You Might Make Waves When You Lye About This


A lie is any untrue statement made to mislead others, commonly referred to as prevaricating or fabricating.

Lying doesn’t just involve words; it can take place through actions as well, such as not disclosing something that happened the night before (like not telling their partner they went out with an ex) that later turned up on your radar screen – was your significant other telling the truth or simply keeping information to themselves?

4. It’s the truth.

Truth can be an elusive thing; it can be obscured, hidden, or concealed with subtle speech modifications to outright deception. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that humans dish out so much rubbish, and COVID-19 has offered up even more lies for us all to experience (or witness first-hand). You can help combat lies yourself by being mindful about how you communicate; be on the lookout for facial expressions or nonverbal cues that speak louder than words!