share Investment (ASI), which can be linked directly with Standard Bank transactional accounts free of charge.

To get trading underway, users must create an account by providing personal details and agreeing to the terms and conditions. After completing their account, funding should follow suit; several methods exist, including online banking and e-commerce services for depositing funds into trading accounts. Once funded, users should link it with a Standard Bank transactional account; after that, they can take advantage of education resources such as courses and webinars offered by Standard Bank.

Standard Bank’s online share trading platform gives users access to a broad array of assets, from stocks and CFDs, bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds, and derivatives – as well as tools for research and analysis and watchlist creation for stores that interest you. Furthermore, alerts can be set up to inform you when prices change, or news is released regarding them.

Another benefit of the platform is its high-speed trading, enabling users to execute trades quickly. Furthermore, strong security measures are implemented on this website to protect user data and transactions, as well as educational materials and customer support services provided by them.

Standard Bank offers clients an alternative trading experience through its telephonic trading service, allowing clients to place trades via one phone call. The platform is user-friendly and does not require computer use – though there may be restrictions on who may access it; most customers enjoy this free telephonic service with some exceptions; multiple accounts with the same company may also help investors diversify their investments.