Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds


Vengeance from a Saint with Wounds is an exciting tale about the power and effects of revenge, with memorable characters who keep readers guessing throughout its gripping narrative.

Lua has the gift of healing others – yet every time she does this, her pain becomes hers, and their suffering becomes her own.


Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds is an engaging manhua that explores themes such as justice, betrayal, and redemption. Lua, its protagonist healer uses her power to help those in need, having endured many betrayals throughout her life yet choosing not to allow these incidents to define her character.

Characters in Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds are well-developed and complex, allowing readers to understand their motivations and actions. The protagonist, in particular, is motivated by her desire for revenge but is strong and determined as she navigates many obstacles on her quest. Along the way, she learns both love and forgiveness.

This manga’s captivating plotline has drawn readers worldwide. Available online in multiple languages – including English – Bian Nai Ji’s story explores themes of love and revenge that appeal to fans of this genre, making this manga essential reading.

Although Lua and Ariane are captivating characters, other secondary ones add depth to the plot. Ariane was previously Lua’s best friend but now uses her power for personal gain by manipulating others and seeking advancement in her career – this rivalry culminating in Leon, Ariane’s future husband, who eventually becomes her rival.

Swen is another primary character who acts with compassion to aid vulnerable individuals. He possesses an extraordinary gift for seeing into people’s pasts, which enables him to assist in finding peace within their current lives. Together, these characters work towards solving numerous problems and dealing with potentially hazardous situations.

Remy, Lua’s second prince and loyal ally, stands out as intelligent and kind – something Leon cannot claim when using Lua for personal gain. Remy provides Lua with guidance and understanding. Leon only sees Lua as something to use against her for his ends.


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As the film unfolds, it becomes evident that revenge will not be easy; its plot is complex and its twists numerous, sometimes making for harrowing viewing. However, Novak manages to keep things moving forward and hold onto viewer interest until its conclusion.

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Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds is an engaging narrative with complex characters and stunning artwork, telling the tale of Lua – an individual with special healing powers who uses her abilities to aid those in need; however, after she trusts someone, she uses her powers against them – only for them to use her against her and use their betrayal against her in pursuit of revenge. Despite all odds against her, Lua refuses to back down from her journey of revenge.

Lua is a candidate saint who can transfer symptoms to heal others, yet her power has an inherent flaw: every time she shares signs, she experiences pain, leading her to become cold and distant. However, Lua used her healing powers successfully when saving Garrot from knight commander Ariane, only later dismayed that Ariane married Garrot without any thanks from Lua herself! With that anger, she vows never again to use them until Second Prince Swen gives her the opportunity for revenge against her enemies by giving his Second Prince Swen’s help – although nothing was said about that…

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds is an engrossing shoujo manga about love, tragedy, and revenge that features an original plot, well-drawn characters, and gorgeous illustrations. Plus, its nonlinear storytelling style adds extra drama!

Lua, the main protagonist in this manga, is an ambitious healer with uncanny healing powers. Unfortunately, her tendency to transfer her feelings onto those she heals often leads to betrayal from them, but Lua never abandons her pursuit to find out who killed her sister.

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This story deftly examines themes of revenge, redemption, and loyalty with captivating characters who are flawed yet relatable. The plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats while illustrating how good people can become villains when their desires take control.

Lua, a holy girl with healing powers, is betrayed by her best friend and fiance and is determined to get revenge for themselves and themselves alone. However, her actions affect not only herself but the world as a whole – throughout the story, Lua must find ways to balance her goals with those closest to her.

At last, she confronts Marcus in a dramatic climactic confrontation, taking an unconventional and shocking route by forcing his wounds onto her, forcing him to experience the same suffering he caused her. It’s an eye-opening scene which proves how powerful she has become.

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds is a must-read manga for those who relish thrilling stories with unexpected turns. The plot is intricate; its characters are exquisitely illustrated; heart-pounding battle scenes and intense fights; multiple complex multidimensional characters are depicted; art is mesmerizing, and the tale will leave you wanting more!

Epic fantasy fans should read this novel, as it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. Additionally, this story shows how people can be driven towards evil through others’ actions despite experiencing great tragedy or pain themselves, making you consider what moral choices make sense and surely touch your soul in doing so.