The Dunlop Sport Maxx Rt Tyre Review


Dunlop Sport Maxx Rt Tires have consistently performed well in various tire tests, offering exceptional handling and stability through curves.

Low-weight construction helps lower rolling resistance for faster acceleration. Racing grip and improved braking performance are provided through adaptive treads and massive outer shoulder blocks, offering enhanced racing grip performance and enhanced braking capability.

These tires excel at stopping from 80 km/h in 33m, compared to 34,8m for the Pirelli P ZERO. Furthermore, user reviews show them to have low noise scores and offer superior durability via twin steel belts.

Precise Handling

Your vehicle tyres serve as the interface between you and your car, playing an invaluable role in performance and safety. Dunlop Sport Maxx is an ideal option for drivers seeking maximum vehicle performance thanks to motorsport-inspired technology, which delivers outstanding grip, braking response, and road feedback.

The Sport Maxx Rt delivers impressive wet and dry handling thanks to adaptive compound technology, with motorsport-derived polymers adapting to road surfaces with precision, increasing contact and gripping more effectively than before. Massive outer shoulder blocks improve stability for precise cornering control while new ‘power braking’ blocks shorten braking distances even at higher speeds; in addition, its lightweight design reduces rolling resistance fuel consumption, boosting acceleration.

Testing proved the sport maxx rt 2’s superior grip in dry conditions and wet braking performance was truly outstanding – taking six meters less to stop than its premium competitor in our tests. Furthermore, its steering tests demonstrated its highly stable yet responsive nature, producing accurate responses to driver input.

Sport Maxx Rt Tyres offer peace of mind when driving long distances; their rolling resistance test ratings made this tire an outstanding choice, offering drivers of higher mileage vehicles comfort on busy roads. Furthermore, its quiet tread patterns make this an excellent tire option to consider for daily commuters.

The smooth transition from straight to the curve of this tire is impressive, made possible by wide circumferential grooves, which enhance wet and dry traction. Not only are these grooves closely spaced, but their angles allow for optimal water dispersion, which prevents hydroplaning for safe driving and promotes consistent safety. In addition, its asymmetric tread pattern enhances handling, while its internal structure, with continuous central ribs and notched intermediate ribs, offers excellent aquaplaning resistance.

Optimal Grip

At home on both a racetrack and roadways, the Dunlop Sport Maxx Rt Tire provides optimal grip to keep you in control. Made of an advanced compound molded into an asymmetric tread design with large outer shoulder blocks and notched intermediate ribs for cornering control and responsiveness, wide circumferential grooves evacuate water efficiently in wet roads to reduce hydroplaning while improving traction on wet roads, while its low rolling resistance and quiet ride characteristics make this tire an excellent option for long drives.

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT was created as the ultimate summer performance tire for passionate drivers. Boasting adaptive compound technology sourced from motorsports and silica-plus tread technology that adapts to road surface textures for superior grip and driving precision, low-weight construction to reduce rolling resistance, and power braking blocks that shorten stopping distances at high speeds; all are features designed to help unlock your car’s full potential.

These tires are genuinely remarkable. I purchased them to replace a set of cheap GT Radial Champiro FE1s on my BMW 330i, and the difference in handling and braking performance was absolutely astounding. I would highly recommend these for any sports or luxury car looking for ultra-high-performance summer tires.

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT summer tire offers exceptional grip, acceleration, and braking for sporty coupes and sedans alike. Explicitly engineered to deliver enhanced road feedback for drivers looking to tap their car’s true potential both on the streets and racetrack, according to independent TUV Sud Benchmark tests, the Sport Maxx RT delivered 1.3% faster test track lap times and 4.1% better dry handling than its predecessor; its asymmetric tread design features massive outer shoulder blocks to improve stability and handling with shorter stopping distances at high speed; furthermore its low weight helps reduce rolling resistance while helping accelerate acceleration; all combined make for an incredible all-season experience.

Exceptional Safety

Your tyres serve as the conduit between your car and the road and play an integral role in providing comfort, efficiency, and safety when driving. With its durable construction and cutting-edge technology features, the Dunlop Sport Maxx rt delivers unparalleled performance every time for an exhilarating driving experience.

Advanced rubber compounds and tread patterns designed to maximize traction and grip enable drivers to achieve superior wet/dry handling on any road condition, even during heavy rainfall or snowstorms. You’re then equipped to confidently take control of any weather condition you encounter – including driving through heavy rain or slushy snowstorms!

Driving comfort is also taken into account in the design of the tire, making it suitable for long-distance drives or city commutes alike. Wide circumferential grooves help prevent water build-up on the road surface to maintain excellent wet traction and stability even during light rainfall; furthermore, even tread pressure distribution contributes to road feedback and precision driving, providing you and your passengers with a smooth ride with a quieter cabin interior.

The design and materials of this tire help improve fuel economy. Its lightweight construction reduces rolling resistance, thus decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while its short braking blocks increase contact with road surfaces under braking for shorter braking distances at high speeds.

This tire was engineered for use on various sports and luxury vehicles, often included as original equipment on some cars. It is ideal for performance cars such as the Renault Megane RS 250 Cup, Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Titanium, Maserati Quattroporte, Audi A3, Subaru WRX STI, and Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG; testing has also confirmed it can fit onto various vehicle types and sizes without issue. Furthermore, Dunlop provides peace of mind through their warranty program, which covers repairs up to an 80,000 km limit per original owner for peace of mind coverage – giving peace of mind when buying it from any retailer!

Superior Driving Comfort

No matter if you’re driving around town or at highway speeds, vibration reduction technology ensures your comfort while on the road. Even though its ultimate performance comes into play here, the Sport Maxx rt still delivers a quiet, luxurious ride with minimal road noise and offers superior stability in curves to give you maximum enjoyment out of every journey.

The asymmetric tread design and unique tread patterns enable precision handling and exceptional grip on dry, wet, and winter roads. The unique asymmetric way provides even pressure distribution to prevent uneven wear while simultaneously reducing road noise pollution levels – making this tire one of the quietest available today.

Inspired by racing technology, this tire’s innovative manufacturing and materials improve driving feedback and precision. The Sport Maxx rt’s silica-plus tread rubbers adapt perfectly to road surfaces for optimal gripping power, thus enhancing responsiveness and providing unparalleled road feedback.

Its asymmetric tread pattern features sizeable outer shoulder blocks for improved stability and reduced braking distance at high speed, giving you more opportunity to unleash your car’s sports potential. Thanks to its special compound and manufacturing processes, this tire offers high-performance driving in wet or dry conditions and throughout the year – providing high-performance driving throughout its lifespan.

The Sport Maxx Rt Tyre is one of the finest summer tires for high-performance cars, offering exceptional grip and traction. Suitable for racetrack use as well as weekend thrill rides, it provides reliable braking performance for safe passage across any surface and extraordinary fuel efficiency – making this tire suitable for both demanding drivers looking for safety on all roads while saving costs at once! The Sport Maxx Rt meets these criteria perfectly to deliver an enjoyable, safe driving experience on every route taken.