There May Be a Forbidden Vault Here


Hogwarts Mystery from Jam City and Portkey Games captures that magic as an interactive gaming experience.

Players explore a school filled with intriguing lore. One such curiosity is the Cursed Vaults, rumored to exist within its castle walls.

The Vault of Ice

The Vault of Ice was one of several legendary cursed vaults at Hogwarts that housed treasure and prophecies before the four founders’ time. If tampered with, this vault would release cursed ice, encasing anyone attempting to enter it.

In 4225 AR, Irriseni Vault was first opened as a mine to extract silver and precious quartz crystals. But soon afterward, the chill-bane fever spread rapidly through its depths, infecting all levels of miners, Jadwiga overseers, and even Ice Troll bosses alike. Treatment from Clerics from Algidheart failed as this disease rapidly spread throughout Bleakmarch and beyond, eventually wiping out entire villages like Irriseni.

Merula tells them they must meet her at a hidden location, with Mrs Norris at the door guarding it; Rowan distracts her using an Unlocking Charm before using his Unlocking Charm on it to open it. However, Rakepick then shows up and threatens them if they do not break the fourth curse before more friends become trapped inside portraits; in response to this challenge, the player character engages her in battle and defeats her successfully.

Professor Sprout informs their player character of how the vaults are protected by powerful magic, so the only way to open them is to break curses preventing entry – which requires significant amounts of strength to achieve. Professor Sprout gives their player character the assignment to free their friends, starting with Bill.

To release Bill, a player must first defeat all Goblins and wolves blocking his entrance before using level II Alohomora to destroy any plants blocking his path. Once inside the ruins, they must locate and defeat all Inferius before casting Depulso on them, fighting and defeating a Hungarian Horntail dragon, and entering The Vault of Ice.

The Vault of Fear

Hogwarts has many mysteries to uncover regarding its magical lore, but none more mysterious than that surrounding its Cursed Vaults. Though their source remains a mystery, many theories exist regarding their creation, from being built by school founders or an ex-headmaster going crazy to being cursed. One thing remains certain, though all three vaults may contain hidden mysteries. Vault of Fear, in particular, may have some disturbing secrets.

The Vault of Fear can be found at the end of a secret staircase on the fifth floor of the castle near both the Ice Tower and Forbidden Forest. Once players enter it, they’ll encounter an odd column that opens up eventually to reveal more clues and a task for players to complete before being allowed access again – this time, it involves dueling with one of Voldemort’s Boggarts while casting Riddikulus spell.

Though each vault in the game provides challenges, specific vaults share one common objective: unlocking tasks that will bring them closer to finding Jacob. An example is the Buried Vault, discovered by Jacob’s sibling Rakepick; this cryptic chamber was guarded by a dragon and contained an image of its vault keeper that concealed their true intentions.

Though similar to its sister horror titles, The Vault of Horror had its distinctive style and atmosphere. The vault keeper was integral to its early issues as an intimidating figure; he developed comedic traits over time. The Vault of Horror was the only EC magazine featuring a regular host; its voiceover would remain unchanged even after other titles had changed hosts.

Pocket Universe, of which AudioComics Company is a division, released an original podcast, The Vault of Horror, featuring full-cast adaptations of 24 stories from their magazine. Produced and directed by John Bush – who had also worked on Locke & Key and X-Files audio dramas produced for Audible Studios – Kevin Grevioux directed and produced The Vault of Horror series.

The Vault of Darkness

As they first appeared in Harry Potter, the Cursed Vaults instantly captured our imaginations and were an iconoclastic focal point. Their history brought Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alive while serving as the origin of all that is dark at its castle campus.

The five vaults were protected by curses that punished anyone who entered them, thought to contain priceless treasures, prophecies, or powerful magical artifacts dating back to before Hogwarts was founded – however, their precise origin has since been lost to time.

At Hogwarts Mystery: Year Two, players discovered a staircase leading into an unknown vault protected by an Ice Knight who used chilling blasts of cold to keep people away. Players could open the vault and claim its contents by breaking its curse and defeating its guard.

But now, in year four of the game, players are discovering new clues to Jacob’s location. They managed to break into one of the four Cursed Vaults – The Buried Vault – but still don’t know precisely where Jacob is hiding.

Hogwarts Mystery offers more than vault-related revelations; its narrative is filled with new content, such as Defence Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic classes and opportunities to expand relationships across Hogwarts houses and make new acquaintances.

The fourth of the Cursed Vaults is one of the most treacherous and difficult to access, leaving many baffled about its exact location – with many believing it might even be underground! When first discovered by Jacob, Rakepick, and Pettigrew, they encountered an enormous dragon at its entrance that caused them to flee – later finding it contained maps, portraits of Jacob’s brother, a book of prophecies as well as a broken arrow that prevented Muggle devices from working at Hogwarts!

As with the other vaults, the key to the Vault of Darkness can only be unlocked with a wand. Unlike other lockers, however, its entrance is guarded by an intricate spiderweb, which requires cutting through using the Severing Charm spell before arriving at its chamber containing a purple column that glows when activated with the Revelio spell.

The Vault of Light

Accessing the Vault of Light can be difficult for players. This is partly because its location lies beneath stone-walled ruins that require magic to reach it; another method exists for getting this treasure chest that doesn’t involve unlocking gates or defeating enemies.

As soon as you arrive on the bottom floor of the Sorcerous Sundries, speak with Tolna Tome-Monger. She will detail some extremely rare tomes belonging to Sundries, such as one even Lorroakan hesitates to store in his Vault. Afterward, Tolna will give you the Basement Key necessary for accessing the Karsus door in the main Vault room.

After entering the main Vault room, be aware of the Marble Plate directly in front of the Karsus Door, as this could trigger an invisible instance of Cloudkill on your party. Look out for a Spirit in the center holding onto some bone; once found, press Y when prompted to enter via the Karsus door.

Kabr, Pahanin, and Praedyth’s first attempt to gain entry to the Vault of Glass was utterly overwhelmed by Vex’s strength; they were powerless against its programming and succumbed to its might instead; even Pahanin suffered hallucinations-driven delusions that they had erased him from existence – with many more fireteam members following suit over time.

Players typically approach the Vault of Glass in teams of three or more players to help combat its immense difficulty. Furthermore, each Vault contains unique enemy types, traps, and powerful bosses, adding further challenges and making each successive one more complicated than before.

Even its difficulty can make the Vault of Glass an excellent way to gain some highly sought-after weapons and gear, testing your team and providing unforgettable memories once completed.