What Is American Technologies Inc Stock?


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Americas Technology Acquisition Corp. acquires, operates, and develops technology businesses. Our primary technology discovery and development processes include catalyst, water purification, and high-energy particle technologies.

Catalyst Technology

Catalysts are used in manufacturing processes to accelerate and regulate chemical reactions more quickly and produce more valuable products while decreasing energy requirements and the release of potentially harmful byproducts. Scientists are developing new catalyst technologies to assist industry use of fossil and renewable raw materials more efficiently – these breakthroughs could have profoundly positive ramifications on both economies and environments.

Environmental technology researchers are developing catalytic technologies that will enable businesses to recycle plastic waste more effectively and methods of turning CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels – two technologies that will contribute significantly to efforts worldwide to lower greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Other cutting-edge catalytic technology development efforts are making possible the reuse of polymers that were once discarded from the manufacturing of disposable goods such as packaging. Companies using the technology can recycle polymers by melting them at lower temperatures before molding them into different products.

Recent advances in catalysis feature more efficient and targeted reaction conditions for producing chemicals from raw materials. This will allow industries to utilize fossil and renewable materials more efficiently while decreasing energy requirements, creating new products, and making existing ones more eco-friendly.

One exciting development in catalysis is the rapid identification and testing of promising catalyst materials at an unprecedented scale. This allows researchers to quickly design and test many new catalytic systems while also developing technologies capable of processing variable feedstocks, adapting more rapidly to raw material chemical composition changes.

The University of Minnesota researchers have developed a revolutionary technology that transforms raw materials into chemicals for paints, coatings, and superabsorbent polymers. Their research team has developed a novel way of turning corn into acrylic acid and acrylates – critical ingredients in producing paints and coatings – yielding higher yields than leading catalysts.

Water Purification

Water purification refers to extracting unwanted chemicals, biological contaminants, and suspended solids from a body of water to make it suitable for drinking, industrial uses, and medical uses. Numerous techniques exist, ranging from physical processes like filtration and sedimentation to chemical ones like disinfection and distillation – the end goal typically being safe drinking water suitable for consumption or industrial/medical applications.

Before drinking water in foreign locations, travelers must understand the significance of purifying their water before using it. Even seemingly clean streams, rivers, or lakes can contain germs and parasites which cause illnesses like cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis; boiling is one of the best ways to eliminate pathogens; portable cleaners may also help detect viruses that escape most filters’ capture capabilities.

Various portable water cleaners are on the market, each designed to address different needs and preferences. Some feature multi-stage filtration, while others use iodine or ultraviolet radiation to destroy bacteria and viruses in water supplies. Some models even include carbon filters to eliminate unpleasant taste and odor from tap water sources. Your best choice will depend on what suits you best!

Filtration is one of the most widely-used methods of purifying water. This involves passing it through a filter with microscopic pores that capture particles and debris, eventually clogging up the filter element and necessitating its replacement or cleaning or replacement – often within just years or two years, in most cases.

Filtered water may still contain a chlorine taste, which can be reduced by pouring it back and forth between two clean containers to mix it and dilute its chlorine flavor, creating more pleasant-tasting water. This technique will make the taste less harsh and more enjoyable to drink.

ATA stock can be traded through major U.S. brokerages, such as WeBull, Vanguard Brokerage Services, TD Ameritrade, and E*TRADE. You may also use your bank’s online brokerage account or visit an in-person branch location to trade ATA stocks; all parties must fully understand any associated risks before engaging in any ATA trading activities.

High Energy Particle Technologies

High-energy particle physics research is integral to scientific efforts to understand our universe. It involves complex accelerators for producing extremely high-energy collisions that reveal new particles and forces and intense lower-energy beams for precision measurements that bridge theory with experiments. Furthermore, advanced computing tools are required to design, operate, and interpret massive data sets generated by experiments; their physicists employ a three-pronged strategy: experimental discovery; theoretical understanding; and the creation of accelerators, detectors, and computational methods that enable it all.

Key research areas involve exploring novel applications of charged-particle beams. Examples of such research areas include researching FLASH radiotherapy – which combines electron and proton beams for reduced normal tissue toxicity [32], and hyperpolarized ion beams which offer significant advantages over traditional radiation therapy for specific cancer tumors requiring higher dose rates such as breast lesions while sparing nearby healthy tissues.

Neutron research is another exciting area of investigation, as its unique properties make them valuable tools in materials science and medical applications. Recently, iThemba LABS completed the construction of SPES: a dual exit high current cyclotron that produces neutron beams one order of magnitude stronger than existing facilities. SPES uses a 10mA proton beam to generate neutrons between 35-70 MeV using Li and Be targets as targets resulting in quasi-monoenergetic neutrons for applications including radiation physics and cancer treatment.

Particle beams offer unique radiation physics capabilities that benefit human health and society, including near real-time in vivo range verification in particle therapy and various aspects of dosimetry. A significant challenge facing future research will be expanding these capabilities onto more giant accelerators with high luminosity/intensity.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery is an integral component of business continuity. It involves recovering IT infrastructure and systems quickly in the event of a disaster to allow business operations to resume usually and maintain continuity. Numerous vendors provide disaster recovery software tools and services; some even offer managed continuity and recovery (DRaaS).

Disaster Recovery Services specializes in emergency response, mold remediation, biohazard cleanup, contents cleaning and restoration, pack-outs, and reconstruction services for hospitality companies, government agencies, financial institutions, and other industries in the US. Disaster Recovery Services also offers residential and commercial property services.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of American Technologies, Inc. and its employees through self-reported data provided by employees and public and proprietary sources. Zippia makes no claims about the accuracy or completeness of this data provided by American Technologies, Inc. or its employees; accordingly, it cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or errors. This page was last updated on December 14, 2018. In August 2018, The American Technologies Group acquired East Coast restorer Mark 1 Restoration Service as its inaugural acquisition for their disaster recovery company, with offices opening in Pennsylvania and New Jersey being added for expansion purposes – marking its inaugural investment for The Anaheim-based disaster recovery company adding offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey locations with additional branches across Pennsylvania extending across Pennsylvania and New Jersey locations for further expansion.