The House of Oud – Original and Inimitable


The House of Oud was created through the collaboration between an Italian Master Perfumer and an oud manufacturer from Jakarta, creating rare olfactory masterpieces with hand-painted bottles to complete this fantastic fragrance experience. A friendship has developed between these two gifted professionals that produces such incredible aromatic delights – original scents that touch hearts with their aromas while providing illumination through smell.


House of Oud was formed through the collaboration between an Italian master perfumer and an oud manufacturer from Jakarta. Their friendship resulted in numerous beautiful scents created exclusively by the House of Oud that reflect both of their worlds olfactorily. Each fragrance in their line-up embodies something distinctive about their creators – each fragrance represents who they are as individuals.

These scents are created by some of the top perfumers worldwide, such as Dominique Ropion, Cristian Calabro, Andrea Thero Casotti, and Maurizio Cerizza – who all make innovative perfumes blending Western and Eastern traditions. Additionally, this brand commits itself to using only high-grade raw materials and components in its products.

Each perfume in our collection tells a unique tale. Their scents reflect Middle Eastern culture and history; some take inspiration from traditional Arabic perfumes or agarwood scents, while others were designed for modern times.

House of Oud Keep Glazed provides an olfactory journey into an aromatic garden. The notes are lush and intense, combining earthy notes from agarwood with vibrant woodiness notes – for a bold, tropical, and delicious fragrance experience!

House of Oud Keep Glazed samples and decants from Scent Split are created by using genuine perfume bottles as source material, completely independent from their original brands, and not affiliated, connected, or associated in any way. Sample sizes may differ slightly from the actual perfume bottle size and cannot be returned; only one sample/decant per customer may be purchased.


The House of Oud is the product of an ongoing friendship between Italian master perfumer Andrea Casotti and Indonesian oud producer Mohammed Abu Nashi. Together, they have collaborated on fragrances that bring Western and Eastern scent traditions together, featuring woody notes, flowers, spices, and more in unisex perfumes with beautiful hand-painted bottles available in different sizes.

Oud (also known as agarwood) has long been used in religious rituals and perfumery, providing depth, richness, and subtle smokey accents to fragrances. Oud’s odor tends to be warm, woody tones with earthy accents paired with other natural resins such as labdanum or patchouli to produce more complex yet sensual scent profiles.

House of Oud perfumes offers an organic yet earthy fragrance perfect for those seeking natural or earthy aromas that last with moderate sillage. Their perfumes also boast long-term longevity and average sillage!

Oud Gambling is an exuding fragrance designed to inspire confidence and style. Ideal for men and women alike, this scent makes a bold statement on special occasions when extra seduction is desired. Packaged in an eye-catching bottle that embodies its bold character.

Emerald Green by House of Oud is an exquisite floral and aromatic woody fragrance launched in 2020 that boasts long-term longevity with moderate sillage. Opening with Sicilian lemon and bergamot with an edge of ginger, the scent continues into Arabic coffee tradition via qahwa’s fresh-spiciness of cardamom, nutmeg, and pink pepper followed by warm spice notes like powdery cinnamon and soft sweet cloves for balance. A fabulous addition to House of Oud’s line-up! Emerald Green makes Emerald Green one of House of Oud’s flagship fragrance lines, featuring long-term longevity with moderate sillage.


THE HOUSE OF OUD fragrances are the result of a collaboration between an Italian Master Perfumer and an Oud manufacturer from Jakarta: an intense friendship that has produced fragrances that celebrate both Eastern culture and elegance in a distinctive, sophisticated, elegant style.

Breath of the Infinite – Leather and Oud is inspired by Middle Eastern landscapes, featuring rugged terrains and wild nature while celebrating their ancient traditions and honoring freedom.

Crazy THoO – The KLEM GARDEN collection opens the doors of an unforgettable garden and pays a colorful tribute to fruits in all their forms. Its unique scent combines unexpected ingredients for an eccentric, joyful aroma that makes every experience more exciting and unpredictable than before.


Sillage, or the trail it leaves behind as you move, is an integral component of a fragrance purchase. Sillage helps distinguish you from others in a room while simultaneously reminding people about you; to find one with excellent sillage characteristics, look for top, middle, and base notes as well as any alcohol content and compounds within its composition; application method, as well as the weather, can affect its sillage levels.

Pronounced “see-yahzh,” “sillage” is the French term for wake or trail, and in perfumery refers to the scent trail left behind when someone wears certain fragrances. A higher sillage means more noticeable perfume; some scents have natural lingering powers while others require frequent reapplication.

As is frequently the case, people mistake the term sillage for projection; however, these are two different characteristics that should not be confused. While they do affect each other indirectly, having great points without good sillage could still be achieved and vice versa. Sillage refers to how well your perfume diffuses and projects, while projection is measured by whether other people can detect its scent.

The House of Oud is an extraordinary collaboration between an Italian master perfumer and an oud enthusiast from Jakarta. Their friendship and shared love of perfumery has resulted in exquisite fragrances designed to delight and seduce, which capture the majesty of Middle Eastern cultures while remaining contemporary.

House of Oud has the perfect scent to meet every mood imaginable, whether that be adventurous or romantic. Their fragrances can transport you to distant corners of the earth while their longevity is increased with non-scented moisturizer. Try mixing one of your favorite fragrances with some unscented lotion to create your custom perfume and witness its different sillage and longevity – it may help guide your selection process when selecting fragrances for yourself! Sillage is a complex but intriguing quality; understanding it will allow you to make better selections from your perfume collection!