The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life


The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life is an action, adventure, and fantasy novel featuring a protagonist who lived life to its fullest in his previous existence but now finds himself living an alternate reality in another body.

As with other Transcendent Beings, the Heavenly Demon can create multiple copies of himself by “Shedding” his current self. These clones have individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors independent of their original selves.

The Heavenly Demon is a Transcendent Being

The Heavenly Demon is an extraordinary creature unable to lead an ordinary existence. A master of dark arts passed down from his predecessor, he once led the Heavenly Demon Cult, which controlled various territories across the globe before its prodigal son returned and took power for himself – though his return is uncertain, and there may be those seeking to usurp his position before then.

Any transcendent being cannot rival a heavenly demon’s abilities and powers. He holds control of all god-like forces influencing reality and can even shape creation itself; moreover, his time-bending capabilities outshone even humans or demons alike.

He can access an unseen blade in his mind that can cut through anything visible or invisible, missing concepts and things that others cannot perceive but consume an immense amount of mental energy; according to legend, he could even use this sword against an immortal.

Another of his unique abilities is his ability to move in any direction at will, enabling him to avoid traps and obstacles common in the mortal realm. It has been noted that the heavenly demon has no fear, doing as he wishes without considering the possible outcomes of actions taken.

One battle witnessed him effortlessly cutting through hundreds of mages with his blade, killing all without trying. It is an exceptional display of power by this heavenly demon.

Even with all his immense power, the heavenly demon has an extremely human side. He can often be found playing jokes on those he considers his enemies – sometimes helping even though this could prove harmful later on.

The heavenly demon is an incredible transcendent being with tremendous growth potential in the future. His abilities include changing his appearance at will and being reincarnated into new persons upon each reincarnation cycle; additionally, he can fly through the air, using its wings as weapons against his adversaries with powerful ki attacks.

He is Omnipotent

The heavenly demon is omnipotent, possessing complete power over everything in existence. He can create, destroy, and re-create his universe in an endless cycle and change laws of reality according to his will – thanks to having access to Light power.

He is also omniscient, meaning that he can see everything that occurs on Earth. Through this ability, he can manipulate the universe to expand or contract as desired, moving quickly through space to make life fight against him difficult for mortals.

Finally, the heavenly demon is immortal. Reincarnating over and over gives him access to an expansive library of knowledge; plus, they can teleport instantly between places.

He managed to teleport into the Realm of Gods and wipe out their entire army, using only Qi to neutralize his teleportation power and fight back with “Sword Gate,” an ancient martial art used against demons.

As the Heavenly Demon is all-powerful, he possesses many powers that render him extremely dangerous. These include infusing people with supernatural strength (Acts 19:16), swiftly moving through space without physical barriers restricting him, and inflicting mental and physical ailments upon his victims – among many other powers.

A heavenly demon also possesses various techniques to attack from all directions, such as teleporting into the air and creating a massive tornado-like tornado, launching powerful Ki attacks using his sword, or even infusing his weapon with a demon aura to increase its power.

The heavenly demon is also omnipotent, meaning he can exert absolute control over all corners of space-time through his power of Light. He can create and destroy anything and wage war against any being that opposes him – all thanks to possessing divine strength!

He is Omniscient

Heavenly demons are powerful spiritual beings capable of transitioning between transcendent and temporal realms, possessing both transcendent and temporal knowledge as well as manipulating both human and animal minds, manipulating elements like weather as well as their minds; their powers may also allow them to manifest supernatural abilities like flying, teleportation or transformation – though despite having such enormous powers they tend to possess deficient intelligence levels, being comprised of muscles rather than brains.

A heavenly demonic being can rely on their “Fallen Sun” (Nakyang) power to release energy from weapons to attack enemies with massive damage, even multiple opponents at once. Additionally, this skill allows them to manipulate and use the world’s Sacred Energy with great skill.

The heavenly demon has an attractive character trait. When Yeon-woo first encountered him, he seemed relaxed and frivolous – taking any action that made him happy without regard for the consequences or his or others’ wellbeing.

Although they differ in many ways, Unseong and Eun-woo share one goal: revenge against the Orthodox Martial Alliance and its members. With that goal in mind, Unseong decided to join a cult of the heavenly demon and embrace its ancient techniques and secrets to increase his power and reach new heights.

Unseong has taken to his cult with great dedication and has attained its highest-ranking membership. Already far surpassing expectations from his cult peers, his abilities continue to develop stronger with each passing day. Unseong boasts an uncommon martial arts style and can channel his internal Qi into becoming a raging beast when necessary.

Bivasbat, though he is an earthly demon, holds contempt for transcendence. He believes it will only bring disaster to mortals on lower floors; moreover, he harbors little affection for the Gods and Demons of the 98th Floor as they do not align with natural law.

He is Cursed

The heavenly demon is cursed, meaning he can only be killed by another immortal or being that has been reincarnated. His goal in life is vengeance against those responsible for dissolving his Spear Master Sect in the combative alliance. He will rely on his former experience as an Orthodox Martial Artist and skills learned within an unorthodox cult to reach new heights of his revenge-seeking journey.

As with other Transcendent Beings, heavenly demons possess the power to cast powerful curses upon those they choose – evidenced when Highl was cursed nearly to death from one such powerful spell by this Transcendent Being. Furthermore, like gods, they can manipulate universes just like gods do by expanding Akasha Record libraries and giving access rights even though those without adequate levels can read knowledge.

One thing that sets the heavenly demon apart from other martial arts gods is his sense of humor. He’s known to take himself less seriously than other deities, often cracking jokes with his followers to keep himself calm and under control.

He is also a fierce warrior who doesn’t show any mercy to anyone, leading a clan of disciples who are both vicious and lethal; any White Clan would never accept some.

Becoming a disciple of the heavenly demon can take multiple forms. The first step should be attending one of his lectures where he discusses the value of revenge, followed by passing trials to become eligible as one of his students. Ultimately, when chosen by him as such a student.

The heavenly demon will train his chosen disciple until they attain Cheng 1 of Opening Chi. Upon reaching this level, they will gain full disciple status – unlike many other martial arts clans, which only accept apprentices until this threshold has been reached.