Yacht Charter in Malta


Malta is an idyllic island nation adorned with stunning beaches and waters, making it the ideal location for yacht charter vacations. Discover the best info about rent a boat in Malta.

Bareboats offer those with a nautical license an easy and flexible option for taking control of their vessel themselves. This choice offers plenty of privacy while remaining highly cost-efficient.

Freedom to Explore

Malta’s clear waters, stunning beaches, and vibrant history provide the ideal setting for an exciting sailing journey. Renting a boat allows you to discover Malta’s archipelago at your own pace – guaranteeing maximum enjoyment throughout!

No matter your nautical dream, from island-hopping days, leisurely coastal tours, sunset cruises beneath the stars, or sunset cruises aboard sleek motor yachts to charming sailboats, there are numerous choices available to you. Browse a diverse fleet of vessels ranging from elegant motor yachts to charming sailboats until you find the one that best fits.

Many of our Malta private boat trips offer the option to sail with a skipper, adding an extra level of comfort and ease during your voyage. Although this service may cost slightly more, its rewards make up for any additional expenditure by providing an unparalleled boating experience.

If you are an experienced sailor, a bareboat charter could give you complete freedom to explore the seas at your own pace. Please be aware that a valid sailing license will be necessary in this instance.

Save Money

Renting a boat to explore Malta’s crystal-clear waters is an affordable and fun way to create an unforgettable vacation experience. From luxurious yachts for large groups to traditional Maltese sailboats ideal for two, there are various choices available—book in advance, as popular sailing periods fill quickly! Some boat rental companies even offer the option of hiring both skipper and crew to enhance your sailing adventure and make the experience all the more pleasurable and relaxing!

Before setting sail, be sure to pack essential items, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat. Also, bring snacks and drinks if you plan on stopping at some stunning swimming spots; finally, don’t forget your camera! Malta boasts a spectacular coastline dotted with hidden coves, scenic inlets, historic landmarks, and idyllic sailing conditions, making it the ideal destination for both experienced sailors and novice enthusiasts.

Choose the ideal type of boat depending on your budget, experience level, and preferences. A great way to find one is to connect with a local company; search websites like Click and Boat or Samboat for boating companies near you, then connect via email or social media after finding one to discuss your trip, the costs associated with hiring a skipper, and any special requirements necessary.


Malta’s Mediterranean waters provide an idyllic setting for creating lasting memories. Renting a boat from Sliema, St Thomas Bay, or Il-Hofriet can make for an incredible adventure; make sure it meets all safety regulations before setting sail!

Most boat rental companies follow stringent safety standards and offer emergency equipment onboard their boats. When making your booking, be sure to verify the reputation and cancellation policies of each rental company, as this could affect your decision-making process.

While accidents do happen on charter boats, most incidents can be traced to skipper error rather than stormy conditions. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult the weather report prior to renting out your vessel.

Bring along safety equipment and food, as they could come in handy if the charter does not include these essentials; alternatively, they should be readily available from local shops or convenience stores on the way out to sea.

If you prefer a more tranquil boating experience, May and October can also be ideal months for boat rental. While temperatures remain warm, sea conditions tend to be calmer, making this an ideal time for families looking to discover Malta’s scenic beauty.


Malta provides an irresistibly relaxing setting for an idyllic boat journey in the Mediterranean Sea. Its breathtaking waters, stunning cliffs, and idyllic beaches create a memorable sailing experience, while its rich history and unique culture add even further depth and dimension.

To ensure the most enjoyable and safe boat rental experience, it’s essential to select an appropriate company. Search for one with a strong reputation and excellent customer service, as well as one that abides by stringent safety standards and offers all required equipment. Lastly, please familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions to avoid surprises on your adventure!

When it comes to boat charter in Malta, there are various options available. From motor yachts and sailboats to boats with or without a skipper—and even captain-guided rides! For novice sailors, opting for skippered boats may provide more guidance and expert tips from an experienced captain.

If you’re seeking an experience without crowds, renting a boat between May and October in Malta could be the solution. Here, the islands’ beautiful sights can be appreciated without all of their hectic activity being taken over by visitors.