The Chingona Shirt is a Symbol of Empowerment and Confidence


Putting on a Chingara shirt is a symbol of empowerment and confidence for women, reminding them of their strength and resilience while encouraging them to be bold and fearless in life.

Buy yourself or gift this Chongona shirt – available in T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, and Long Sleeve Tee styles – as a fantastic treat or souvenir from your travels abroad!


If you want a shirt to show your Latina pride, the Chingona V-Neck Tee is ideal. Crafted from eco-friendly recycled fabrics and designed with an attractive feminine yet relaxed fit for maximum comfort – perfect for summertime! Additionally, its soft texture and breathability make this top perfect for the wearer of jeans as an everyday look, or pair it up with a skirt and jacket for business casual meetings!

La Mestiza Boutique’s tee featuring the Virgen de Guadalupe within an indigenous frame comes in various colors to show your Catholicism or Mexican/Chicano/cholo culture, is constructed of 100% ring-spun cotton for soft comfort and will undoubtedly turn heads and spark conversations! Perfect to wear around town as an everyday look!

The Chingona Definition T-shirt is the ideal way to express both pride and confidence. This modern design embodies empowerment while encouraging women to recognize their strength and resilience – making this piece of clothing ideal to wear in times of trouble or triumph alike! Make this your new go-to wardrobe piece!


The Chingona Supreme shirt is an outstanding combination of sass and style. Featuring bold letters spelling “Chingona,” designed to look like the Supreme logo. Crafted with 100% ring-spun cotton for soft comfort and double stitched neckline and sleeves for extra strength – double stitching completes the package!

Fashionyca’s V-Neck Chingona Shirt is an ideal way to show your Latina pride. Constructed from recycled women’s tee material and featuring a feminine, relaxed fit, this Chingona Definition Shirt exudes empowerment and self-assurance with its modern design that captures strength and assertiveness, encouraging wearers to embrace their identity as Chingonas while standing tall against any challenge that comes their way. Available in multiple colors and sizes to complement any wardrobe!

Long sleeve

If you are in search of a stylish yet bold chingona shirt, this long-sleeve style may be just what you need. It features the word “Chingona” written out in font designed to mimic the Supreme logo font – ideal for anyone wanting to display strength and confidence! Additionally, it is made of 100% ring-spun cotton for maximum softness and comfort!

A long-sleeved Chingona definition shirt is an effective way to celebrate and express pride in both culture and identity. Proudly display the meaning of the Spanish term for a strong woman – “chingona,” thus encouraging women to embrace all challenges with confidence and remain strong! Choose between multiple colors and sizes until you find one that perfectly reflects who you are! To measure yourself correctly for size selection, measure around the fullest part of your chest while keeping the tape measured horizontally.


Hooded Cingona shirts are an easy way to express your pride as a woman while remaining comfortable and stylish for casual wear. There are various colors available, so you can find one to suit yourself or someone in your life – plus, these high-quality materials provide both durability and comfort – these can even be purchased as children’s t-shirts!

This eye-catching T-shirt displays the bold phrase: “Chingona porque Pendejas Hay Muchas.” It will turn heads and spark conversations, showing everyone you are confident and strong.

These custom-made shirts typically ship within 1-10 business days after the order is placed, made of comfortable Bella + Canvas Graphic Tees designed to hold their shape and fit true to size. Utilizing direct-to-garment printing technology – meaning there are no vinyl stencils involved! It’s made right here in America, too.

This unisex heavy cotton tee serves as the cornerstone of any wardrobe. Crafted with specially spun fibers that create a smooth surface for optimal printing vividness and sharpness, its fabric also feels softer than regular cotton while being taped at both shoulders to add durability. No side seams make this an essential addition.

The Chingona Supreme shirt is an effortless combination of sass and style. Featuring bold letters designed to emulate the iconic Supreme logo, this eye-catching piece will turn heads wherever it goes. Plus, its soft cotton construction makes it comfortable enough to wear at any special event or casual gathering.

This shirt is an essential statement piece for anyone proud to be a Chingona! Wearing this tee will show the world you’re an unapologetic badass while inspiring others. Plus, the Chongona shirt makes the ideal present for friends or family members needing to remember their power!