The Langille Family of Hood River Oregon


Few individuals know more about Oregon and Alaska’s timber resources than Mr. Langille, having served in the forestry service and surveying hitherto unestimated forest districts. In particular, his experience is invaluable when developing Hood River Valley; many neighbors trust and respect him highly for the work he has accomplished there.

History of Hood River

In 1907, Hood River saw its inaugural train arrive. A year later came the Cloud Cap Inn stage, which offered five-hour trips and featured Albert Bierstadt himself on their journey.

Hood River takes its name from Hood River and Mount Hood. Mary Coe and Nathaniel were among the first land claim filers in Hood River and planted apple orchards that soon became the economic engines of Hood River. After an intense freeze destroyed them all in 1919, farmers switched over to pear trees, and regional pears are widely grown here today.

Hood River’s community has also taken an active role in protecting its historic buildings that remain visible across downtown. Hood River’s landmark district serves as a cultural and shopping hub of the Columbia River Gorge region.

Hans Lage

Hans Lage was born in Holstein, Germany, and arrived in America in 1857. Initially settling in Wisconsin, he engaged in the logging business before traveling on to Montana for several years. Later, moving on to Oregon in 1900, he bought an old Stanley homestead with 100 acres five miles south of Hood River, where he cleared and planted for fruition.

He lives in an exquisite house amidst an idyllic homestead, which he built tirelessly, surrounded by ideal surroundings for his retirement years. He is a man of great worth who enjoys his golden sunset years surrounded by perfect surroundings.

His grandchildren include Zoe Williams and Dale Scobee; Lena Imholz’s children Earl, Prince, and Clara; Mr. and Mrs. George Lage with Charles Lage (the latter has passed on); Keith Lage and Lenora Lage as well as Ruth Henderson Dickey’s children – all who reside on their ancestral farmstead.

William Langille

William Langille was known for homesteading in the upper Hood River Valley, while Harold made a name for himself as an accomplished mountaineer and forest leader.

William was known as an unwavering man of bravery who never wavered from any endeavor he began. A good citizen, wherever William would appear, he earned respect and admiration from those he encountered.

He served on the county commissioners of that part of Wasco County, which now forms Hood River County, and took an active interest in all measures meant to further its wellbeing.

William Alexander Langille (1868-1956), William’s eldest son, was an accomplished painter. His masterpiece, Mount Hood in Winter, depicts this beloved volcano and Gorge landmarks with remarkable accuracy for an image created during that era; additionally, it contains details about Barrett Spur and Yocum Ridge on Mount Hood’s north face.

William F. Rand

He was a man of uncommon power and strength. His tall frame, straight lines, broad stance, and spring-like steps gave the impression that he strode upon springs as he pursued woodsmanship with unerring accuracy.

He was also an esteemed citizen in his community, serving on the Pine Grove school board for several years and taking an active part in improving it.

Rand’s painting of Mount Hood from this exhibition became part of Western popular imagination and put a face to an iconic mountain long described by settler accounts. Additionally, the painting depicted Hood River Gorge, including Barrett Spur, Yocum Ridge, and Illumination Rock. It dates back to approximately 1860 and used oil on canvas materials. It was eventually auctioned off in April 2000.

William Koberg

Koberg was raised in Indiana and Missouri before moving to Oregon, where he worked as a lumberjack car inspector for Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company before becoming a farmer in Hood River valley – cultivating pears, cherries, apples as well as vegetables, serving on Pine Grove school district’s board as director; as well as being involved with civic affairs.

He created this scene from memory and sketches, but it doesn’t capture any particular view of Hood Mountain. Treetops may look similar to mountain hemlocks but are probably Ponderosa pines, which thrive throughout the Gorge. Furthermore, its exaggerated style seems out of step with the Hudson River style prevalent during that era.

Koberg is enjoying great success as a Realtor, yet still finds time for acting roles such as his current appearance in Disney+ basketball drama The Crossover alongside George Tillman, Damani Johnson, and LeBron James.

Charles Nunamaker

Charles Nunamaker was born on April 12, 1975. Currently living at 304 George Street, Saint Marys, PA 15857-1127, he previously resided at 152 Wehler Rd Saint Marys, PA 15857-1127 with two children under his care as well as being an active member of the Church of Christ.

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